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Masochism. .♥ 4 years ago +6
Money is the product of a system that values abstract rewards over self-happiness and other human beings. You say that love is not 'real' because certain mechanisms of its properties can be described. As if someone detracts from the beauty of it. What would make love any more "real" if it were not to product of "chemical reactions" which I'm certain that half of you don't even understand. Love is ever more real because it IS physical. The neuronal growth as someone weaves their existence into your mind, the chemicals that are excreted, ,to me they're magic. When someone loves you, they will lay down their very life for you, submitting themselves to the eternal void. How the hell does cotton fibre amount to meaning more than that? I will forever love my Alexis, and this comment section is the epitome of sadness. 4 years ago  
This question makes absolutely no sense, mostly because it springs from brain-dead sexism. Gaming is a huge part of my life, and I'm pretty good at it. My girlfriend is even better~ 4 years ago  
Because after all these years, if that bastard tried to touch me again, I'd finally be able to kill him ^^ 4 years ago  
Misclicked. My friends are my family~ 4 years ago  
My Alexis would take brutal revenge for me 4 years ago  
If my ex were anyone but who she is v.v; 4 years ago  
Whoosh~ 4 years ago  
I really seem to be in the minority on these types of questions. -splat- Mmm, that felt good. 4 years ago  
Well. .I'm gay, so. 4 years ago +113
I chose the first option, because I wouldn't want to live without my Alexis. .but then I realized, that as a deity I could immortalize her as well 4 years ago  
Chrono Trigger. 4 years ago +1
When my girlfriend first told me that she loves me 4 years ago  
Woof. 4 years ago  
Chrissy likes older women 4 years ago  
I can't believe more than half of you actually voted for rape v.v I would be disgusted, furious and heartbroken if my partner cheated on me. .but I'd never subject her to the torture of rape. 4 years ago  
Well. .I'm gay, so option A would already be my reality~ 4 years ago  
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