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    Could be a cold  
    Super Hard  
    Let me take a SELFIE  
    I'm a guy and Leo can act NOW so  
    Nostalgia rush and more variety  
    never read the books  
    Accidentally picked the wrong one  
    idk they look the same to me  
    Never seen Prison Break, but sad 24 lost  
    Shoulda read the authors comment people  
    7% of people have a fat guy with bad breath fetish. I dont judge  
    i like to see the glass 90% full  
    I like cheese more than milk  
    monkeys are ugly and throw poop  
    Bye faith in humanity  
    I'm a guy but 10 hours is more off your life  
    17% of people have never seen another movie in their lives  
    Smart, Strong, Hot vs. Dumb, Weak, Ugly  
    never look bad tho  
    monkeys are fugly  
    Dreams=Best Porn Ever +1
    just wouldnt drop the soap  
    i would use invisibility for perverted stuff and if you could teleport then why bother flying?  
    dont drink coffee son  
    you could still hear  
    was afraid YOLO would be way higher  
    baby wouldn't struggle so itd be easier. but again Jesus +1
    Give some of the billion to African families duh  
    suits=more badass  
    im pretty smart. being the hottest person would just get me babes  
    a celebrity is my crush  
    having money gets you time  
    If there were no problems then nobody would rule and im ok with that  
    It doesn't matter if nobody shows up to your wedding as long as you're in love, but having nobody come to your funeral means nobody cared about you or your life.  
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