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    who in all f*****g honesty and reality would sacrifice their children , parents etc to save 1,000 nobodies (who could turn into next mass murderer like netanyahu). .no way no chance . seems to me a lot of people are giving answers they think are expected instead of having an opinion of their own 5 years ago +1
    your world famous as a proper football player (soccer). .nobody outside of America could tell you who anyone is in AF 5 years ago +1
    being welsh chose rugby . .but think nz all blacks are prob the most successful team in any sport . which is played in various countries 5 years ago  
    i know the world see americans as dumb but i never realised that they are as stupidly self loving than i ever imagined . jesus you may get a handful of people watching that sh*te game american football . who else plays it really . proper football is a worldwide sport not some game only played in house 5 years ago  
    european football is the real FOOTBALL.. as it is known to every country in the world . . well besides America 5 years ago  
    you stupid stupid people who call israel the holy land . only if warsaw was holy or the certain camps were holy. .i got no time for muslim... ,jew . .or any other breed you mention but they murder at will , rape and pillage the palestinians land yet you thick f***s on here believe the palestinians are the bad ones . in that case the jews were the bad ones 70 years ago . you just cant say its fair for israel to just invade that land but not fair of Hitler .then say Hitler was evill to kill with impunity . .but israel are just to kill for no other reason than land grab . f**k i hope ChinA WAKE UP AND BLEW THE COUNTRIS WHO SUPPORT ISRAELS WAR CRIMES OF THE PLANET . THAT INCLUDES MY OWN . 5 years ago +3
    not a strong swimmer. .EASY 5 years ago  
    how the f**k can you vote for the biggest war criminals since hitlers nazi party . they whinge about ww11 and do exactly the same in Palestines country with the backing of America. .THE PIC ON THE RIGHT IS A TYPICAL MEDIA TOOL USED BY THE JEWISH MEDIA. .BUT TO ME THATS WHAT A FREEDOM FIGHTER LOOKS LIKE . .repatriation for the jewish invaders . knock Hitler , knock israel. .support israel , support Hitler . there is no other common sense way to look at right and wrong. . 5 years ago +15
    wendy's. .cos we don't see em here 5 years ago  
    i am worried for mrbeast . only a man on the edge would have a debate about it 5 years ago  
    done most drugs and can say for a fact alcohol is worse than marijuana. . and steroids are a personality transplant 5 years ago  
    live hard and die young . .or live even harder and have it last longer. your actually more free when running from the law 5 years ago  
    not as if they would be guaranteed to catch you 5 years ago  
    maybe with putin the world would be a more stable place 5 years ago  
    how old are the voters . they obviously are unaware of the horrors of ww1. .take a dive with tyson. .wouldn't of helped much in 1914. .oops sorry america 1916? 5 years ago  
    wouldn't be a difficult decision . if i didn't know the individual bum or not he'd be flying through the air while i absent mindedly stroke my dog. .and silly heart get a grip . most people would choose and carry out the collision with the bum if it meant saving their morning latte 5 years ago  
    wtf . .i hope they both got hockey teams or something . cos u cannot without a smile mean football 5 years ago  
    in few months time your hair would be healthier without all the washing it gets , ur teeth wouldnt. .and you gotta still have them before you can put strips on . .and an apple . after a while it would have to be apple puree. .i know not of a fatality from unkempt locks. .but no teeth . liquids alone not make a healthy body 5 years ago  
    not saying either side are idiots , but you cant argue with the fact religion has been the cause of so many conflicts worldwide 5 years ago  
    WHAT ARE THEY 5 years ago +1
    see there is another occasion where america observes themselves in a completely different light to everyone else. .as a quote from ww2 goes when the British start bombing the Germans start ducking..when the Germans start bombing the british start ducking. .and when the Americans start bombing every f****r starts ducking. ,i really didnt want to slate America but this view you have of urselfs is wide of the mark . what you gonna do when China or Russia decide they aint gonna let israel commit anymore war crimes and tell America they have had their day . saving Europes ass ..you come in late to each big war and even after Britain has bankrupt itself and you become the superpower you still didnt have the backbone for yugoslavia etc. .but fair play you put Grenada TO GO ALL BY URSELFS 5 years ago  
    you can buy all the love you want with that much money. ,you honestly think Heffner would give up his wealth for the chance of true love. instead of being able to update when required 5 years ago  
    PaidinFull. .i guess you would do the same with the jews that the world done with Nazi Germany. .send them back where they came from . how dare the israelis hunt war criminals and get back stolen possessions from 70 years ago while they are murdering and raping all they can off the Palestinians. 5 years ago +1
    i just want to ask the israelis . .what exactly started ww2. .Germany invading Poland . oh yeah the french were freedom fighters but Palestinians are terrorists. .cannot get my head round how they are portrayed as terrorists . any country in the world would try to protect their land . israel have also committed various war crimes but i guess wealth again ensures you stay clear of a war crime trial, , 5 years ago +1

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