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Nutella is life. Ifunny:machados13

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Would you rather ride a water coaster or a regular roller coaster 6 years ago 337 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather always... mouth the words you say. or scream every word you say. 6 years ago 264 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather wear the same thing everyday for the rest of your life in your least favorite color or eat only your least favorite meal everyday for the rest of your life for every meal 6 years ago 217 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather take a shower that is... way too hot or way too cold 6 years ago 318 votes 44 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have to change your gender or just have to dress like your opposite gender? 6 years ago 268 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date a girl with braces or crooked teeth 6 years ago 274 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a pervert as a principal? or have a teacher that yells at you and embarrasses you all the time. 6 years ago 168 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather online date forever or blind date forever 6 years ago 289 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather only have questions related to gay people? or only have questions related to bread 6 years ago 265 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live right next to the sewer or have niebors that are super annoying , mean and loud 6 years ago 221 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have... your natural skin color or a sun tan 6 years ago 224 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather never be aloud to see the outside. or always be outside 6 years ago 224 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather never be aloud to brush your hair/get it cut/wash it. or never be aloud to brush your teeth/use mouth wash/floss/use breath mint/use breath spray/go to the dentist. 6 years ago 221 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Would you rather never be able to get on rrrather ever again or have to answer every question ever made on the site 6 years ago 275 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go to.. private school or public school 6 years ago 285 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play just dance 4 or dance central 1 6 years ago 212 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather on christmas day.. get one present or no present at all 6 years ago 7,256 votes 106 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go... gay/lesbian or vegetarian 6 years ago 289 votes 8 comments 1 like
If your daughter got preganent at 13 Would you rather make her get an abortion or accept the fact your daughter is having a child 6 years ago 295 votes 30 comments 0 likes
Do you think those scary chain letter things are true? yes or no 6 years ago 545 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have your eggs...? scrambled or dippy 6 years ago 292 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Do you really think hurricane Sandy is going to happen? no or yes 6 years ago 280 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Who do think should ask someone out? the boy or the girl 6 years ago 270 votes 8 comments 0 likes
(GIRLS AND GAYS ONLY)Would you rather date a guy with... longer hair or shorter hair 6 years ago 173 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Do you think long distance relationships work...? no or yes 6 years ago 273 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you let your daughter wear a thong at the age of 12 or 13 ? yes or no 6 years ago 462 votes 54 comments 0 likes
Do you think its right for a man to hold his wife/girlfried's purse? yes or no 6 years ago 375 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather take a shower or bath 6 years ago 308 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be... short and pretty/handsome or ugly and tall? 6 years ago 16,377 votes 77 comments 0 likes
