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    A shuriken could tear my insides!  
    I'm a girl...  
    Public bathrooms are nasty!  
    Simple. Create a hotspot.  
    Ronald McDonald is a killer clown!~  
    Just buy another one.  
    I suck at singing and I'm auditioning to go on a tv show so...  
    I'm a girl so...  
    I would just get shot with a water gun. I had a dream last night that I was shot in the ear.  
    They're the same thing, just different names.  
    I'm 9 so I don't need a bra  
    Whoever chose heaven on earth and go to hell, you're an idiot. You spend more time in heaven then you do on earth!  
    If God doesn't exist then who created the Big Bang? Hmm? It didn't just magically happen out of nowhere! God created it you idiots!  
    Being an adult sucks  
    At least you would be known for something  
    You can just wash the shirt. Hey, it didn't say it was stained onto it.  
    What does puch mean?  
    Humiliate my enemies. MWAH HA HA HA HA  
    Stupid question in my opinion.  
    Summer every day = no school.  
    Hey, there was a five year old who had a baby so...  
    I have danced as Clara in the Christmas Rockettes show. So, you can tell which one I picked.  
    You know, not everyone and everything in New Jersey is annoying. If you like food, come to NJ. WE HAVE THE MOST DINERS!!!  
    Wtf is funnyjunk?  
    They already have a cure for cancer which is elephant blood.  
    There's already a cure for cancer. Elephant blood.  
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