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I love animals and all human beings. If anything happened to anyone good... I'D SLAP THE BAD PERSON IN THE FACE >:(

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    I needs death space. 1 year ago  
    falcon time 1 year ago  
    I don't have a grandma and I'm sure if I did she wouldn't be annoying. 1 year ago  
    Both are pretty but I'm already a have a tiny bit of a reddish tone in my hair 1 year ago  
    MY PARENTS!!!!!!!! Also what if I don't love him or he tries to kill me? 1 year ago  
    If you're smart you can become rich and I can be like Bill Gates, RICHEST PERSON ALIVE. What do they mean we can't have both? Stupid. And if we really can't, I rather be smart and average than rich and dumb. 1 year ago  
    I can eat and get money and have a home and give money and food to African fams. 1 year ago  
    I can dig myself out. 1 year ago  
    Leaders can invent. FREEDOM FOREVER! 1 year ago  
    I don't have a wife for 1, secondly, I'm a girl. I'm not lesbo, she needs to find another girl, one that is. 1 year ago  
    OOPS meh mouse slipped sexism is still here but not racism. 1 year ago  
    Lmao 1 year ago  
    Teacher: -says the pledge with kids- "I pledge... HAILEY, STAND UP!" (nope) 1 year ago  
    All my memories are stored in my brain. 1 year ago  
    Happiness is money. 1 year ago  
    What if a wave sinks your ship? What if there are sharks underneath and you fall? I've never been one any of these, btw. 1 year ago  
    I can be hot and rich. 2 years ago  
    Screw my Xbox. I WANT MY CHARGER BACK! 2 years ago  
    WOO! 2 years ago  
    Idk wtf those are. I chose with cause I'm right handed lol. 2 years ago  
    I can make my dreams come true with my loved ones (friends, family, boyfriend/fiance/husband). 2 years ago  
    I wanna marry someone rich inside. He can become rich. 2 years ago  
    If I have fame I have wealth. 2 years ago  
    I have one, but I don't use it (or it's a different phone xD). I can buy another one. 2 years ago  
    YES! 2 years ago  
    I already do. 2 years ago  
    I'm a woman. 2 years ago  
    If I stop war, I stop hunger, too. 2 years ago  
    I did this on my dad and he said Lambo. Wtf are these cars? 2 years ago  
    What if I'm beautiful and can become invisible? 2 years ago  
    Get a wheel chair cause I broke a leg. Broken legs heal. Lose a leg by breaking it (wait one year for it to heal) 2 years ago  
    Kick their asses and leave. 2 years ago  
    Live on an island all by myself and loved ones, no one else (my loved ones are family and friends). 2 years ago  
    Nice teachers are awesome. 2 years ago  
    I don't wanna have kids. 2 years ago  
    Yey! 2 years ago  
    I don't wanna have sex. 2 years ago  
    I live in USA. 2 years ago  
    Everyone hates me cause they are dumb asses. Donald Trump is amazing. He is working harder than any president I know. 2 years ago  
    I have no other. 2 years ago  
    I could have a small cold and miss school. 2 years ago  
    I already do this. 2 years ago  
    Sharks are misunderstood. 2 years ago  
    rrrrrrrrather Super Star from Tasmania, Australia: YOU DESCUST ME! I wanna do what I love getting $20,000/Year, not killing babies and kittens! This question is like, "Would you rather die or live?" 2 years ago  
    I can see how I die and stop it. 2 years ago  
    Help doctors and stop bad guys like batwoman lol. 2 years ago  
    I'm average/a tiny bit over average, so I can get muscle and turn my fat into muscle. 2 years ago  
    You can't buy a new family. At least I don't disappoint them and I make it. 2 years ago  
    I am already. 2 years ago  
    Love wins. 2 years ago  
    Is Katniss the girl who fights to get to her mother or something and finds out her mom is a zombie? If not, then I don't know who she is. Emma (the actress for Hermione) also played Belle in Beauty and The Beast. (watched real-life version last night) 2 years ago  
    I can kick the person for this, but I meant to click the groin cups thing. My mouse was on the fire thing and I clicked that instead of the cups. 2 years ago  
    Doesn't say you can't be the smartest and most popular, and I can use my smartness to be popular. 2 years ago  
    I'm not popular. Some popular kids are snobby. I don't want people to think I'm a snob. I'LL BE IN THE NERD GROUP, READING GROUP, AND OTHER THINGS! 2 years ago  
    A text message break-up is stupid. At least the guy did it right and not text me and I have my friends to take me out for a smoothie/milkshake. 2 years ago  
    Unattractive doesn't mean cold-hearted. What if I'm married to an unattractive person and they become attractive? Love wins. 2 years ago  
    I have no enemies. 2 years ago  
    I'm not a Christian. I can make more money from my own company. 2 years ago  
    Idc. 2 years ago  
    Bookz Rule! 2 years ago  
    Who the f*ck is Kadafi? 2 years ago  