Do you think its right for a school not to allow us to wear clothes that show your shoulder? no or yes 6 years ago 335 votes 27 comments 1 like
Would you rather be an excellent dancer or fantastic rapper/ singer 6 years ago 331 votes 38 comments 0 likes

Cheyennes has posted the following comments:

Penis. 5 years ago  
And get robbed. 5 years ago +1
Okay, and you? 5 years ago  
They would be 12 feet tall but alright 5 years ago  
I feel like more people would get hurt with lightsabers though. 5 years ago +1
People would get hurt with lightsabers. 5 years ago  
Hey! (: 5 years ago +1
But it's so obvious who's better. 5 years ago  
Are you really asking this? 5 years ago +2
Cholos are Hispanic. 5 years ago  
So my fish will follow me everywhere. 5 years ago +4
Outside is scary. 5 years ago +2
Proper grammar is sexy. 5 years ago +1
I kinda do the second one now. 5 years ago  
Outside is frightening. 5 years ago  
Life is full of disappointment. 5 years ago  
Just stick a tampon up your vag and move on 5 years ago  
Either way I'm still technically at the top. 5 years ago +8
Yeah I must 6 years ago  
No I meant what I said 6 years ago  
Me 6 years ago  
It's fine 6 years ago  
I don't sleep around with guys in fact I probably might have a better future than you. Sure, I just work at gamestop but at least it's a job. And yes if your really continueing this argument with a 13 year old feel free but it will prove I'm more mature which I am. 6 years ago  
Even though I act more mature than you?? O.o 6 years ago  
That's cool! The feeling is mutual even though I never did anything to you 6 years ago  
Well that's nasty 6 years ago  
Yeah. Firreal 6 years ago  
It wouldn't make her a whore 6 years ago  
What's a morgue? 6 years ago +5
No but I know it's gonna end up hitting me at its strongest 6 years ago  
New York 6 years ago  
Oh wow. 6 years ago  
With a parents signature :p 6 years ago  
No Im saying that if he's only aloud to watch G movies that aren't good then that sucks. But if its nemo then it's ok 6 years ago  
What does it mean? 6 years ago +5
That sucks 6 years ago  
Do you always have to watch G movies? :) 6 years ago +1
Why is there an angel for B 6 years ago  
Of coarse you would make this question ;) 6 years ago +2
whats that mean? 6 years ago  
And?.. 6 years ago  
You obviously never seen my awesome stick figures! 6 years ago  
I play the acoustic and it's so boring! 6 years ago  
how is he a fag? (: 6 years ago +2
i was being sarcastic 6 years ago  
yeah sure you are 6 years ago  
i think hes dead 6 years ago  
your not even dr.seuss 6 years ago  
oh sorry do you want me to delete it? 6 years ago +1
i still dont get it. 6 years ago  
why is that funny? 6 years ago  
it was taught to us in middle school. and that thing that shocks your heart back to life 6 years ago  
I guess it's legal idk I'm working there so I guess it's legal 6 years ago  
I always wondered what was in that stuff... 6 years ago +4
Oh I thought you meant as in getting high 6 years ago +5
I just feel bad for your husband 6 years ago +1
I'm sorry but what's the problem with avacodos? 6 years ago +7
The second was already dead worms anyway 6 years ago  
What do you mean your not big on sex?! 6 years ago +1
Some tiny lizards are dinosaurs. But I will agree that Barney is pretty scary. 6 years ago  
Are you crazy?! Dem polar bears are cute but they will tear your guts out ! 6 years ago  
That sucks 6 years ago  
My first regular bf was at 5. When was your first kiss? 6 years ago  
This is an actual original question :) 6 years ago +8
Honestly no. My first REAL bf was at 8. And first kiss at 6 6 years ago +1
Saying someone is cute and sweet is pretty much how you describe a dog :/ 6 years ago +3
It taught me not to get drunk on the street cuz then you end up in a dumpster, also to GTL, be FTD, and most importantly: always carry a condom in your bra. etc. 6 years ago  
Reality tv shows teach you life lessons I feel. 6 years ago  
My old school's computers were like dinosaurs but the Internet was really fast. 6 years ago  
They both wearing tights so neither really 6 years ago +3
