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ITS SPHERICAL!!! 4 years ago  
i dont think the bat would be that affected rather get bitten by a snake 4 years ago  
i dont like kfc 5 years ago +2
game grumps is funny as hell 5 years ago  
mines a freezer on one side and fridge on another 5 years ago +1
both were good :) 5 years ago  
some bears can climb trees 5 years ago +3
fleas would get so annoying 5 years ago  
wheelchair 5 years ago +1
i barely go out to eat anyway 5 years ago  
do you feel lucky well do ya punk 5 years ago  
not into jumping people 1 on 1 5 years ago  
both good shows (: 5 years ago  
payday if you play by yourself the computers dont really do anything to help you 5 years ago  
i enjoyed the movie :) 5 years ago +1
dunkaroos are Delicious 5 years ago +2
I think it's Pretty good :) 5 years ago  
moley moley moley moley moley 5 years ago  
get very bad back cramps :( 5 years ago  
hard question love both 5 years ago  
sell the gold toilet prob worth more then crown 5 years ago  
one flew over the cuckoos nest was really good movie 5 years ago +1
world war z 5 years ago  
gta5 5 years ago  
johnny Depp 5 years ago  
jason! 5 years ago  
tough one lol 5 years ago +1
"you will go to sleep or i will put you to sleep" lol 5 years ago +3
playing mass effect 2 right now love the series 5 years ago  
i would live on the island with bear grylls :D 5 years ago  
France and Australia 5 years ago  
really good movie 5 years ago  
everyone loves a slinky slinky slinky go slinky go!!! ( ace ventura) ment to pick slinky :( 5 years ago +4
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