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MustaKrakish 1 year ago  
Don’t have a job 1 year ago +1
I picked the squishy guy cuz he’s...... squishy 1 year ago  
How long have you been here? A day? 1 year ago  
It’s called the freaking AUTHORS NOTE 1 year ago  
Same thoooo. Like with adults I’m totally normal and with my friends I go insane! 1 year ago  
Dude on the titanic most people died because of the cold...... 1 year ago  
I was about to ask what school you go to in case we go to the same school, but then I realized you live in West Virginia. 1 year ago  
Same! 1 year ago  
Yeah, well, have you seen the news lately?! 1 year ago +2
That is so rude, and not even true. I’m a blonde and my friends call me a genius child and think I will go to Harvard. 1 year ago  
Are you saying girls couldn’t? 1 year ago  
No actually it’s different, they switched them to trick you 1 year ago +5
They could be come ur friends! 1 year ago  
I don’t watch soccer(football) but the Croatia uniform is so ugly 1 year ago  
It’s called reproductive health which we all have to take in 5th grade. 1 year ago  
Btw MustaKrakish, Locks of Love is a fake. They don’t give wigs to people in need, they sell them. Just wanted to let you know so you can donate to better companies. I have nothing against what you said. 1 year ago +1
Oh trust me I’m in middle school and b is totally normal. 1 year ago  
Be better than being American right now 1 year ago  
I hate it when ppl say I haven’t read the books but I’ve seen the movies. It isn’t the same! 1 year ago +1
Oh ok 1 year ago  
For everyone who’s saying neither helps, it helps the not feel alone if they are bald. 1 year ago  
You literally explained who he is so if ppl read the title,they wouldn’t ask who. 1 year ago +1
Wait..... I can pronounce both..... 1 year ago  
Sorry I read it wrong. I thought it said b is more annoying. 1 year ago +1
Avengers 1 year ago  
You chose b.... 1 year ago  
Thanks for saying I think because some pl disagree with that 1 year ago  
If it was my BEST friend, yes. ❤️ 1 year ago  
Wait then why did you vote......? 1 year ago +1
Shooting stars are more rare. And was I right about the lucky rainbow thing? 1 year ago  
I just like his name...... 1 year ago  
29% of people, what did gay/lesbian people ever do to you? 1 year ago +1
I am a kid...... 1 year ago  
Guys it's not racist. Blacks were treated horribly in the 1800s and women are treated horribly in Afghanistan now. It's just asking which you would rather live with. Seriously people I know this and I'm only 11. 1 year ago +1
I'm only 11 and I don't have that much stuff so I would gladly give up half of it 1 year ago  
I'm a girl but I have really small boobs so whatever 1 year ago  
God already is real...... 1 year ago +2
Scuba tank BAM, 1 year ago  
M family will love me no matter what. 1 year ago  
Literally no 1 year ago  
I don't want to rewatch my nightmares 1 year ago +1
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