You've obviously thought this through... 6 years ago  
But then again if you live in the city you know how to deal with drug dealers, fist fights, pedofiles, etc 6 years ago  
CuZ I want to be short and tiny 6 years ago +1
I would kill myself if I had to be serious all the time... 6 years ago  
It's my dream 6 years ago +1
That's all in doing anyway at school right now in science 6 years ago  
Iwork at game stop and I'm the person who stacks and sorts the games. But since I'm only 13 they only pay me $3.50 an hour 6 years ago +1
It's okay I'm sure it's not a breeze either for you 6 years ago +1
Yeah MAJOR problems at home. Also I cook dinner for my mom cuz shes like the worst cooker ever of foods that I don't like and she's to impatient to wait for chicken to cook. But it's no biggy 6 years ago +1
Same 6 years ago  
Yeah okay... 6 years ago +2
Oh yes your life is so hard 6 years ago +3
I'm ok with it... 6 years ago  
I have an IPhone 4S and iPod 5 6 years ago  
I'm just sayin that if your gonna mess up your bed anyway then what's the point? 6 years ago +5
But he knew exactly what he was doing, and thats no excuse. and Idc if he had depression, that doesn't mean he has to ruin everybody else's life . 6 years ago  
Wait you sound like your backing this guy up??? 6 years ago  
Since I'm a girl idk but I've been kicked in the vajj and that hurts so probaly getting kicked in the balls is even worse. And stomach cramps aren't too terribly bad. 6 years ago  
I agree with you on that, but if people stare and she gets offended that was her choice to pull out her tits and she already knew people were gonna stare so its her fault that's she's offended. 6 years ago  
I'm sure GN would've got that, 6 years ago  
I didn't realize you made a joke 6 years ago  
Yeah that's what I thought 6 years ago  
And I'm guessing your some fat dude that sits on his couch all day?? 6 years ago  
Italians are smexy 6 years ago +1
I'm sorry i picked a game that requires exercise 6 years ago  
Why ew? 6 years ago  
Just Dance 6 years ago  
No kidding. :) 6 years ago  
Well then happy bday to you 6 years ago +1
That's what I said 6 years ago  
Read the authors comment 6 years ago  
Every penny counts! 6 years ago +1
Didn't see that coming... :) 6 years ago  
Shut up. 6 years ago +2
but yet you keep on telling me to stop 6 years ago  
your my new best friend :) 6 years ago  
why are you even telling me to stop replying? you keep on running your mouth to me :/ 6 years ago  
im not stubborn,i believe his answer 6 years ago  
no he replied 6 minutes before you. so stop yellin 6 years ago  
thanks :) 6 years ago  
thank the lord! 6 years ago +1
yeah i know that now cuz Alwind told me already 6 years ago  
oh, then i want to change my answer 6 years ago  
no, i won't stop replying cuz now,i don't even think you know how i'm jealous of people. cuz i sure dont 6 years ago  
yeah. could you freeze to death if it was way to cold? 6 years ago  
no. i mean i'm more mature than half the people on this site. and theyre twice my age. the only couple people that act like real people are Rocks,Aussie_Josh,gust from Illinois, skinnykid, Heyitsmehomie and a couple other people. But not you obviously 6 years ago +1
"Don't tell me what to do." really? thats the best you got? dude i can make you feel like the dumbest person in the world(which is probably not that hard to do). and you should know by now that this site isn't the best place for people like you. and you say that i get in fights with people older than me? well duh, theres not that many people younger than me .and you still didn't explain to me how i'm jealous of them 6 years ago  
i think i'm a 13 year old girl telling you to pick up your ball sack (if you have one) and man up. i don't think i'm superior, i think i have the right to back up the people who aren't crazy Christians like you. and i will say gtfo cuz i'm sure i'm not the only one who feels that way. and who the hell do i have to be jealous of on this site? 6 years ago +2
Yeah, cuz they cant 6 years ago  
Yeah cuz the talent they have is moving their mouths. They can't even play a damn intrument! 6 years ago +2