    I never went camping and I've been to a lot of hotels (some luxury). 2 years ago  
    Aren't they the same thing? 2 years ago  
    Imma female. 2 years ago +1
    I like blonde, but I wanna choose this. 2 years ago  
    Lol it looks like Slenderman on the first one. 2 years ago  
    I wanna make an anime! :D 2 years ago  
    Someone said, "Who the f*ck would vote for facebook" (< like that). Well, didn't you know that you could get paid a lot from this? Some guy is a millionaire from this (the creator xD). 2 years ago  
    Umm, if someone was near me, I don't want them to hear the whole confo. 2 years ago  
    If we get rid of pollution, we help the animals more. I wish it said, "Stop animal abuse or eat cake?" 2 years ago  
    What if I needed a flashlight and I didn't have one? Also, who wants someone to fart on your command? 2 years ago  
    Wait, NEITHER! I just thought I could have dinner and say, "Oh! Have sex? NO! I don't wanna have sex with anyone,"-add this is they're sick and/or stranger (AND MAYBE MORE)-"hoe!" 2 years ago  
    Anyone heard of writing and sign language? 2 years ago  
    Who else looked at the pictures and clicked this? Like if you did xD I meant to click "Be in a coma." 2 years ago  
    Wtf is Harlem Shake? 2 years ago  
    WORTH IT! -opens a case and gets $5,000,000- YES! 2 years ago  
    I have no son. I will never have a son. I am 11. I am planning to adopt a girl. 2 years ago  
    I like Justin Beiber more than the singer to Gangnam Style. 2 years ago  
    I can loose weight. 2 years ago  
    Lol I sleep in my bed but I like Hawaii. 2 years ago  
    I can get 1,000,000 and save up getting a happy job. 2 years ago  
    If I get money from people AND gifts, then they care about my future. I can save it for the future and buy things I like. 2 years ago  
    So? 2 years ago  
    If I lose friends, it's their fault. I'm a kind girl and they're the one "breaking up" with me. 2 years ago  
    So? 2 years ago  
    Umm.. imma help her. 2 years ago  
    Good world=happy life? 2 years ago  
    WHY DOES HE LOOK LIKE MY BROTHER? Also I can find a new crush anyways. 2 years ago  
    Do. 2 years ago  
    Cats don't whine when you and your brother go to school and parents are at work. 2 years ago  
    WITH LOVE. 2 years ago  
    Wow. 2 years ago  
    Screw my friends then. If they hate my choices, then their not my friends. What if my mate likes them and they don't like him? What butt holes. 2 years ago  
    WTF?! 2 years ago  
    I've done this already. 2 years ago  
    I can become friends with them and live. 2 years ago  
    Who are these people? 2 years ago  
    Kewl. 2 years ago  
    In prison for one second, also, I already did something where I live in a 5 star prison. 2 years ago  
    That I rule so I can save da world. :) 2 years ago  
    Only for one second. :3 2 years ago  
    Wow. 2 years ago  
    I can move out. 2 years ago  
    Go to the best restaurant ever. AND WOW RIDE IN A BATMOBILE. 2 years ago  
    Meh. 2 years ago  
    Lol I'm gonna use a wish and make everyone say no place if I'm in earshot unless I tell them to. 2 years ago  
    Look good and make yourself healthy. 2 years ago  
    Earth is in space, idiots. Spaceships can't go 1,000,000 miles more than they do and actually see if there is more like aliens. 2 years ago  
    Yesh! 2 years ago  
    Who is Rebecca Black? I like Justin's songs. 2 years ago  
    I don't get this. 2 years ago  
    If I was someone else, I'm me in a different form. 2 years ago  
    Play outside AND Minecraft. 2 years ago  
    I don't use Firefox. 2 years ago  
    If you're with God, you'll have a better life. 2 years ago  
    I'm communicating with h*ll. And it didn't say the rest of your life. You might only see a scary thing once a hour/day/month/year/life. 2 years ago  
    Lol I'm not gonna die with other people in a filthy elevator. 2 years ago  
    LMAO If you knew how to talk, then you can wright. 2 years ago  
    I am a woman I had no idea what this was but I wanna stay my sex. 2 years ago  
    Idc. Not like anyone's gonna think it's interesting. 2 years ago +1
    I'm sorry, but beggars don't get much. If I stole from people, I could get rid of a bad person's things. 2 years ago  
    Wow. 2 years ago  
    A %10 of death? Dream that you won't die lmao. 2 years ago  
    A ninja will be more flexible, and faster. 2 years ago  
    I am happy if I'm smarter. 2 years ago  
    :OOO 2 years ago  
    Bad drivers=no deaths 2 years ago  
    Idk y I chose this. My best friend is a girl, I guess that's why. 2 years ago  
    Lol. 2 years ago  
    Wtf is Star Trek? 2 years ago +1
    Help da doggies. 2 years ago  
    Idc. 2 years ago  
    I am a kid. I wanna Know how a girl feels. For GoldenMoon78: Babies are made when you put a *vomit* boys.. private in a girl's.... *vomit vomit vomit* 2 years ago +1
    SORRY MONKEYS!!! 2 years ago  
