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I'm a 16 year old unicorn. Feed me cookies.

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So I have a dilemma. My mom found this lump under her arm and has been really sick. My dad has a hernia and back problems, he's the only one that works. My mom was planning on working at night but since she's been sick she's not able to. I'm just really lost on what to do. I'm only 15 and I know I'll have to take care of my little brother if they get any worse. I don't know if I should go to work or stay home and take care of all 3 of them. Or try and do both. Any advice?? Sure or Sorry, got nothing. 6 years ago 156 votes 40 comments 0 likes
Have you ever been to a quince? Yeah or No ._. 6 years ago 176 votes 8 comments 0 likes
If you and your best friend/crush got into an argument and he/she won't tell you why they're mad at you but make you feel like a douche would you rather Just give them time to come around (if they ever come around) and maybe say sorry even though you have no idea what you did. or Give up trying to be the best for them, care and love them. Always being there for them. Taking their shit time and time again. Give up always feeling sad.. and a chance where you guys will never talk to each other again.. 6 years ago 183 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Are you Doing in what you believe in or settling for what you are doing 6 years ago 204 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather this picture? or this one? 6 years ago 171 votes 13 comments 0 likes
If you came across a book that was your whole life from beginning to end, would you read it? Yeah, sure. or No, that's too deep. 6 years ago 245 votes 20 comments 0 likes
What annoys you more? New users or religion questions 6 years ago 203 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a fever or have an upset stomach (you could possible puke) 6 years ago 176 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Is my project good? or needs some work? 6 years ago 236 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Would you rather throw the first punch or get hit first 6 years ago 231 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Make the first move and kiss the person. or Let them kiss you. 6 years ago 244 votes 30 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Tell your best friend you love him/her knowing it will affect your friendship and will never be the same. or not tell them at all and saving your friendship. 6 years ago 170 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather know your destiny/purpose or just live life day by day 6 years ago 211 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather..... Get even? or Get over it and never speak of it again? 6 years ago 217 votes 16 comments 0 likes

Candyismything has posted the following comments:

What's the name of the first option? 5 years ago  
A long shirt . #sweg 6 years ago  
I love both ^-^ 6 years ago +1
It's not that bad .. 6 years ago  
Oh my god.. XD 6 years ago  
I can't even answer this.. 6 years ago +1
Loki 6 years ago +1
Wrong one... Avengers needs to come faster .-. 6 years ago  
Swoon by Timeflies :D 6 years ago  
*rolls away* 6 years ago  
Make me. 6 years ago  
Good question :3 6 years ago  
Where'd you get the picture for A? It made me laugh xD 6 years ago  
I'm pretty excited. 6 years ago  
Nope. 6 years ago +2
So sorry, I'll try and be more srs. 6 years ago +1
I kid. 6 years ago +1
It's just.. wouldn't there still be evolution happening? 6 years ago  
:) 6 years ago  
;;) 6 years ago  
;;;;;;;) 6 years ago  
Proud believer :3 6 years ago +1
I'm a Christian and eat meat ._. 6 years ago +1
HAHAHA 6 years ago +1
