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    im an olny child  
    we already do soo... +1
    i can lose the weight  
    at lewast im comfy  
    they do it any way so...  
    its really interesting +1
    i can go visit One Direction +1
    Jake Gyllenhaal :)  
    thats Link  
    soccer!!! :)  
    ur dad must b a perve too  
    i need summer breaks  
    i can watch tv where and whenever  
    people would love my movies  
    if we have world peace then hunger will stop  
    i would be so mad if my daughter got pregnat  
    that pic look awesome  
    cookie monster  
    im very good at holding it in for a long time  
    i can give him some money :)  
    cause i wanna meet ONE DIRECTION!!! :)  
    i dont want people to die of drugs  
    i need water  
    why is he giving the finger?  
    he hot  
    he hot just need to cut his hair  
    90210 is my show :)  
    just wash it off  
    i dont drink and i dont know what these are buy i pick gery because the picture was cool  
    your siting in ur own dirt when you take a bath  
    im not into politics im to young  
    and they did! :)  
    i wanna control all that :)  
    i wouild drive the most awesomest cars.... even though im not old enough to drive :)  
    i dont wear make up sooo +1
    the girl is really pretty +2
    i would never say my answers if it was the gross section  
    i dont drink so i juss chose randomly  
    i love glee but degrassi  
    im already tall sooo...  
    i can figure out myself  
    i love glee  
    green apples are sweet  
    Germans have awesome cars but there so expencive  
    Friends its so funny!  
    dare dare dare  
    family guy all the way! :)  
    I would be rich!  
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