Why are always that damn sensitive ?? You can't get mad at people for making questions like this. If you have a problem then gtfo 6 years ago +2
Oh then Ide like to change my answer :/ 6 years ago  
What do you mean by kinky though ? 6 years ago +1
Which ones cheaper? 6 years ago  
what about that guy who is paralyzed?.. 6 years ago  
honestly,that kitten looks pretty pissed 6 years ago +6
i'm not even that fat. so thats mot even true 6 years ago  
well,kinda 6 years ago  
so? 6 years ago  
That would mean more studing for map tests 6 years ago +1
Bad teacher is pretty much my fav movie :) 6 years ago  
He did good on knocked up 6 years ago  
yeah ik 6 years ago  
Wow good comeback 6 years ago  
i'm just sayin 6 years ago  
yeah but for a women with a kid and all that, its kinda inappropriate 6 years ago  
tmi 6 years ago  
unless your a vegan. cuz then your not even aloud to eat eggs,or anything with milk in it. 6 years ago  
its ok :) 6 years ago  
and i really wouldn't consider him a person with balls 6 years ago +2
aww thanks :) 6 years ago  
i would die if i had to go to one of those all girl schools 6 years ago +3
she pretty much looks like that girl in option a 6 years ago  
not sure if she would let me lol.... 6 years ago  
yeah. 6 years ago  
no i mean as in he looks at you in "certain ways" and i don't just mean the girls 6 years ago  
that comment has been said to many times 6 years ago +4
i guess the other 6% are blind? 6 years ago +5
you gonna be on the naughty list... 6 years ago  
yeah...hopefully 6 years ago  
what up with all the bread questions? 6 years ago +4
it's supposed to be vinny and pauly dumbass 6 years ago +4
thats emo btw for the 2nd one 6 years ago  
life is to short to find matching socks 6 years ago +2
thats what i thought 6 years ago  
no the question was where WE come from. 6 years ago  
well do ya wanna know what really happened then? cuz sex is the answer still 6 years ago  
no. sex is where we came from. 6 years ago  
sex duh 6 years ago +1
shut up dude. 6 years ago  
is it you? :) 6 years ago  
aren't they also called donut holes? 6 years ago +2
ik but some people get offended easily around here 6 years ago  
you and anon are both annoying people... 6 years ago +3
good job with the pics btw 6 years ago  
thanks :) 6 years ago  
idk... why don't you ask em' 6 years ago  
omfg shut up cuz you know what i meant. finding loopholes ain't cool and thats why i don't do them anymore cuz its wrong and theres no point of the question. 6 years ago  
yeah but its still somebody doing it. and thats not aloud 6 years ago  
best buy is more expensive 6 years ago  
i am not doing this sh!t again... 6 years ago +7
thats still a computer stupid 6 years ago +2
13 why? 6 years ago  
but isn't giving yourself a high five just clapping? 6 years ago +4
whats with the second guy's hair? 6 years ago  
but i'm not a lesbian... 6 years ago +1
i'm happy being on the market :) 6 years ago  
eaiser to carry 6 years ago  
but wouldnt the next person answering be yourself? 6 years ago +4
they better be pretty good at making beat headphones then 6 years ago +6
I ain't got no money anyway... 6 years ago  
no it was in a bunch of websites that say shes pregnant :) 6 years ago  
well selena is prego now so...for the guys just thought ide let you know 6 years ago  
But there's milk in some candy 6 years ago +2
They cancelled that happening 6 years ago  
Yeah I know :) but isn't that still a litle bit shallow? 6 years ago  
Why does it matter? 6 years ago  
I wear lip gloss instead 6 years ago  
wth does that mean? :) 6 years ago  
now why would i date them in the first place if they were like that? 6 years ago  
me neither, but some guys gotta have their meat 6 years ago +2
please my pinky is more mature than you. 6 years ago  
yeah. 6 years ago  
i already kissed a 16 year old 6 years ago  
poe is confusing 6 years ago  
cuz most people probaly just did it for the fries 6 years ago  
Yeah I know what He looks like too. And he's cute. And when you say that you've fought bigger people than him were you talking about your husband? 6 years ago  