I'm.. yeah. 6 years ago  
YOLO. 6 years ago  
Well then. I guess it would be the parens fault, not the kids. So hate the parents. 6 years ago  
Wait wtf. 6 years ago +1
I just guessed. 6 years ago  
Oh. But what if I drop my napkin? 6 years ago  
OMFG. XD 6 years ago  
Never got vaccinated, and I'm still alive and healthy ._. 6 years ago  
Warheads had me crying. 6 years ago +1
What candies are option B? 6 years ago  
Omfg. 6 years ago  
I have a tendency to fall off my chair. 6 years ago +1
Omfg xD 6 years ago +4
Well then. 6 years ago  
ANDY 6 years ago  
Oh my lord 6 years ago +1
Nope. 6 years ago +1
The actual hell. 6 years ago  
Both :D 6 years ago  
Cooking >> 6 years ago +1
Oh.. well then. Cause that's completely normal. 6 years ago +1
The best fvcking thing on this planet that's what it is. 6 years ago +1
AAHHHHRRGHH!! 6 years ago  
Strip. 6 years ago  
xD 6 years ago  
You can trust me :D 6 years ago +1
Happy birthday handsome! 6 years ago +1
Thrist sounds horrible. 6 years ago  
Wait NO NO AH! 6 years ago  
Amanda's behavior makes me sad... I loved them both as actresses.] 6 years ago +7
Not right now, but it will be later :D 6 years ago  
:( 6 years ago  
Guys, the answer is obviously chicken. 6 years ago +1
XD 6 years ago  
I'm good at both (: 6 years ago  
I've already had the worst broken heart.. 6 years ago +1
I'm already good with guns :D 6 years ago  
;) 6 years ago  
ill just wear a skirt :D 6 years ago +1
Yes, it is! 6 years ago +1
Probably. 6 years ago +1
save* 6 years ago  
Hell yes, I'm too fluffy .. 6 years ago +2
Same 6 years ago  
Mhm :) 6 years ago  
XD 6 years ago +1
:D 6 years ago +1
XD 6 years ago  
That's what he said. 6 years ago +12
That video is freakin disturbing .. 6 years ago +1
That W.. omg. 6 years ago +1
Cause jello, obviously. 6 years ago +1
Hawt. 6 years ago +1
Hahaha! 6 years ago  
Aw.. ill always love you :( 6 years ago  
Omg xD 6 years ago  
Bumblebee looks badass :D 6 years ago +1
You're always horny, huh? 6 years ago +4
Depends on the guy :3 6 years ago +1
I eat dry spaghetti noodles too haha. 6 years ago +3
This was a hard question.. 6 years ago +1
It helps me fall asleep. 6 years ago +1
Nah. 6 years ago  
Hahaha :) 6 years ago  
Well.. sh*t. 6 years ago  
Happy Birthday!! :D 6 years ago  
Haha :) 6 years ago +2
16 6 years ago +3
Chloe 6 years ago  
Uh, no. 6 years ago  
Well.. sh*t. 6 years ago  
Oink 6 years ago  
You're so cute! :D 6 years ago +1
IM GONNA MISS YOU SO MUCH 6 years ago +1
hardly. 6 years ago  
Wow that would be horrible.. 6 years ago  
I'm so hungry now. 6 years ago  
Because falling down the stairs never hurts. 6 years ago +1
I have.. 6 years ago +1
:'D 6 years ago  
Just cause TalkedAce :) 6 years ago  
:D 6 years ago  
well damn/ 6 years ago  
xD 6 years ago  
Mac Miller :3 6 years ago  
usually when I'm happy.. pain comes along with it. I can never be happy. 6 years ago  
My Heart Will Go On is constantly in my head.. 6 years ago  
I'm already Pyromaniac. 6 years ago  
Which one are you? 6 years ago  
People think I'm innocent.. 6 years ago +3
Sushi....just....sushi. 6 years ago  
Mmmmm :D 6 years ago  
Yeah but what if they're in another state? ._. 6 years ago  
XD 6 years ago  
I never wink haha. 6 years ago  
Wrong one.. 6 years ago  
I tried.. failed. 6 years ago  
had b happen to me ... I'm moving out. 6 years ago  
I meant to pick yoga pants XD 6 years ago  
nope. 6 years ago  
Cats 6 years ago  
Wow. 6 years ago  
I've had A happen to me before XD 6 years ago  
It's hard. 6 years ago  
no ._. 6 years ago  
I faint at the site of it.. 6 years ago  
I.. already have A 6 years ago  
same :) 6 years ago  
omg no XD 6 years ago  
:( 6 years ago  
:( 6 years ago  
WUT 6 years ago  
