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    gas money  
    i would die either way  
    shes the girl from the walking dead now right?  
    no hope no reason to live  
    im not religious, but this gives people hope  
    nikci looked genuine happy and kim kardashian was faking  
    because of the pics lol  
    they both get good money  
    well it would be sad to grow up in a family that it not ready  
    because of the picture  
    eat your way to the healthy skinny  
    skinny does not mean annorexic  
    risk free  
    i dont need an extra fifty years if im going to heaven  
    i will go to the phillippines when roi wassabi is on his vacation  
    take his money. and leave him  
    wtf is a rubber?  
    i would rather not give it all away, but it is one billion. what am i gonna buy with that? i would rather help lives than be selfish and only help my own. plus i might become famous for doing that and get rich for helping people out  
    doesnt mean we have to be active and love each other, long distance relationships and cheat on each other  
    wait at the costomer service and wait for your luggage, wait for longer than 8 hours  
    why a 4?  
    im atheist already. i will only believe in god once i have a reason. not just be told by someone that the being is real. no proof  
    that would be so painful either way  
    my fav sport?  
    i dont wear makeup  
    never liked legos  
    one, ipad 2 is a worse generation than the 4th generation, and sharing it also?  
    pewdiepie here i come. (i know he lives in brighton)  
    who are they and was is '2 and a halk man"?  
    if im smart and fat. ill be more stressed and worried about my body. if im stupid and fit. i wont give a damn  
    justing has gotten a lot better songs lately  
    they look the same  
    i know how to stay warm. i dont know how to stay cold  
    live with a rich boyfriend  
    making my lil' igloo  
    i love it when people get hit in the face  
    no more driving!  
    im 5 " 4 and im 12. a lot of boys are shorter than me and i hate it  
    i would totally help them. i know what its like and that pic though  
    what kind of quesions is this? who would choose one friend over lots of friends?  
    i have glasses so i would rather choose cute ones  
    i feel sorry for the parents that are really mean to their children, and do whatever they can to make the children feel bad  
    well ill go to the doctor and get therapy to eat more food  
    they look like ghosts  
    sell you house to the american horror story, make loads of money  
    14% eat meat? humans were designed to survive, and consume animals in order to do that. a lot of vegetarians are not healthy anyways  
    if they unhook me, i am more likely to run away  
    im probs friendzoned  
    i dont give a sh*t +130
    my whole life  
    my sister is 6ft she still wear heels and she says she feels powerful.  
    im not gonnna date and older man, with ugly features that scare the living daylights out of m  
    i like my name. but i cant change my appearance. my family wont look at me the same way. duh  
    no arms no gaming  
    2700s: siri will kill us all  
    lol. where the stars? +1
    if loved by everyone. i would not care about my looks  
    netflic on both  
    i cant force someone to love me. but if someone does not love me. i can stop my love so i dont have to be hung over about it  
    i wont have to worry and be annnoyed  
    coooked and does not look like a hamster correct?  
    cheating so i wont not be able to do something when i realize he is cheating and has a disease  
    have a long shirt  
    shoot i meant the other one  
    i can break up with them easil  
    baby modeline for diapers, load of money  
    i hate doing nothing while waiting  
    i hate waiting  
    i dont know what celibate it, but im guessing its better than a bad relationships  
    climb in trees  
    i will find some where to rest  
    i live in california, i go on the golden gate bridge a lot :D and also i saw this town in texas where it is law that you cant drop out of school  
    just because of the pic  
    i dont like waiting forever  
    i have lots of cassettes. love them all. just dont have anything to watch them with since it broke down +1
    i can get them back  
    miley cirus was and actor, ariana grande was an actor, look at them now  
    im gonna sing while im acting  
    living with the rich friends  
    the society breaks my heart  
    wtf is wrong with a gay son? he loves who he loves. its not like you have to take care of another child  
    no technology??!?!  
