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    in a fender bender they guy could owe me money.  
    disconnect phone through provider and have it specially locked. +1
    We wish you could too. OH also, Australia treats women like crap. Have fun. +1
    Spain! Screw ya guys, better food and protection <_< +2
    don't have to pay the mormons xD ...or rather Later day saints +1
    goofy time?  
    girls wear thongs anyway...why not? also, I can turn around and punch the punk givin me a wedgie. +2
    pffft obviously, no one watched the documentaries about how piranhas don't actually consume humans. +4
    meh, adds character to the white. +3
    I like to be seen as a RESPONSIBLE adult...not a half-ass punk. +2
    mmm cannibalism never been so good. +5
    hahahahaha hate me forever and make me legend to the point that you have me in you comedy shows! Remember that I caused you pain forever!! muahahahaha! +2
    my birthday always sucks..  
    you scared me away from the answer I wanted... by posting a pic of people with the downs. +3
    I love that nice cold feeling you get when you have to re-sit in your own moist soft dung...mmmm mud bath. +3
    punch grandma in da face!...or give her sleeping pills. etc. +1
    I've seen where popularity gets you...baggin my groceries XD +6
    why did I read "get a tattoo of camel on big toe" in my mind?  
    ;o; the horror!! THE HORROR!! +1
    both 8D  
    the economy sux now! XD  
    o.O you must have a happy life or nice siblings...i'm envious.  
    my sibling treated me like crap and can't make me a family. +2
    Dating online, is like blind dating and vice versa <_<...they're all psychos +5
    <_< supported his ass in the beginning anyway. XD and if he broke up with me, I'd still have cash Ooo ooo! +1
    both suck balls...but put them together and they meet half way...kinda.  
    lol my crush actually dated my bf...then he was dumped and came to me...2nd best forever 8D (cause we're married)  
    dump me in front of my friends dickless wonder >8]  
    at least they'll suck me in some +2
    I can tell that many have never been really in love...I wish I were you guys, love is dildos. +7
    I wanna know how much it'll suck! Screw when! I'm already paranoid so who cares when? +4
    Actually epic and not about a lying moron who doesn't have the balls to just deal with the truth.  
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