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    Never had sex so who cares  
    I'll save all my siblings except for my brother  
    Kind of can live without love  
    I have 3 siblings but one I hate the most.  
    Money can't solve a thing  
    I've already slept with my best friend but not so close  
    Same I'm so lonely  
    I have two sisters and I'm already a girl.  
    I love my dad so much more than my mother  
    Rather be happy  
    He was hot I would still love him or get divorced  
    Then my crush likes me +1
    I'm not that pretty and I'm still loved  
    Then I'll like some one else cause if he hates why would I bother liking him  
    When I sing, the music is louder than my voice so I'd be pretty quit  
    Speed cause I can win every race  
    I don't want heart broken  
    I'd fall in a pool of pillows with candy at the bottom of the pillows  
    True love is all that matters  
    Im a girl  
    Lol same  
    Poor and loved  
    Same I'm to afraid to get rejected but I also have this guy who likes me though  
    My bf will have to buy me everything and I don't waste a Pennie  
    Rather my best friend than enemy  
    Island ovi  
    I'd marry my crush +1
    I have a guy I like and doesn't even know I exist  
    But isn't your lover your friend to  
    Money money money  
    I love snow  
    Fame you are weathy  
    I would love to be poor but still loved than not to be  
    I want to be happy not misrible  
    I pick neither of them  
    Um I'm a girl what do I choose  
    Bedroom please  
    Happiness is better  
    Love that meme  
    I have never seen Star trek but I hate starwars so yeah +1
    There are so many crashed cars so why not stop that  
    Pigs are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    Pour jews  
    I can not live with only one hour of the internet  
    I'd have a piercing cause I could always take it off  
    It's all about that money  
    I'd have stack's of cash  
    But if you read people's minds you can always know what they are thinking  
    I want true love more than money because money doesn't make you happy  
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