    pewds.screamed meghan fox thousands of times on one youtube video  
    embarrrasing to lose a team if ur the winner  
    in 2008 i did not have a computer, in 2008 i hadno friends and a mean neighboor  
    i dont want to be immortal. the race just dies off and im all alone  
    im always sad if i not good at school. but i need mai friends  
    smoothies :))))  
    take his money  
    i can tell them to shut up  
    what if my best friend is my crush? (its not just what if?)  
    depends but i accidentally clicked  
    note the Better  
    if someone bullied me. i would probably tyr to figure out how to give them revenge though  
    light meth user: okay, feel a little wierd, i can handle this.. Heavy drunk: i dont know what is going on. a huge hangover. alchohaul poisoning. i died in a car accident  
    im gonna throw up  
    what is boxing day?  
    always having someone to turn to. best parties  
    i could be gay. but i wanna be loved and popular  
    all my buddies their  
    average is just what i need  
    i would say "very much appreciated"  
    1million is all i need  
    i dont have to worry about them breaking down  
    justin beiber more famous  
    i got $100  
    if i want to say no and everyone thinks i am rude  
    more money ive made in a day  
    i want a lovable relationship. andriod is better then no emotion at al  
    i already see bad. i already remember bad :(  
    cute gay men attracted to me. welp theyre not gay anymore. i helped them become straight  
    i dont like spoilers  
    wtf is fight club?  
    having a sleepover with my bff  
    im 12.....  
    im 12. and hanging out with my whole family. i mean cousins and uncle and aunt. that would be so awkward right now  
    kid cant start the car  
    hopefully it not my someone i dont want it to be by  
    i love watching scary movies  
    what ind of question is this? 28 % dont want to save people with cancer?  
    ew neither  
    clicked the wrong one  
    well. its better then being thrown in jail  
    my friends love werewolfs  
    avatar gets boring  
    i love having a well rested sleep at night  
    my lover would be confuzed and would not like me  
    well i developed feelings for mine guy friend. and then i realized he did not like me. then i was fine and we are good friends  
    child pornography  
    hell yes! you can forget a time you were kidnapped. or raped  
    wtf is magic kingdom  
    if im stupid. i dont have to worry about life  
    18% is so stupid. obama won. +1
    happiness would overwhelm my whole family  
    nial horan still hasnt had his first kiss. and he is 22  
    depends on how i feel  
    if i have pay. i love the job  
    immune to every sickness? id go to school everyday  
    i have and ipad. so i wanna try a macbook  
    that picture they took of harry made me not want to me his friend. im rude  
    the $ sign  
    i did not red that it meant having it all the time. woops  
    pirhannas dont attack unless they are hungry and smell bloods. crocodiles attack whenever they know you are not a crocodile.  
    sorry im not lesbian  
    it gets annoying how my sister can do more things than me  
    loss of sence last for A week. loss of one sence lost for a week once every year  
    i can get a better job, but i dont want to have no scholarship makes my life even more tuff  
    my family is apart of society  
    @worldsvision grows  
    i dont like starwars. i like the old kind. sorry to dissapoint you guys  
    poor car  
    i dont want my car to be sick  
    my hometown sucked  
    im 12...  
    my dad is a licenced maussauge therapist. so i have both.  
    what is calibri?  
    i have always wanted to live in germany  
    im not stupid. i just never asked and was never told that yacht was spelled like that  
    im in los angeles  
    ace all the quises  
    i dont like either of them  
    teepee would not crush me if i accidentally made it incorrectly  
    sh*t i read it wrong  
    im already in love with the person of my dreams!  
    sadly i would buy my friends  
    not as awkward to party with your date  
    i cant lose my hearing. music is my life  
    i dont use twitter. and i dont like facebook  
    im the ruler in utopia. better than the dictator  
    wich one is the easiest?  
    i always end up getting kicked out of the group. or my group will be held with and task and they forget all about ti  
    china bootcamps......  