doubt it. no offence 6 years ago  
i think of my friends as my family 6 years ago +5
i love this question. 6 years ago  
since its just me and my mom we dont make a big feast 6 years ago +1
I have both of them combined into one :) 6 years ago +1
duh sex 6 years ago +2
good question! :) 6 years ago +1
thats why im not wearing a promise ring! 6 years ago +1
you can obviously tell which one you wanted to win :) 6 years ago +3
i have no idea what that means... 6 years ago +2
thats what i meant sorry :( 6 years ago  
you got a problem dont answer bro 6 years ago +2
For all I know that tree could die :p 6 years ago  
your telling me to gtfo when your the one posting stupid ass questions that dont have a point to even think about? 6 years ago  
I'm saying what's the point of singing if a person is deaf or dancing for a person who is blind anyway 6 years ago  
I'm sorry what was the point of this question? 6 years ago +7
How did you get that rare picture?! 6 years ago  
No then its sad & cute :( 6 years ago  
They canceled that... 6 years ago +2
i love guests 6 years ago  
boobs hurt in gym class. not fun... 6 years ago  
hes more than cute. hes sexy 6 years ago  
yeah i know.. 6 years ago  
how? 6 years ago  
It didn't matter to me. Its still gonna be the same f*cked up world. 6 years ago  
I do the first one anyway :) 6 years ago  
What did the ant ever do to me? :( 6 years ago +5
I think its called Tick Tak Toe... 6 years ago +2
thats been said about a billion times 6 years ago +2
Well since its not Slenderman I'm not worried about it. :) 6 years ago +1
i don't feel like drowning 6 years ago +3
oh i forgot (sarcasm) 6 years ago  
Hey that's the kind of pistol my mom carries with her! :) 6 years ago  
i twisted my wrist when i roller skated,. so i'll take my chances with the ice 6 years ago +1
no. 6 years ago  
and you feel politics are way more important?! 6 years ago  
all you have to do is watch 1 episode of jersey shore 6 years ago  
well i am 6 years ago  
Yes except I'm not orange 6 years ago  
You seriously should be b*tch 6 years ago  
You bet your ass it does. 6 years ago  
And that's not even what a guidette/guido looks like stupid 6 years ago  
girls are guidettes and guys are guidos. GET YOUR DANG FACTS STRAIGHT 6 years ago  
Please b!tch I be known about all of this sh!t since elementary school 6 years ago  
whaT are you a weatherman? and if you are half the time they are wrong too. 6 years ago +1
Isn't stale bread pretty much toast? 6 years ago  
Yeah it is. 6 years ago  
Yeah and how was your life working out when you were at home on Friday and Saturday nights while everyone else was either at a party or a footbal game?! While you were sitting on your ass studing. I mean for real. THATS WHAT MONDAYS ARE FOR 6 years ago  
Dude we had "clicks" as you say in elementary school. And no I'm saying that society doesn't care what you look like inside they care f your cool or not 6 years ago  
and you act like middle school doesnt have drama and popular people either?! I'm one of those kids that sit with the populars. And I'm not saying I like being one,but if your not you get talked sh!t on. 6 years ago  
Oh stfu 6 years ago  
well thats just how my school works 6 years ago  
why? 6 years ago  
what? 6 years ago  
thats what i did. i hate it but thats how society works :) 6 years ago  
i'm getting tired of these questions... 6 years ago +5
yeah i guess :) 6 years ago  
like your age?... 6 years ago  
no twilight is about just as bad 6 years ago  
i already read the first sucked balls 6 years ago +2
Ok then 6 years ago  
Just cuz u wear thongs don't make you a slut. And she told me that she could get more dicks than me 6 years ago  
well i am. so what now 6 years ago  
What do you mean by that? 6 years ago  
no 6 years ago  
tmi 6 years ago  
well your not the one wearing it so its not your problem 6 years ago  
not really 6 years ago  
i could of sworn you were EMOgirl 6 years ago  
your my new best friend :} 6 years ago  
I picked the first one cuz there's already a slice taken out of the second 6 years ago +13