Well I've always wanted to cuddle with a guy but.. that's never happening anytime soon.. you're not alone .-. 6 years ago  
O_O 6 years ago +2
She's cute, not hot. 6 years ago +1
Wait.. wtf.. BILLY MAYS DIED?! 6 years ago +2
Mosquitos :( 6 years ago  
DAT ASS 6 years ago +3
XDDD 6 years ago  
I'll have you know I'm a damn good driver. 6 years ago +1
i love boxing :D 6 years ago  
Aw :( 6 years ago  
Athletes >> 6 years ago  
I wants to feel wanted .-. 6 years ago +6
I did. 6 years ago +3
Good luck XD 6 years ago +1
:( 6 years ago  
I'm scarred for life you little b*tch. 6 years ago  
Omg no XD 6 years ago  
B is hecka sweet omg. 6 years ago +1
FOR FVCKS SAKE STOP. 6 years ago +8
xD 6 years ago  
Oh. 6 years ago  
How old are you though? ._. 6 years ago  
Oh.. whoops.. 6 years ago  
I don't really care. 6 years ago +2
What's a iphon? is it some sort of snake? 6 years ago +1
I love Shawn and "Lavender Gooms" :D 6 years ago 6 years ago  
Lucky ._. 6 years ago  
I'm kidding :3 6 years ago  
>_> 6 years ago  
Everyone is. 6 years ago  
Nope. 6 years ago  
I think you're ugly ._. 6 years ago  
I wanna be Greek so bad .. 6 years ago  
:'D 6 years ago  
There was some people hanging around her house and when she approached them they shot her. 6 years ago  
Already have long hair :3 6 years ago  
Psh, I wish. 6 years ago  
I love racing.. but I have decided to change my ways. 6 years ago +1
I got 4 :( 6 years ago  
Nice knowing you. 6 years ago  
I love cooking. 6 years ago +7
I ran into the wall. 6 years ago  
Not too short.. 6 years ago  
I'm gonna see it this week on my birthday :D 6 years ago  
Oh wait, yes. I'm going to visit my aunt, she got shot yesterday .. so gotta help her out. 6 years ago  
Excuse me but I am not a troll -_- 6 years ago  
I like cuddling as well. :D 6 years ago  
I'd let you get in my bed, so you can sleep :3 6 years ago  
Hahaha XD 6 years ago  
I think all these misspelled words are on purpose. 6 years ago +4
Lol, what? 6 years ago +5
I HATE heels* 6 years ago +2
:3 6 years ago  
Why would green eyes have a black guy. 6 years ago  
I like your positivity. 6 years ago +6
Allergies.. got a nigglet crying.. 6 years ago  
Nope. 6 years ago  
Nice, yeah I'm thinking of learning to play with the pick .. one day. For now I like to just pick up my bass and play :3 6 years ago  
I usually walk around naked. Yup. 6 years ago +5
XD 6 years ago  
I already use my fingers, it's easier. 6 years ago  
I've never felt feminine .. I always thought I looked too ugly to be a girl but ya know. That's just me XD 6 years ago +1
I love babies (: 6 years ago +1
._. 6 years ago  
Oops.. 6 years ago  
It's annoying. 6 years ago +3
:D 6 years ago +1
Oh I thought it said 'like'... 6 years ago +2
Option A is torture.. 6 years ago  
D': 6 years ago  
Hahahahaha. 6 years ago +1
Lol. 6 years ago  
Wrong one. At least for a halloween party I wouldn't look weird for going alone ._. 6 years ago +2
That was a hard question.. 6 years ago +2
Unicorn. 6 years ago +1
>:) 6 years ago +2
Darn it wrong one D: 6 years ago +1
:D 6 years ago  
Thank you master. 6 years ago  
Oh that's just a joke. Like how it was so funny that I just laughed and laughed.. I'm not 32 years old. I'm 16 ._. 6 years ago  
Woo! :D 6 years ago  
Lol XDD don't worry Deidara, you'll be able to do the same thing someday (': 6 years ago  
How? xD 6 years ago  
They do, I agree. 6 years ago  
You just gotta loosen up :3 6 years ago +3
I hurt all over ... 6 years ago  
XD 6 years ago  
Go masturbate already. 6 years ago +6
I fell off my bed.. and tripped over a rock. 6 years ago  
I've had this silver locket since I was 5 :) 6 years ago  
Whaa? 6 years ago  
Joke or not this had me laughing for 32 years. 6 years ago +4