    living alone. when humanity dies off. i would rather just find out a youthenizer thing. making me live longer. and be full of energy. living life to the fullest. and happy of what i had  
    or what they did  
    no idea who thay are  
    it would be so uncomfortable know that someone checked you out. especially if they were like 20 yrs older than you  
    what if someone was 12 and had a child? they should ba able to not want to take care of a child when they already are one  
    its better than being an orphan, thinking no one loved you in the world.  
    people are most likely not to kill me if im an owl  
    i hate both of them  
    i think im lying when i say dont do it  
    i would never die?  
    how the hell would i get ouf of my moms whom?  
    battle scars  
    my grandma is amazing. Wait. not my dads side!!! oh no i change my mind  
    anywhere i want is going traveling  
    best way to go  
    i mean. if its good  
    what the hell is triwizard?  
    never tried PC but i like playing games more on my chromebook  
    who are william and kate?  
    i would be able to cheat on him without caring. and being married doesnt mean i have to have an intimate relationship with him  
    i feel like racism is not as bad. or is it just where i live? +1
    i would be happy for my son if he was gay. nothing wrong with that  
    people always say their is pizza and spaghetti in italy. no there is pizza and spaghetti in france  
    i tried reading the books. i did not understand it at all  
    probably a caring family in africa  
    im not rich. but im happy  
    an old person like likes me. i would cry  
    an old person likes me. i would cry  
    im not a lesbian. so im very happy for what i am  
    im so tired of glasses  
    you see me rollin'  
    yummy buffet  
    im americn. im a girl. i me drinking with my bffs  
    i like snow  
    i already discovered the earth. when i was born  
    i dont have a phone  
    "would you like to go on a fly?" me: "no flies smells"  
    giant spiders in australia  
    no p.e.!!!!  
    i can actually lose the lion. unlike the shark. i am terrible at swimming when i am scared  
    this is sad! i dont want either! it is not always their fault that they are fat! my sister has this wierd hormones that makes her body store more fat. and it is not even her fault  
    aliens are nice  
    i already have a teacher that is terrable at teaching.  
    im not independant  
    so confused  
    i go in the tent all the time. something new for once please  
    i would live insomeones rich house if everyone cared about me  
    i would not even want to get dumped face to face  
    what if you dont want children  
    get a donner  
    if you dont love anyone, you have no embarrassments. and almost no sadness  
    i love it when i read amazing books :D  
    being popular wont get me my scholarship  
    i dont want any spoilers in my life  
    i would rather know what to do if i was kicked out of m house and homeless  
    my dream is my true love  
    im a firl so i would not test the groin cups  
    hermoine is a femenist. i stand for you  
    pollution is animal abuse  
    if your in a fight, you can turn to anyone else. always have something to do  
    we will worship the potato god  
    who is kadafi?  
    i feel kind of sick. so i cant really think of things like candy like that.  
    i feeel more healthy  
    i wanted to choose the fat so i could make the popular people fart a lot! and get humiliated  
    i dont have a religion. but i like christmas more  
    im a girl, and i dont feel as uncomfortable when female docotrs give ma a checkup  
    i would love partying and going to awesom places with m friends  
    no one will notic at the movie theater  
    i dont like it when people buy stuff like gum for me, i would rather have my own choice  
    i have 2 cats. and they are both so unlovable. they never greet me. they dont love me. they dont cuddle with me. sure they are cute.. i love them both. but they dont love me back. if i coul id have my dog back  
    i want to be happy  
    i can use my ipad for all the game i play  
    i would be so embarrased doing a nude scene  
    i will be happy for her. if it was my enemy. i would get mad that she is living the dream she doesnt deserve  
    no one will know her in 50 years, everyone will know Stephan hawking in 50 years. i would rather be remembered than forgotten +1
    friends who dont accept who i love, i dont want to be friends with  
    i could roll on the house cats and they would run away  
    i dont need that much. (i kinda do. but 50,000 is good enough)  
    what about a bath?  
