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    We would need to get to know each other first.  
    It also = more time to go insane from lack of sleep.  
    What if you find a website crammed with a bunch of live deaths?  
    Yeah! And also enjoy Beetles climbing all over you in your sleep, Bees stinging you, wild Bear attacks, wild Bird attacks, and more wonderful stuff that's outside!  
    Retirement homes have the BEST foods.  
    This comes up to a moment when your heart is beating, you don't know what to choose, either way, PC Gaming/Console Gaming fanboys will hate you. This is pretty much the matrix. "Take the PC Gaming, or the Console Gaming"  
    Wigs are a thing, plus your hair can grow back.  
    I'd rather prefer getting a tumor than getting my throat slit.  
    Actually, pollution kills many animals. It's either because: 1. Owners keep their pets near polluted areas so they can get sick and die. 2. Pollution being near animal's homes but the owners don't know it until it's to late. 3. Animals just walk right in to it like it's nothing.  
    I do this everyday!  
    You don't need to be married to have sex you know...  
    I don't believe in god, but if Pokemon was real, we would all die. Humanity would perish, and it was all because we let an electric mouse plug in your phone.  
    Then you must have dressed terrible.  
    People can just tell us if we look good or not.  
    Both of these things I don't like.  
    Being hot does not always mean you're happy.  
    Knowledge > Power  
    No school is a bad thing.  
    What's a Pepsi?  
    Cats don't bark.  
    It's where you point a gun to your head you win if it only clicks, and it doesn't shoot. But if you lose...I think you know what happens...  
    Get out.  
    No hepititus c for me  
    There is a 50% chance you might die or live when jumping off a cliff, and you can't hold your breath for 10 minutes.  
    Just throw some bread crumbs  
    The ShyScraper can tell me to not jump, plus they don't exist  
    I can just buy a router or just play games on my phone that work with no wifi  
    I'd punch my wall in the face, he needs to get straight  
    At least my teeth wont crack  
    I would probably get killed in a party, case closed  
    I guess BK is better, since i'm terrified of clowns  
    Moms are softer.  
    I can just go to the store and buy bottles of water, simple as that.  
    Ones that i don't know are better than ones i know  
    Skype is always the best. Even though the noise when you open skype up is super creepy, i still love it  
    I'd rather be sane than be insane  
    I'd rather fly cause if you can live underwater... there are still many hazards such as sharks, hooks, and other stuff  
    Atleast i wont get cavities faster  
    Byeaaah, Lonley, i'm Mr.Lonley!. I have nobody, for my owwwnnn o aaaa!  
    I choose red over diabetes  
    And im pretty sure in that 81% of the people are your parents.  
    I can just get a sex change.  
    Nah just go outside  
    I don't really like chocolate  
    I don  
    Neither, they both give me nightmares  
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