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??? 6 years ago  
?;jhgjm 6 years ago  
..... 6 years ago  
??? 6 years ago  
yeah well you kicked my heart in the as* so i guess we're even" 6 years ago  
"ou headbut my boyfriend so hard he burst" 6 years ago  
if shes a friend shell be glad to help me then if i dont get it 6 years ago +1
im jesus ill come back in 3 days and kill that person 6 years ago +3
id be doomsday and kill superman 6 years ago +3
whos the other guy? 6 years ago +1
city of sin vs city hmmmmmmm 6 years ago  
i picked wrong 6 years ago  
zombies 6 years ago  
skrillex is repetive and annoing with his stuff 6 years ago +2
idk what his is but lendermen has no face and i fear no faces 6 years ago +2
sparkling is like soda in a way it has that acidic feel still is like out of the danasi water 6 years ago  
i can sing one song good 6 years ago +3
it makes me sad to thinnk a god killed his kid for me 6 years ago +5
no just a s h it f u ck ton of money 6 years ago  
i hear more about him han i do the cat it gets old 6 years ago +1
think about how a human needs a social life or they go crazy this is proven 6 years ago +2
id control a psychokinetic person 6 years ago +2
money makes you popular later 6 years ago +5
assuming itsa his recent stuff i can tolerate him 6 years ago  
i could share a job make life so much easier 6 years ago  
the true crazy are brilent and smart ND CLEVER. 6 years ago  
its called puberty 6 years ago +3
im half moose 6 years ago +1
he's on tv 6 years ago  
pop tarts are boss 6 years ago +1
contolling the past is controlling the future. 6 years ago +2
project x was stupid and had no real point 6 years ago +2
both hold a masive inportance in each song. with out a beat rap is just poetry and with out a voice rock is called instrumental. i choose beat because dubstep and techno dont need a voice and im a heavy bass person myself 6 years ago +3
i voted wrongly 6 years ago  
suffer the wrath of my a s s !!!!!! 6 years ago +9
early to rise early to game 6 years ago  
goes smother with a smoke 6 years ago  
pepsi is for bosses 6 years ago +6
im an older sibling free labor 6 years ago  
id predict it and people will think oh man 6 years ago  
who res love no one 6 years ago +1
first to vote! 6 years ago  
corection 18 percent 6 years ago  
i have it's odd 6 years ago  
decent music 6 years ago  
punch consle azzholes te face hard MW3ftwMale 6 years ago  
i could finaly tell the truth when i say I'M GENIOUS!!!!!! 7 years ago  
pic wise rap personally SEXY TECHNO 7 years ago  
dont let the pics mislead older than fag muffin ive had the flow longer 7 years ago  
burger could still be isnt cow 7 years ago  
aw man sith lord or shadow master so hard to choose 7 years ago +1
socity falls apart with out goals 7 years ago +1
ill slam my head into the spikes 7 years ago  
i was a bigger whore at the age of 10 than now.....lolved giving out hugs and kisses thats the age where you all affectionite 7 years ago +2
id be so cinfused 7 years ago +4
keep running 7 years ago  
being killed by bruce lee is like being killed by chuck honor 7 years ago +3
the thing is i have to choose id kill 1000 people im not ready to lose my loved one 7 years ago +1
"id do 2 chicks at one time" -office space 7 years ago +1
in turn the spider man tat will be way more pain, time, money etc and not to mention when your old at least the star is cheaper and eaisly removed if need be 7 years ago +1
id punch my sibling in the face and drag him home cursing him the entire way home 7 years ago  
this iss a very easy but very sick question 7 years ago +1
dumbledore has one of the three hollows and can and will wipe snapes arse 7 years ago  
no its that only provided if you not lacking proper intellegence and slam stuff around in which case its both besides im pretty sure xbox burns out and gets the red ring alot faster 7 years ago  
asian counts as ethnic 7 years ago +4
i dont want diabeties 7 years ago +1
schools can now expell you because of facebook now 7 years ago  
ps 7 years ago  
cyber bulling accually is a crime and is considered bullying to some degree some cases of cyber bullying have driven people to suicide because the entire school would recive a link to a url and it be all about the person(s) and how they're this or do that usually giving a misleading picture so because azzpoles take that to the exteme its a very serious crime now 7 years ago +1
his stuff is repetitive. 7 years ago  
leather knee high boots n cats n boots n cats 7 years ago +1
it says fall in love with 7 years ago  
when a person is dead if their in heaven you damn them 7 years ago  
i date a red head ive never been so satisfied "bumpin uglies" 7 years ago  
console gaming today is quickly catching the pc, pc is also very limited on its selection so is console yes but i prefer a good in depth story line of really good graphics like mass effect series yes its on the pc i know BUT the good stuff in life always cost money unless you get them illeagaly and dont get caught 7 years ago  
i got the zombie combat manuel 7 years ago +3
super man got his arse handed to him fighting doomsday 7 years ago  
if your a real nerd about this you know that graphics are no longer pixels they're triangles and ps3 has about half a mill more triangles than x box and is in many ways better than xbox. this is just according to professional people who know all this 7 years ago +1
gather supplies then when babies are of age who has their small raiding party to kill people in wall mart and take over? you do 7 years ago  
both are aerious to your health 7 years ago +4
pretty content with myself 7 years ago  
id be adapted to it from birth i wouldnt have ti miss it or adapt later in life 7 years ago  
rather die early than live to see my mind shatter 7 years ago +1
that 75% could be fixed so u end up with the 25% 7 years ago  
at least the bush circulates the air 7 years ago +3
if i wake up in perfect health ill really live longer seeing as how 5 mill i can live alot longer 7 years ago  
divorce her....skyrim style 7 years ago +5
what phone is that? 7 years ago  
"king isigh" ruined pokemon for me forever 7 years ago  
its an uncertain future and im not sure i get a shoot so id either fall to my death,or i get a shoot and live to tell the tale 7 years ago +1
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