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    canada b*tches 7 years ago  
    im drinking gatorade right now but i chose vitamin water 7 years ago +1
    wow lindsay actualy looks good in that picture 7 years ago  
    i cant afford either of them 7 years ago +27
    i like my face but not my body 7 years ago  
    who watches hockey 7 years ago  
    watched them both 7 years ago  
    its less likely that they will divorce u within 2 years 7 years ago +1
    i hate cake 7 years ago +1
    i cant fight for my life... so... 7 years ago +1
    true 7 years ago  
    black people rule 7 years ago +361
    wow, seriously? 7 years ago  
    i would want someone to love just because im me 7 years ago  
    im a good dancer so..... 7 years ago +73
    cats have more freedom 7 years ago  
    id sell the car and just take the bus 7 years ago  
    love trumps friends 7 years ago  
    its not all about sex 7 years ago +2
    u could work together 7 years ago  
    id rather smell wet dog than sh*t 7 years ago  
    i love my phone 7 years ago +1
    thongs ride up and then u get wedgies 7 years ago +1
    books are so much better 7 years ago +2
    id die falling because id pass out from how terrifying it is and forget to open my parachute 7 years ago +380
    they both look slutty, and im a freaking girl 7 years ago +1
    u can save ur dignity 7 years ago  
    i wear glasses but id rather look hot and be blind than wear " cute glasses" 7 years ago +6
    this is hard, but id rather get my ass kicked by chuck norris 7 years ago  
    if u say something awkward or stupid u can always take it back 7 years ago +1
    it hurts to look good 7 years ago  
    im already in the usa 7 years ago  
    im young so..... skip 7 years ago  
    have u seen the movie soul surfer. id rather stick to land 7 years ago +326
    id rather be sure than 50% 7 years ago  
    wrong one, i can't even text. " too much money." 7 years ago  
    im not a lesbian.. so.... yeah 7 years ago  
    good point 7 years ago +1
    im smart and hot 7 years ago +440
    i hate it when people honk continuously it makes me want to purposely crash into their car 7 years ago +4
    i can't really swim well, but i have great balance 7 years ago +1
    why is angelena jolie in the picture 7 years ago  
    i already got money. $15 means im rich 7 years ago  
    girls rule 7 years ago +1
    i love the dentist 7 years ago  
    i hate mcdonalds, makez ppl fat 7 years ago +282
    green apples can go to hell. red apples yeah!!! 7 years ago  
    either way u look retarded 7 years ago  
    its not always bad gossip 7 years ago +884
    i dont want my body to be shared and eaten. thats messed up 7 years ago +2
    easy 7 years ago  
    i live in texas and it rains sometimes but snow is better 7 years ago  
    planes crash easier 7 years ago  
    brad is hot 7 years ago  
    damn it. wrong one 7 years ago  
    less pain 7 years ago  
    what kind of superpower are these? 7 years ago +1
    wat if the date was 3 days away 7 years ago  
    i wouldnt cut my hair 7 years ago  
    who would want to drink blood? 7 years ago  
    if you were being attacked that dog couldnt save u 7 years ago  
    less pain if u die instantly 7 years ago  
    this was easy... sucessful duh!! 7 years ago  
    wolves are cooler 7 years ago +1
    watching guys tackle the sh*t out of each other, count me in 7 years ago  
    less pain 7 years ago +1
    i've always liked pigs 7 years ago  
    justin bieber fanz r crazier 7 years ago +1
    i skipped 7 years ago +1
    stupid question 7 years ago +1
    dogs, cuz they take up les room 7 years ago +2
    i dont live near the wild 7 years ago  

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