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    god makes a pokemon then becomes one  
    im 12 & has kissed many times. + in a relationship  
    all babies are uglie as f***  
    against chuck norice you would die!! BAKA!!!  
    uh is he/she evil?  
    slave of my Yandere girlfriend  
    no point in fighting something you cant hit ha  
    if i lived in a haunted house it would be a nice ghost or i move instantly  
    time to be a pervert  
    never so  
    with my Yandere girlfriend  
    im not gay but will he be my friend or something can he give me money?  
    life would be so much easyer  
    what is heaven  
    dont mean i am a drug whore  
    i cant choose!!!!  
    already am im 1  
    i dont bleed. yay no bleeding to death & how you gana poison me b*tch  
    the Rooster  
    plus size tits  
    my job is youtube  
    i hjust wont do my homework  
    i get to punch her right?  
    must teach my little girl to be a Yandere  
    we all have double chins  
    i get to ba girl right?  
    can i be a girl  
    who said you were being nice. "rips off the barbies head"  
    what? i dont have one. thre some in my head  
    no electricity no internet be gana be dead before anyone even met me  
    im not gay  
    i would make comfort them when they cried  
    Fuk all the people i want life!!  
    i prefer Yanderes tho  
    who wants to be a bich plus our Danderes are cute.  
    i dont know the other one  
    let my Yandere girlfriend free. i dont care if she killed my entire class  
    what sleep next to my Yandere girlfriend woohoo  
    i dont care!!!  
    my spit is acid  
    i want to be a girl. not a boy. if im irl with my same boy mind life is perfect. Yandere mode activate hehehehe  
    f*** all ya i dont want to spend tones of money traveling the world. im staying with my Yandere.  
    who said it was near me or hunting me? +1
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