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    for second choice doesnt that put you at risk for being murdered? or accidentally killed  
    pause time so i can sleep  
    the funeral would be more fun  
    do you understand how large a walrus's penis is? +2
    at least i can f.uck the 15 year old daughter  
    eggs existed before chickens  
    god doesnt exist fag  
    that doesn't make him right  
    how can God be real if there's nothing to create God?  
    no you dont  
    the fact that you'd be ruling would be a problem +1
    successes are more inspiring than failures  
    i won't have grandchildren in the future ;)  
    a lot of things look like a penis to you.  
    mountain climbing takes more skill #swag  
    oh of course, you're from denmark xD +2
    i'd rather be able to see when i cross the street. +1
    obviously, it's not like they tried to hide it  
    no, but 90% of statistics are fake  
    starwars is overrated the acting is bad  
    they both look the same  
    that's pretty intelligent, go for it.  
    no, brad is a personality edward subconsciously created  
    I'd rather actually exist.  
    it didn't say awesome movie :P  
    they actually do state it.  
    mermaids have human intelligence, right? that would be quite threatening to us.  
    no, because you'd know how to make yourself happy.  
    you don't have to shovel rain.  
    both of those statements are inaccurate.  
    italy has rome, france lost every war  
    not all animals are capable of language  
    it's true  
    man because i already know how to be one +1
    hell doesn't exist  
    42% of people are idiots +1
    24% of people don't want people to be happy  
    you could just wish for diamonds and gold and sell it  
    money is power.  
    i could climb my way out of the ski lift.  
    47% of people are retarded  
    why would you like JB in any situation  
    holocaust was worse  
    haha, i don't have a best friend! +2
    i wouldnt want to live forever regardless of love +314
    i cant on an empty stomach  
    true love is for emotionally dependent people  
    grandparents are dead, easy  
    girls have hair fag  
    walruses have the second largest penises in the world, so i'll go for the chicken.  
    then you'll be eaten out.  
    how big are these giant scorpions?  
    are you retarded  
    sperm is probably healthier.  
    what if they're both dead?  
    marriage is stupid and unnecessary  
    90% of the people here knocking the big bang theory don't even know what the actual theory states. sight-seeing. let's do things. +1
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