And I want my hair to look majestic when the wind blows.. 6 years ago +5
Gray Police Officer looks so detailed.. what's your secret to such beauty? 6 years ago +4
Yay!! :D 6 years ago  
Freedom Writers was an amazing film. Had me crying.. 6 years ago +1
I can't stop laughing 6 years ago +2
Santa Cruz and San Diego are pretty fun (: Santa Cruz has a boardwalk with an amusement park. 6 years ago  
Hahaha, yes we should! :) 6 years ago  
..... You need some serious help. 6 years ago +11
:D 6 years ago  
Me too :D 6 years ago  
:D 6 years ago  
Hahahaha! YOU ARE NOW MY FAVORITE PERSON. 6 years ago +1
D: 6 years ago +3
:') 6 years ago +2
Welcome :D 6 years ago +1
Death doesn't scare me at all (: 6 years ago +2
I has one but I never use it xD 6 years ago +1
Make up is annoying .. 6 years ago  
Thank you so much! 6 years ago  
XD 6 years ago  
1234567 6 years ago +2
I know XD 6 years ago  
I love cooking :D 6 years ago  
This would be amazing. 6 years ago  
Kirby :D 6 years ago  
I hate high heels. 6 years ago +1
I would just laugh. 6 years ago  
They called me a boot. I wrote 2 paragraphs on why I should be called something else. 6 years ago +2
...... 6 years ago +1
._. 6 years ago  
Hades makes me laugh. 6 years ago +7
Bob Magdaleno. 6 years ago  
>:D 6 years ago  
..... 6 years ago  
My dad played baseball and so did my older siblings. My older brother was in MLB at one time. 6 years ago  
It's the nice ones you have to look out for.. 6 years ago +1
What's picture B called? 6 years ago  
Alright :3 6 years ago  
Hahahaha! xD 6 years ago +2
Hahaha. 6 years ago  
Yes I'm thinking that's the only option for my brothers sake.. Thank you. 6 years ago  
I'm in my dark room... back to closet.. I'm crying now .-. 6 years ago  
Yes they have.. Thank you. I needed that, I've been pretty stressed lately. This puts me at ease.. 6 years ago +2
Well I mean they can go anywhere but... belly button piercings hurt. 6 years ago  
Absolutely hate english. 6 years ago +1
That was a hard question.. 6 years ago +1
Oh my goossh I still have my nerf gun :D 6 years ago  
Me too XD 6 years ago +1
This is tight :D 6 years ago  
Um.. yeah. 6 years ago  
I've actually done option B.. I broke my arm. 6 years ago +1
I do, I have a feeling I would need to ask them to help if my parents got any worse. 6 years ago  
That's true.. I just feel like I should be responsible, I've always felt like this. I'm trying to get over that but seeing my parents sick just takes a toll on me and I feel I should do anything and everything I can to help. 6 years ago +1
My mom has cancer.. my dad's symptoms are just of old age, he's 63.. 6 years ago  
I'll try :) 6 years ago +1
Haha thank you, I will :) 6 years ago  
Thank you so much :) 6 years ago  
because of picture B XD 6 years ago  
Or freakin 30 years old. 6 years ago  
Thank you. This helps a lot! :) 6 years ago  
Thank you (: he's not working today and won't be all next week. 6 years ago  
True, but the mortgage payment is due soon. 6 years ago  
Hahaha that's true. I just need something, anything. 6 years ago  
He's just turned 9. Thank you, I hope I find it soon.. 6 years ago  
That's a good idea. But since my parents don't work at the moment I don't think I could pay for the bill. 6 years ago  
Thank you so much(: 6 years ago  
I keep telling my parents to go but they say no. So it's really frustrating. 6 years ago  
I'm just waiting for that Dr.Pepper dude to show up. 6 years ago +5
Damn it... wrong one. 6 years ago  
I'm not sure if I should just joke around .. or actually tell you about myself. 6 years ago  
The music I listen to.. it's better if I have headphones. 6 years ago +1
>:) 6 years ago  
I thought everyone wore clothes in the shower? 6 years ago +7
