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    Oh God I can't even...  
    My family in the 18th century would probably be 12 times smarter. Kids are just getting stupider these days.  
    This question is gender-biased.  
    I love garbeg. +249
    I f**king love going to the dentist's. +3
    Probably not.  
    Really, who cares?  
    LOL TF's Viddy?!?!?  
    Good for him!  
    There is just no competition I agree with Cali!  
    You can't hear music, have decent conversations with loved ones, or hear a vehicle/animal coming. Sure you could see it but that's in only one direction.  
    A giant snake you have no chance. You could be able to dodge the bear, maybe scoop out it's eyes and stab it.  
    As much as I'd like to fly, reading minds can be very useful.  
    I'm assuming you can't jump off... However, I could urinate freely and also drink the solidified water that is probably on my apparel.  
    Snow is awesome!  
    They probably give the best head with those bristles.  
    People eat fried crickets all the time!  
    Then I could jack off without them being there duh!!  
    I would put my lips on it and be done I am not drinking*t!  
    No, idiot.  
    Trick question what kind of blue waffle?  
    I would love to get head that would be awesome I love getting head! Why give when you can get it's not like your mouth has orgasms.  
    I would rather get my nails ripped off then f**king get scalped!!!  
    It's just hair. Vomit is nasty!  
    No harm come to my gens ever!!!  
    Is it human crap/dog crap then no..  
    I feel bad for hens they always get raped I have chickens they really don't enjoy it they just would they just would want to just rather eat sh*t all day.  
    Get a blow job yo!  
    This mean I can fnck b*tches while fingering myself which you know I really think that women have better orgasms for some reason..  
    Hot hot hot!  
    That looks awesome!  
    Hey I at least still have a dick!  
    That would be fun I would do it all the time!  
    I don't......  
    They're all dead..........  
    Society means nothing society is stupid!  
    I believe in the one true lord!  
    I would end businesses that use sweatshops!  
    I already have photographic memory so...  
    I'd rather think things through than be stupid. Besides, there is nobody around I can communicate with, so I may as well just sit and think.  
    Who cares?  
    Dumb question, really.  
    Blue probably don't know how much cars cost.  
    Hey, at least I will be eating and working, while welfare mongers buy my sh*t from Walmart.  
    Just buy hookers!  
    If you ride a mermaid you drown, and you can make love to both of them.  
    I can Skype them, without having them breathe down my neck.  
    It would make me seem even wiser.  
    I guess if I have to be gay...  
    Humans are scum, animals are innocent.  
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