Well believe it or not taylor swift does wear like ten pounds of makeup on her face too. 6 years ago  
so? have you never heard of the band KISS ?????? 6 years ago  
since taylor swift came along 6 years ago  
its better than nothing 6 years ago  
thankyou 6 years ago +2
A man is no man if He beats up a girl 6 years ago +2
yeah i would do it cuz thats probaly the price of the fine ide have to pay for doing it 6 years ago +1
get naked and run around is the answer to your questiion 6 years ago  
I don't but some people take baths for enjoyment. And if I had a bath tub like the one up there I would be taking baths instead of showers. :) 6 years ago  
Hardest question ever! 6 years ago  
your older than me and i dont even know what that is 6 years ago  
well dude i wasnt even born till the late 90's 6 years ago  
i wasnt trying to be sexy with the duck face anyhow. and im sorry your some 40 year old dude who only listens to old classical music 6 years ago +1
Cuz she's short and pretty 6 years ago +4
No I'm really not the only one. Cuz every one of my friends and people who I'm not friends with thinks she's awesome. And if I'm the only one how comes she was voted female artist at the mtv music award and last year she got the award for female rapper. Still think I'm the only one? 6 years ago +1
No I was just saying my opinion as well 6 years ago +1
Well that's your opinion. But nicki is amazing 6 years ago +1
Dell 6 years ago  
yeah i got a pc 6 years ago  
thanks your real sweet 6 years ago  
whats that mean? 6 years ago  
i only know 2 from the list you are talking about. and who cares its just an example 6 years ago +1
thankyou :) 6 years ago  
I love you 6 years ago  
Nicki minaj is amazing. That's your opinion though bro 6 years ago +2
No duh he's a rapper. The question was for rap or just regular singing. That's why I put nicki minaj I couldn't think of a rapper that also sang at the top of my head. 6 years ago  
Cuz there's too many pics of eminem on here? 6 years ago  
Who cares about that 6 years ago +4
? 6 years ago +1
No I ate small ammounts of each 6 years ago  
Even a dead president is better than the live one we got now 6 years ago +3
I just had both so honestly,niether 6 years ago +1
Those right ones are pretty boring no offence 6 years ago  
Ide rather just wear booty shorts 6 years ago +2
Impress people or kill every fish in the world 6 years ago +6
I love dancin in front of the guys =) 6 years ago  
I am the victum your like an old person picking on a thirteen year old. And you actually sound intiminated by me. SO WHAT NOW?! 6 years ago  
Ok 6 years ago  
Idk it didn't make any sense 6 years ago  
Me niether... 6 years ago  
Bro I don't even know what a bus monitor is 6 years ago +5
Good one 6 years ago  
Its cool 6 years ago  
Me and that b*tch already had a ewar 6 years ago +3
I cry tears of joy :,) 6 years ago +4
All He said was that I'm cute :) 6 years ago  
I love italiAns 6 years ago  
Oh thanks :l 6 years ago  
You do know that saying I have a lame comeback is a lame comeback right? 6 years ago  
I can't my browzer won't let me. And your right you are Crazy. And do you honestly think I don't know the pic I have now isn't the best? I want to change it but it won't let me. nd îm kinda suprised that when you took that picture of yourself the camera didn't crack. 6 years ago  
U 6 years ago  
No offence but shouldn't you be at an age whete you would have a diffrent profile pic than that 6 years ago  
Bring on the guidos !! 6 years ago +2
My browser won't allow it 6 years ago  
How does my face even have to do with the question? 6 years ago +9
Well pads are weird ,sorry but um it's true 6 years ago +2
So? 6 years ago  
Yet your the one who says your the smart and beutiful person,but I think the thing you need to work on is being nice to people . I never said I was gonna give up on this convo but its getting old. And sorry that I'm not the nurse,I'm just the little kid your picking on. And when I wake up tomorrow morning I'll still be that little kid...yesterday was the past,tonights the the present, and tomorrows the future. 7 years ago  