Wow this is an amazing question. 6 years ago +2
I laughed for 5 minutes. 6 years ago  
Dolan pls 6 years ago  
omg yes xD 6 years ago  
:D 6 years ago  
D: 6 years ago +2
What?! NO DONT LEAVE ME 6 years ago +2
O_O 6 years ago  
>_> 6 years ago  
I feel so alone. I guess now you guys can buy me presents :D 6 years ago  
I used to call bobby pins 'barbie pins'.. 6 years ago +2
Wrong one. 6 years ago  
HAAHAHAHAHA 6 years ago  
Hahahaha ethernet. 6 years ago +5
Yes :D 6 years ago  
Pierce the Veil... 6 years ago  
Semesters almost over and I'm doing horrible. 6 years ago  
I'm asking this for my birthday now... 6 years ago +1
XDDD 6 years ago  
xD 6 years ago +1
Side.. 6 years ago +1
I'll give you my cookie! 6 years ago  
:D 6 years ago  
XD 6 years ago  
HAVE MERCY D': 6 years ago  
:( 6 years ago  
Haha.. Cause i was about to say.. I don't want to go to YOLO hell xD 6 years ago  
... /: 6 years ago  
I was just playing along with him -_- 6 years ago  
o_o 6 years ago  
YOLO 6 years ago  
.. -____- 6 years ago +5
Whoa. 6 years ago  
Hahaha @authors comment XD 6 years ago  
My lips are the only attractive feature I have on my face.. 6 years ago  
xD 6 years ago  
._. 6 years ago  
OH MY GOD XDDD 6 years ago  
I hate Tony because that's my ex's name lol xD 6 years ago  
...I'm a girl... 6 years ago +2
Because ants are cool like that. 6 years ago  
Give me the lollipop and nobody gets hurts. 6 years ago  
You guys already know what I picked. 6 years ago  
bu dum tss 6 years ago  
It's annoying .. 6 years ago  
xD 6 years ago +1
Oh my gosh I love these pictures. 6 years ago +4
What's wrong with wanting to have a bouncy house? Nothing. So deal with it, yo. 6 years ago  
Sadly. 6 years ago  
Pretty much. 6 years ago  
I never understood that phrase.. 6 years ago  
Not really. Haven't been okay since 2010. Thanks for asking though :) 6 years ago  
Exactly :D 6 years ago  
.. 6 years ago  
Sorry. 6 years ago  
I'm always there for everyone.. but when I need someone they back away.. 6 years ago +4
I remember punching this dude because he just decided to blow smoke in my face.. right outside the restaurant. I regret nothing. 6 years ago +3
Percy Jackson series (: 6 years ago +1
/: 6 years ago  
Mac and iPod >_> 6 years ago  
It is, but I call it a quince. 6 years ago +1
Hahaha, all of my questions pictures are random. It's my signature xD 6 years ago  
Like.. why death. 6 years ago  
Option A... if you know what I mean (; 6 years ago +1
._. 6 years ago +1
I learned how to cuss in school.. I have a bad mouth now xD 6 years ago  
Some events happen because we let it or didn't think about it first. But half the time it's something we can't control, like a love one dying or your crush dating someone else >_> 6 years ago  
Okay I know it's their business and all but it becomes wrong when they smoke in public areas and around restaurants. I get really sick if I inhale smoke.. 6 years ago +1
My life is pretty stressful right now.. 6 years ago  
I'm sorry.. 6 years ago +1
I sleep all day. 6 years ago +1
Ranch 6 years ago +3
._. 6 years ago  
Is option B. 6 years ago  
Because turtles are awesome. 6 years ago +1
(: 6 years ago  
xD 6 years ago +2
I kept going back with my ex. 6 years ago  
Too easily. 6 years ago +4
I'm actually reading Fairy Tail.. 6 years ago +1
*cries* 6 years ago +2
Never become friends with him. 6 years ago  
Same here :D 6 years ago  
True, but I did anyway. 6 years ago  
I'm not really one for violence.. 6 years ago  
xD 6 years ago  
I was in a hurry. Oh and by the way it's "Sorry, just" 6 years ago  
:D 6 years ago  
Who said I was finished? 6 years ago  
What? :( 6 years ago  
Whatever floats your goat. 6 years ago  
You. 6 years ago  
... 6 years ago +1
;D 6 years ago  
