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Would you rather... be IN Fight Club? or be the person who wrote Fight Club? 8 years ago 8,580 votes 29 comments 0 likes

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the person having a soul maybe.... 8 years ago  
YAY homeowners! 8 years ago +3
no contest. 8 years ago  
If my car dents from my punch, then I don't know if I really want it anymore... 8 years ago +3
i clicked the wrong thing. i don't wanna kill the baby. :( 8 years ago  
50/50 interesting. 8 years ago  
vinyl ftw. 8 years ago  
might as well eat while you're at it* 8 years ago  
might as well eat while you 8 years ago  
well if bob barker was still on there.... SMH 8 years ago  
lul. poor hippies. 8 years ago  
gotta have something to eat 8 years ago  
lul to the rubber gloves comment... :P 8 years ago  

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