Um it doesnt? 7 years ago  
Yeah I didn't know you were black? 7 years ago  
Oh ok.. 7 years ago  
She's 8 7 years ago  
No question its definitly maddie 7 years ago  
I think they think since they have an account it makes them feel supirior to everyone else...just sayin 7 years ago +3
Lol what's your job workin at mc donalds 7 years ago  
ROCKs, MoNoXide, and the skinnykid 7 years ago +1
Listen you nappy headed hoe I ain't taking sh*t fron nobody. You better wash your hair have you seen yourself in the mirror lately ? Obviously not the mirror probaly cracked. Oh and your the married one but you act like the seventh grader. OH And if your married you'd probaly spend your time more wisely than picking on lil kids. 7 years ago  
Your husband must be blind. And its not called be a slut when everyone WANTS to fuc* you 7 years ago  
I may be young but my vagina will get more dicks in it than yours will in a lifetime. Ide fu*k your bf and make you like it okay beotch. P.s saying I have terrible comebacks, is a terrible comcack! 7 years ago  
My vagina is more capable than you. 7 years ago  
Music is art ya know.... 7 years ago  
Good question 7 years ago +4
Its not rape if you like it ... 7 years ago +4
Yep 7 years ago  
I'm clearly not color b,ind . You should really pull that tree out of your ass. I'm clearly more mature cuz I'm not an old fag bag telling little girls like TO KILL MYSELF . And you call me a hater?! The world would be a better place without haters like you. You got issues. And I am aloud to wear makeup b*tch 7 years ago  
I'm kinda suprised this isn't mlukes question. 7 years ago +3
Middle school! =) 7 years ago +2
I have a teacher who's color blind and can only see black and white. His wife picks out his clothes for him. He looks like george lopez! 7 years ago +2
Who are you to judge,your an ugly ass red head with enough red lipstick to put on a clown! Do you work for the circus.?! And btw that pic of me is a year ago. I'm fu*king sexy 7 years ago  
Ik 7 years ago  
I love jersey shore =) 7 years ago +1
Yeah and its fu*king annoying... 7 years ago +1
So do I and I'll slap you with my double c's ok b*tch 7 years ago  
The most scariest words in a movie D: 7 years ago +6
Why are you talking to yourself? :p 7 years ago  
So should you. 7 years ago  
I love how all the girls said never,but half the guys said yes :( 7 years ago  
"Study" 7 years ago  
So either way it probaly has bigger cup size than you :p 7 years ago +29
good question. Pretty bad results :( 7 years ago +3
No. 7 years ago +8
Idk.. 7 years ago  
The first one used to be my favorite game in the world! 7 years ago  
Not where I live.. 7 years ago  
Grose niether 7 years ago +1
A pound of meat cost way more then a can of vegetables. Duh 7 years ago  
haha yep :) 7 years ago  
I love boxing! =D 7 years ago  
Since beyonce is still alive!... 7 years ago +5
Two of my fave colors -----> 7 years ago  
I love them both =) 7 years ago  
Well your eyes are wrong 7 years ago  
Cuz I don't want to be a conceeded jackass (: 7 years ago  
I still chose rocks 7 years ago +2
I just don't want to go there that's all 7 years ago  
No it chose for me 7 years ago +1
Niether 7 years ago +1
I'm actually a pretty smart kid so my moms proud of me for that :) 7 years ago  
I'm not having sex so I'm technically not a slut though. And my moms not a failure. To me a failure parent is locking your kid in a closet and not feeding them. Okay? 7 years ago  
I think I'm like the only one who agrees with you 7 years ago +1
My moms not an idiot . 7 years ago  
Its called a fist pound :p 7 years ago +2
I wear slut clothes but I ain't having my kid folow in my footsteps for that! 7 years ago  
Its not really healthy to drink from the hose 7 years ago  
If he's a great bf He won't kill me. And you chose the second one too 7 years ago +1
I love bad boys :) 7 years ago  
And by mr.sunshine do you mean shady? 7 years ago  
Bring on the guidos!!! 7 years ago  
Let me guess your "girlfriend" ditched you 7 years ago +2
Stop being a jackass they have just as much of right on here as you. And I'm sure you were also a guest at some point of time 7 years ago +1