HAHAHA 6 years ago  
:D 6 years ago  
MORE PRESENTS 6 years ago +1
And a unicorn. 6 years ago  
That's what she said. 6 years ago  
This is the most hardest question I have ever had to answer. 6 years ago +1
I want some noodles now ,_, 6 years ago  
Oh! Haha. 6 years ago  
As in ? 6 years ago  
Sure, why not. 6 years ago +2
It's normal to judge.. I'm not proud of it. 6 years ago +1
Ah but see I can control myself, I exercise and drink plenty of fluids. I take care of my body. Sweets and such are just treats. I don't eat them all the time. All of that won't ruin my liver or lungs. 6 years ago  
I don't think he is.. but more like we don't want our bodies filled with toxins. 6 years ago  
Whooa someones jealous. It's okay greyg, you'll find a talent soon. 6 years ago +1
Calm down, geez. 6 years ago  
You're very welcome! 6 years ago  
Seems legit. 6 years ago  
I would go along with them. 6 years ago  
Hi I'm a turtle and what is this? 6 years ago  
Wow, this is amazing! 6 years ago +1
I like neither.. but I'd pick scary movies over blood and.. yeah.. 6 years ago  
Hahaha omg xD 6 years ago  
I still wanna know what all those Iron Man robots are about. But yeah, Man of Steel has a lot of mystery. 6 years ago  
I'm glad. I was starting to feel the pressure .. 6 years ago  
XDD 6 years ago  
A lot of my friends think I'm weird since I'm already 16 and never tried smoking or drinking. 6 years ago +1
Not family.. my best friend. 6 years ago  
Right?! 6 years ago  
Aren't you a ray of fvcking sunshine XD 6 years ago +3
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 6 years ago  
I'm sorry unicorn 6 years ago  
Serious? xD 6 years ago +2
You just crushed my heart.. 6 years ago +2
Yo lo pago al saber que lol XD 6 years ago  
Lo mismo digo! Mi objetivo es hablar español tan rápido como los locutores hablan :3 6 years ago  
Heh, I just found a mint candy that's been in my candy drawer for 3 years.. Tastes alright. 6 years ago +1
Mis padres nunca hablaban español a mi alrededor, así que estoy aprendiendo poco a poco de la manera correcta de hablar él. Yay me encontré con un altavoz español compañero :D 6 years ago  
Yo puedo hablar un poco. Pero no tan rápido como mi familia haha .-. 6 years ago  
De nada :D 6 years ago  
.... 6 years ago +3
Omg that was amazing (x 6 years ago  
Mad Father 6 years ago  
But... but why? D: 6 years ago  
:D 6 years ago  
XD 6 years ago +3
.____________________________________________________________________________________________. 6 years ago +4
I can now go on in life happily. It's a miracle! 6 years ago  
I didn't know I was the police.. I learn something about me everyday. Thanks quazimodo. 6 years ago +2
Foreal. 6 years ago  
Yeah, it could be. 6 years ago +2
It's kind of hard to get away from it since a lot of my family and friends smokes. 6 years ago  
.. I'll take your word for it. 6 years ago  
Not...yet. 6 years ago  
I'm always friend zoned xD 6 years ago +3
I would just help them find another way to get the money.. 6 years ago  
I don't think I could, because that's not how I raised her to be, I would just feel like I failed as a parent 6 years ago +1
A dachshund names Princess (: 6 years ago  
That was deep. 6 years ago  
Thank you for that :) 6 years ago  
I have but he just won't tell me. He keeps saying he wont tell me.. 6 years ago  
It's alright. 6 years ago  
Haha it does. I just realized that.. I know a few things have been going on in his life.. I just want to help if that's the case. He won't let me in.. I've given him space for a while, but now just randomly he gets mad and distances himself from me.. It's just difficult. 6 years ago  
It's very dark.. haha. 6 years ago  
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