    well i have curly hair, and if i brush my hair without showering. my hair will be sooo puffy  
    i would not watch it  
    i miss the rain  
    i miss the rain  
    3 lived if i died. a great sacrifice  
    it depends. how much does it cost?  
    i would probably want to die if i knew the truth, but i still wanna know  
    all rebecca black did was make a song. so i hae all the people that hate her, but i cant get rid of justin bieber  
    i would rather root beer or dr. pepper  
    everyone will be like "let's go to chalice's house! it is so cool campared to my boring, bland house"  
    i mean... we have all done it so it wont hurt to do it again. but i wont drink straight from the breast. ew  
    less hours, more fun things to look forward to after work  
    im using chrome right now  
    i dont have minecraft so i would like to play it  
    (snow is pillow)  
    heaven can be anything  
    seeing scary things will make people think you are crazy. wich you are  
    im listening to it now  
    a ninja does not get caught as easily  
    if i was filthy rich my family wouldn't care #goals  
    a prison is better then being in the rain. hungry and cold  
    i dont got anything to hid, but i dont want to be stalked so i will go with family reading my history  
    i can cuddle up with a big dog without worrying im going to squish him/her.  
    justin got batter, i have to admit  
    i would rather hear so i could not if someone was talking behind my back  
    that would be so uncomfortable if your bff loved you  
    what if your dream WAS to die?  
    2 fat men with bad breath would crush me  
    monkeys killed people  
    no love no sex  
    knowing everything would probably get your blood boiling by how stupid everyone would be  
    be careful what you wish for  
    no justice, people would be getting robbed and riots on the streets  
    dating is enough marraige to me  
    i would turn myself into a nija wizard  
    i would be afraid of the water because the mermaids would drag me down to drown in the dark blue sea  
    people dont really care if you are wearing fancy clothes, people care if you are not wearing good clothes  
    if it is a 5 star prison then iwt would be on full lock down and you would be sure to never escape  
    9-11 was not as much suffering as the holocaust  
    the holocaust killed more people than 9-11  
    people know when horses are laughing, and a cow would be food  
    hell yeah! ALWAYS getting away with it? you could just go to a bank, and say "hey i forgot a million dollars. can i have it?" or "lanlord, rent is due next month, not THIS month"  
    monkeys can scare me some times  
    ive always wondered what it would be like to have a penis  
    i would rather have happiness then sadness  
    vadar would probably anoy the crap out of people  
    im already going deaf because of the internet  
    i would not have to walk home from school anymore  
    i would rather save my life if i was trapped in a small cage, or tied up somewhere.  
    animals language IS a foriegn language  
    i would rather be hurt than that person and their friends hating on me. ruining my reputation  
    100 is just to much gore for me  
    you would the the most famous person in the world, the happiest, and the most loved person in the world if you saved those poor children  
    rewind is going back, fixing your mistakes. pausing is just observing. not able to change anything  
    lol i have already wanted to be a lawyer  
    what if i get a small dot on my pinky toe?  
    in the future you will be alone. everyone will die. you will be floating in space alone, and scared. Wishing you chose to be the richest instead of the immortal  
    appealing to everyone would better the chances of you getting raped  
    i would grow old, and everyone i knew would die. and i would be an old hag  
    they are bothe rscary  
    a life without my love is i life i don't want to live in  
    i can buy a slow watch with money  
    money does buy time  
    if you are famous you would not be able to go somewhere without poperauzi  
    i dont want to know when i die  
    internet is bad for my eyes. and i surf the internet all day anyways  
    money does not by true love. And their-fore. money does not buy happiness  
    minds are boring to read. and if i could fly. it would be so easy to get away from danger  
    i dont like any celebrities in a "i love them" that kind of way  
    i might be bad at magic  
    if there were no problems life would get so boring  
    the grandchildren will think im crazy. and i want o know my ancestors  
    i would rather not be dead watching all the people crying around my grave. i would rather them be somewhere enjoying life then crying over me  
    this will help you get out of history class  
    i dont have a cell phone so... Im already set  
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