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Yes. Thank you, my grammar has been fleeting lately. 7 years ago +1
At least you were beaten. 7 years ago  
get grounded... just they were never home anyways. 7 years ago +2
what guilt? They deserved it and prison pays for schooling, and working etc. I don't mind butt play either. win win . 7 years ago +1
in a fender bender they guy could owe me money. 7 years ago  
disconnect phone through provider and have it specially locked. 7 years ago +1
We wish you could too. OH also, Australia treats women like crap. Have fun. 7 years ago +1
Spain! Screw ya guys, better food and protection <_< 7 years ago +2
don't have to pay the mormons xD ...or rather Later day saints 7 years ago +1
goofy time? 7 years ago  
girls wear thongs anyway...why not? also, I can turn around and punch the punk givin me a wedgie. 7 years ago +2
pffft obviously, no one watched the documentaries about how piranhas don't actually consume humans. 7 years ago +4
meh, adds character to the white. 7 years ago +3
I like to be seen as a RESPONSIBLE adult...not a half-ass punk. 7 years ago +2
mmm cannibalism never been so good. 7 years ago +5
hahahahaha hate me forever and make me legend to the point that you have me in you comedy shows! Remember that I caused you pain forever!! muahahahaha! 7 years ago +2
my birthday always sucks.. 7 years ago  
you scared me away from the answer I wanted... by posting a pic of people with the downs. 7 years ago +3
there's a chance i can dig ou- 7 years ago +2
I love that nice cold feeling you get when you have to re-sit in your own moist soft dung...mmmm mud bath. 7 years ago +3
lololol i am my spouse's best friend...lolol masturbation xD 7 years ago +10
punch grandma in da face!...or give her sleeping pills. etc. 7 years ago +1
I've seen where popularity gets you...baggin my groceries XD 7 years ago +6
why did I read "get a tattoo of camel on big toe" in my mind? 7 years ago  
;o; the horror!! THE HORROR!! 7 years ago +1
both 8D 7 years ago  
more like: DON'T GO LETTING EVERY FRICKIN BODY KNOW SO THEY CAN KILL US!! <_< how's that? 7 years ago  
the economy sux now! XD 7 years ago  
Thank you. Common sense do exist. 7 years ago +1
dinosuars are all huge and crazy dangerous...give me a flame thrower and chainsaw, I'll live every zombie raid...*shivers* raptors will kill us all ;n; 7 years ago +6
eiffel tower naked, nice view during nice weather. win win. 7 years ago +1
why would I want to talk to that idiot? 7 years ago +11
why should I give a crap about what people think? 7 years ago +4
floors hold in the cold air which basically make the blanket pointless since it'll be like laying on an ice cube. BUT lay on a bed, it'll separate you from the cold and the material it's made of will eventually warm to your body heat...besides, there might not be a blanket but that doesn't rule out pillows and sheets ;D 7 years ago +1
Starving artist...I hate that saying... 7 years ago  
blondes are so over rated. 7 years ago +3
Dubstep is cancer for the ears >8/ 7 years ago +1
you poor thing. You must enjoy very bland comedy. At least all that had it's hehe moments. 7 years ago +10
o.O you must have a happy life or nice siblings...i'm envious. 7 years ago  
my sibling treated me like crap and can't make me a family. 7 years ago +2
unfortunately no...sigh. no. 7 years ago +1
ooooh what happened to the sophistication of enjoying plays? 7 years ago +1
Dating online, is like blind dating and vice versa <_<...they're all psychos 7 years ago +5
<_< supported his ass in the beginning anyway. XD and if he broke up with me, I'd still have cash Ooo ooo! 7 years ago +1
if they cheated on me they'd get raped anyways...with a bullet in their ass. 7 years ago +9
both suck balls...but put them together and they meet half way...kinda. 7 years ago  
lol my crush actually dated my bf...then he was dumped and came to me...2nd best forever 8D (cause we're married) 7 years ago  
dump me in front of my friends dickless wonder >8] 7 years ago  
love at first sight is kinda shallow... wouldn't you like to love them for who they are not how they look? 7 years ago +11
yet it counts since it's on here...meh *shrug* 7 years ago  
fufufufufu pizza can come as a cake!! A WINNAR IS US! 7 years ago +2
I like basshunter buuuuut, not as epic, just doosh doosh doosh now your gone I realize love blah blah yet I'm singing upbeat so I don't really give a crap, just this song has bass for clubs. <__< 7 years ago +1
crazy blinding bling when you smile? nu! 7 years ago  
...I've been married for 5 years and still haven't had a ceremony...8D pointless. 7 years ago +1
dude! blind people ROCK! they're like...super heroes cause all their other senses are stronger...giggity. 7 years ago +6
THEY'VE HAD THEIR TIME!! >8[ 7 years ago +4
i'm already the 2nd one...I'll go with the first...that way it won't suck for me 8D 7 years ago  
at least they'll suck me in some 7 years ago +2
paper cuts sting but heal fast AND salt water heals it faster...your skin doesn't grow back over night <_< 7 years ago +11
wife cuts with one slash...dogs gnaw at meat until consumed...especially small ones...enjoy your now outty vaginas. 7 years ago  
pft. I already do the 2nd one and they still treat me like dirt. *__* JUSTICE!! 7 years ago +3
small businesses have been consumed horribly due to a slight shift of the economy. yea, sucks, but at least I'd still be able to support a family with being a ceo. 7 years ago  
wow...people be stupid. At least with the second guy I can pay by giving him a chicken. 7 years ago +4
fire vomit may not hurt you until it hits the can be an awesome weapon. I already sh*t acid when I eat mexican. 7 years ago +4
At least I enjoyed people following me XD (yea so going to hell) 7 years ago  
I can tell that many have never been really in love...I wish I were you guys, love is dildos. 7 years ago +7
I wanna know how much it'll suck! Screw when! I'm already paranoid so who cares when? 7 years ago +4
meh, I'll make my own my mind O__O 7 years ago +2
no rihanna! she makes hymens rupture which is technically rape...SO SHE'S RAPING PEOPLE!! 7 years ago +1 said that to the other one! stop copy pasta! 7 years ago  
Considering linkin park haven't really been impressing... I have to go with psycho 7 years ago  
there's no such thing as NEVER having friends...besides she can make them up XD 7 years ago +3
screw food! -w- 7 years ago +1
I would've picked the 2nd one but I don't want him looking better in a wedding dress >8[ 7 years ago +1
Hide they don't turn their angst at me for being sad that they hurt me. (yea, happens all the time :/ yet I'm not emo...and I don't cut myself -_-) 7 years ago  
Actually epic and not about a lying moron who doesn't have the balls to just deal with the truth. 7 years ago  
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