    Talk to animals. 2 years ago  
    Knowledge is power, KILL PERSON WHO RULES, TAKE OVER, MAKE EARTH BETTER. Ruling something doesn't mean your smarter. 2 years ago  
    What if you loved your dog or something? 2 years ago  
    IM SORRY. I like Justin and don't judge me! 2 years ago  
    I'm no sexy mama. 2 years ago  
    I could ignore them and "cheat" on them. 2 years ago  
    Who tf will survive alians? 2 years ago  
    I'd wish for a lifetime supplies of wished for anything including money and we could have world peace, I could have power, etc. 2 years ago  
    WHO TF IS BELLA? WTF IS TWILIGHT? 2 years ago  
    Meh. 2 years ago  
    Woop. I hate suits and dresses. BLEH! 2 years ago  
    DUH! 2 years ago  
    I hate sex. I still have love and other things. 2 years ago  
    :D 2 years ago  
    Nice prison. If I lived in the poorest country on the planet, how do I survive? Also, prison isn't forever. The prison can't be in the poorest country in the world, how would they make it? 2 years ago  
    You could be the unicorn and BOOM become a mermaid, wizard, have powers, etc. 2 years ago  
    .... 2 years ago  
    WHEN DID I ANSWER THIS!? 2 years ago  
    I don't wanna lie. 2 years ago  
    They are both cute, but I think this is cuter. BUT WHEN DID I EVER ANSWER THIS!? 2 years ago  
    I never answered this 0_0 At least I got this one. I could dream of the song and also do the actual dream. 2 years ago  
    ...I said 80's hairstyles....... not clothes.... 2 years ago  
    Five words; Brightheart and two good eyes. 2 years ago  
    Make myself a ninja and I can overpower one. 2 years ago  
    LOL 2 years ago  
    I rather have a good relationship then good sex. -shiver- 2 years ago  
    Screw flying if you can teleport? 2 years ago  
    LOL. 2 years ago  
    Wtf is this? 2 years ago  
    I could ask the animals to help and stuff. I chose the other one but somehow it changed to this. Foreign languages=animals & humen 2 years ago  
    MUSICCCC. 2 years ago  
    Yolo is stupid. 2 years ago  
    Who are these teams? SKIP. 2 years ago  
    Who's gonna survive an apocalypse? People survived World War I and II. AND MAYBE I CAN STOP IT :D 2 years ago  
    I'm not breaking a heart. 2 years ago  
    An average EVIL ROBOT baby. Wooooow woop. 2 years ago  
    WHAT!? I COME HERE AND I SEE I HAVE THE OPPOSITE CHOICE I CHOSE! Wake up naked and sore having it my way, or loving it? THE LOVING IT SOUNDS LIKE I HAD SEX NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. I rather adopt. Also, maybe I did a dare to take off my clothes (Not underwear or bra) and I'll have it my way. AND I HATE CLOWNS! ;-; If I loved it it could be like I loved the party or food or something. 2 years ago  
    Get one billion and help the poor Africans. 2 years ago  
    Umm.. fix my embarrassing mistakes. Also, if you hit the rewind button alot, it's a pause. 2 years ago  
    I don't know what Twilight is. :D 2 years ago  
    Me+Doctor+Surgry=Me fainting 2 years ago  
    I wanna pierce my ears, and I this getting a tattoo will hurt. 2 years ago  
    CHIBI! GO TO JAPAN! :D 2 years ago  
    If I was richer, I could help my peeps, and being immortal will mean I live forever. I'll feel like a freaking vampire. (SORRY VAMPS) 2 years ago  
    Living twice as ling will get me more money and I will learn more. 2 years ago  
    Smarter=Richer=Bill Gates 2 years ago  
    I'm not becoming famous. It says I'll find nothing else, but I will... fiND... LOVVEEE!!!!!! 2 years ago  
    If I had more money, I could help people. I don't wanna mess up things by changing time. 2 years ago  
    If I was famous, I could have ALL my friends and ALL my family famous. If I was famous, I would be rich. If I was rich, I could give money to people who need it. 2 years ago  
    It says we can't avoid it. Well, I CAN IF I KNOW HOW! DUUHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO. 2 years ago  
    I don't wanna surf. 2 years ago  
    My dream vacation would have more people, ALSO TWO WEEKS INSTEAD OF FIVE DAYS! :D 2 years ago  
    What is someone tried to murder you? You could also do more good. Flying is a toot. 2 years ago  
    I can find 10,000,000 AND find love. 2 years ago  
    If my crush was the celeb, then I'm happy. 2 years ago  
    USE A WEALTH SPELL! 2 years ago +1
    God will always rule. Also, this means that no one can do harm. 2 years ago +1
    I would go back in time to see how things actually worked. NO FUTURE SPOILERS! 2 years ago +1
    Idc. I wouldn't really have a wedding anyway. 2 years ago  
    Lol, I have a computer. 2 years ago  
    God dammit. Should've said the other one. I could sell the lightsaber and save MANY. 2 years ago  
    I would be like Brightheart, but have two good eyes. 2 years ago  
    Oml I should have said lightsaber to sell it and save many ;-; 2 years ago  

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