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    I dont want to know  
    no piggies shall die  
    say im not giving you more until you give the old ones back  
    a small one would be funny  
    I dont want my face stitched to somones ass and eat there sh*t but if I did pick that one i would pray i was at the front  
    More tech  
    Wolverine is immortal dummies he has regeneration and impenitrible steel coming out of his hands  
    plastic surgery is easyer to do at smaller places  
    freeze it and you need liquid more then solid  
    but I would love to beat the sh*t out of them  
    I would go over there and slap the b*tch out of them  
    Free heath care and already do  
    its light so easyer to quite?  
    it says better  
    sh*t wrong one best friend is a dude  
    Im not gay so just take the money and go  
    wrong one sh*t  
    you could still be friends but it would be nice to dig the arch enemies body up and draw penises on them  
    Jackaboy never let us down and also to know the truth  
    my dad goes easy  
    only if my teeth stay fine  
    cut it or dye it so it looks like your countrys flag  
    both but i get angery and also school makes you think without talking a lot because you raise your hand and you dont get picked  
    wrong one i dont wear jeans  
    it all adds up and it would give the kid a friend  
    my memory is now near 0%  
    i can just ignore them  
    dont have a car  
    im a boy and i dont have a girlffriend  
    dont have siblings  
    remember it has to be driven so if they cant touch the pedals they will have to go down there  
    the kid cant see the road and more time  
    if i can talk i can be a leader  
    turn it off  
    i just cant be pregnant im a boy  
    wrong f*cking one  
    im flying b*tches  
    0x2=0 i have no job just school so no school easy  
    my parents are split so whats going on here are they back together  
    i wouldent love him either im a boy  
    my tv screen is my computer screen so um yay  
    sh*t i could have got 50  
    with gloves (super resistant)  
    my grandma is awesome well one of them  
    learn to lip read  
    dont have any exept for the ones locked away ow wait  
    ima boy so just get money dump  
    i dont know  
    i could talk to them and make friends  
    it might get funney  
    what if i poo a bit  
    ive had one before  
    what if im in a cave then i dont have to waste money  
    i dont care i just picked what i am  
    i like snow  
    you dont have to it just means your tired  
    i dont care about anybody but a few and they arent friends  
    they will help me and i will be there master  
    my law is listen to me and always obey  
    only child  
    he's a canadian and so am i  
    i would wish for more wishes like then you could wish for immortality and ten more things and ten more and ten more...  
    i need to make a withdrawl of 100 billion dollars it should be there  
    everybody gets what they want  
    if everybody does (or just me and my pick)  
    to spend with people  
    you get lots of money  
    date so i know when to say goodbye  
    ima do it right now  
    money money money money, money is way better  
    i can enhance my life in ways money dosent  
    i will eat the problems  
    ima some future sh*t home  
    then you cant be there to see it  
    its just a name  
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