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    i like both +1
    i have verizon  
    it never said which religion and doesn't say have to be a religious freak. i am a Wiccan  
    it is not good to hold it in  
    i am a women and i have a single pierced so yeah  
    what r those?  
    i live in California and hate it and have visited Texas and love it so...  
    it is better to be early then to be late  
    i love 2 sing and i can't act  
    i like both but i think red apples are better for u but green apples are sour and i like sour aww i should've picked green  
    my BFF is straight and i am a lesbian so i chose a hot famous person  
    neither not only i'm i underage but i can't stand the smell of alcohol  
    neither i prefer Hot Chocolate  
    i like both but i prefer Chips Ahoy  
    noooo i meant to click on Selena  
    i can't do my hw in quiet i get distracted 2 easily  
    I want to visit both  
    i am a female and lesbian so both would be a lose lose for me  
    i have male friends and a male BFF  
    I am already the youngest sibling  
    nooooo i pick the wrong one i meant to pick work  
    10 years older 29 ten years younger 9  
    everyone deserves a shot at life and it doesn't say anything about being against adoption. +1
    I am a lesbian so it would be good if my wife was also a lesbian  
    yes it does it says it at the bottom  
    I am already weird screw normal  
    idk who Kadafi is so i pick Obama  
    noooooo i meant to pick the company one :(  
    I choose x-mas because of presents and the party my mom throws every year with family over. I am a wiccan  
    iv'e been 2 Hawaii but never 2 Croatia  
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