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Would you rather Be Percy Jackson or Be Harry Potter 7 months ago 47 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Go to Camp Half-Blood or Hogwarts 7 months ago 40 votes 2 comments 0 likes

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at night only if it's in a pool 1 year ago  
euthaizing means putting it to death humanely 1 year ago  
NO 1 year ago  
i would rather do xbox if it was xbox one but if the playstation was ps2 or something it would be xbox 1 year ago  
how it performs and how it's max speed is and etc etc etc 1 year ago  
doesn't mean that i will be poor 1 year ago  
i have bad dreams when i sleep on my back 1 year ago  
didn't you read the description before and btw it's not that easy to quit 1 year ago  
i already am the youngest sibling and i like it 1 year ago  
you still make new friends 1 year ago  
do you expect everyone to know that you are deaf 1 year ago  
not much work 1 year ago  
NO BOOKS NO FILMS 1 year ago  
wasn't it wallaby street 1 year ago  
depends what sickness and how bad or what virus on computer and how badit is 1 year ago  
i don't have 100$ i have it in € 1 year ago  
i clicked the wrong one. I would rather dress the way i used to when i was 10 bc im 12 1 year ago  
i already am a nobody living in an okay world. in a perfect world it would be even better 1 year ago  
i have A feeling that female doctors are better but i literally dont care 1 year ago  
at least it's every 5 years not your hole life 1 year ago  
not only birthday but also basically every nanosecond 1 year ago  
when someone says hell or prison 1 year ago +1
not less likely. not at all 1 year ago  
BTW not only Christians it's also non religious people 1 year ago  
DISAGREED 1 year ago  
AGREED 1 year ago  
Dude you can't just do that! It's rude people like it! It's not because you don't like religion that you have to make religion illegal! Don't try to make people not religious you stupid guest! 1 year ago  
it's the same with every second 1 year ago  
you could still become friends with them later or they could turn out to be nice and they could save your life 1 year ago  
actually 6 000 000 people died from all nationalities for being jewish 1 year ago  
my sister told me which i haden't thought of is : There would be much more zombies than humans as there are more dead people than living humans 1 year ago  
i don't even know who that is that zac guy 1 year ago  
stop the puns 1 year ago  
Idiots might not agree with you and start hating you like idiots. 1 year ago  
I think we know how a link url works andruc. Also, stop trying to make people do what you want everyone chooses what they who they want to be so stop trying to stop religion. Now a days people aren't forced to be religious and that was in the past and the past is over. If you hate religion we don't have to know why you hate and what you think about it. This is a fun would you rather question just for fun not to be serious and all. The word 'normal' you used i find a bit bad as there is no person who is "normal". I know you put it in speech marks but still a "normal" person is not a thing. What do you imagine a "normal" person to look like. If you start imagining what someone looks like it's kinda weird but I don't do that. Basically keep your stuff that people might think is offensive to yourself. 1 year ago  
IKKRRR! 1 year ago  
same 1 year ago  
everyone* not everything and it says wipe out all the bad people not bad thing that YOU consider is bad and the comment did not make me happy 1 year ago  
With more time you will have more money 1 year ago +1

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