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    Multiplayer like a boss  
    id wish that i could wish for money  
    change meh name to batman  
    Knowledge is power...  
    calls are sooooooo 1960's  
    doesnt say they'd attack u  
    OMG they do NOT look like what their supposed to.  
    dont have any keys b*tches  
    Holy Sh*t shes as ugly as f*ck  
    who the freak would choose camping  
    Doesnt say they will attack u  
    as long as he doesn't kill me  
    eu football is american soccer  
    Been to both like a boss  
    Lol already got slow internet  
    Netflix like a bauws  
    Cabooki FTW  
    1 word... batman  
    Whoever wins lol  
    That guy looks like hes gonna commit suicide  
    Like a f*cking bauws!  
    Lol i dont like either  
    Dye it fricking rainbow like a boss  
    You get murdered at night time  
    Batman FTW  
    You get murdered in lodges 0.0  
    Hell yeah  
    Im lived in england for 11 years, uniforms arn't like that!  
    I would't give two f*cks  
    F*cking Neither  
    Lol ima guy  
    Flying like an absaloute beast!  
    Ima Winna  
    Calligraphy LIKE a BOSSS!!  
    Purples My Favorite colour!!!  
    Not with those ears.  
    Lol i meant singing... Dubstep Like a boss +10
    I never wear makeup anyway +1
    You'll look sooo mysteriously cool  
    LOL ride a hovercar like a boss!  
    Neither lol  
    Their both the same lol  
    LOL I do that already  
    Hell yes!  
    If it was a rewind button, time would rewind and so would you so you would never be able to click it again and the world would keep going back in time forever 0_o  
    The B.O might smell good...  
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