Twilight! 7 years ago +1
Yeah you can akready see the second one 7 years ago +1
If its a manly sword why should He have it if he's not manly and a liar 7 years ago  
Then why did you choose it? 7 years ago +5
Either way someones always shooting at somebody else 7 years ago +4
Gummy worms! 7 years ago +1
I didn't even look at all the ones I saw times zero so I clicked zero 7 years ago +1
Thay wore lepord skin 7 years ago  
I already have street smarts 7 years ago  
We all know that your reegis too. Ok and its getting anoying. I'm not tryin to be mean but its the truth 7 years ago  
Hey reeg how comes it don't say what you are? 7 years ago +1
Did you delete all the giberish question? 7 years ago  
Obviously. You can call me whatever you want but were not all kids on here. So before you start sayin shit get your damn facts straight! 7 years ago  
I would but for some reason when I post a question or try do change my picture it take like two hours for it to load :( 7 years ago  
I bought a seriously hot pair of converses a couple days ago 7 years ago  
Homeless doesn't mean ugly or grose 7 years ago +4
I just want to see ryan shirtless :) 7 years ago  
Well if your calling us kids you must be a fat assed old dude that watches porn all day 7 years ago +1
Of course you would say that, I mean, you are the the horny woman who asked us what kind of sex we like. And you even told us the kind u do! 7 years ago  
Okay you win :-) 7 years ago  
Paads feel like you have a diaper on you ass. GO TAMPS 7 years ago +2
There is no meaning to them. And if there is, please explain 7 years ago  
Probaly way younger than you 7 years ago  
Nobody ever does anything anyway 7 years ago  
True 7 years ago  
But if your dead you won't be able to see it anyway 7 years ago  
Cuz some times I click the wrong one 7 years ago +4
Well that was mean. 7 years ago  
Your gay 7 years ago +2
And you answered anyway so you obviously want to :-) 7 years ago +1
I know a jacob 7 years ago  
Lol ok :) 7 years ago  
As long as your happy watchin them then ok I guess 7 years ago  
People call me names all the time on here and idgaf 7 years ago +2
As long as I could still wear bronzer... 7 years ago +1
Ide be scared to watch it tahts all 7 years ago  
I'm probaly younger than you and I think they're childish 7 years ago  
Why would you want to see batman at a time like this?! 7 years ago +2
Im not tryin to sound like a jerk but how old r u putting questions like this up? 7 years ago  
Nerf gun! 7 years ago +5
That wouldn't be a fair fight for him cuz ide beat him like a cheap drum. (: 7 years ago  
At the gym I'm good at boxing, wrestling not my syle 7 years ago +1
I must be pretty damn ignorant then 7 years ago  
At first I didn't look at the second one to much so I thought it was twitter 7 years ago +7
There's something like that but its called pms :-) 7 years ago +2
Yeah I don't mean to be a b*tchj but i kinda agree 7 years ago +1
Yeah 7 years ago  
You know that how-.....? 7 years ago  
Obvously eminem 7 years ago  
Where do you think that water comes from?! 7 years ago +1
Cuz a guy in miami was on bath salts and ate a guys face off 7 years ago  
That's been happining to me too and I use my tablet 7 years ago  
Hey I just met you and I'm going crazy, but I'm on bath salts your face looks tasty 7 years ago +2
Is this a diffrent pic of you? 7 years ago  
Either way someone would want to kill me 7 years ago  
You can spray yourself with bronzer its kind of hard to get whiter unless you buy like a bucket of paint a day 7 years ago +2
Wow what a surprise MoNoXide put this up... 7 years ago  
I live in PA but not the philly part. I want to live in pittsburg 7 years ago  
Since I'm pretty much a kid still 7 years ago +1
Yep cuz we really wanted to know what kind of sex you do.... 7 years ago +4
I hate questions tha say "would you rather die..." why would you even want to die in the first place 7 years ago +8
It was a dare 7 years ago  
How many times has this question been asked?! 7 years ago +15
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