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    I'm proudly a Christian. 8 months ago +2
    You can continue to expand your knowledge base until you become an expert. 8 months ago  
    They'll grow out of it more than likely with the proper discipline. Self-entitled individuals of any age (especially) teenagers is just plain cringe-worthy. 8 months ago  
    Really both... but I'm just girly girl so I'd love shopping for a little girl. 8 months ago  
    Really depends upon my mood,though. 8 months ago  
    I'm not an elitist snob, but sit down and order for sure. It's more relaxing, more sanitary, and more healthy in terms of portion control. And of course, isn't one of the central points of eating out in the first place to not have to wait on yourself? 8 months ago  
    I enjoy simple pleasure and am and ELA teacher. For reluctant readers, though, I think audiobooks are awesome because at least people garner exposure to a voracious and varied world. 8 months ago  
    A combination of the two create a perfect marriage. The songs that are among my favorites boast both. Still, if I have to choose, I pick lyrics; the beat can always be changed. 8 months ago  
    Taiwan ascribes to democracy and is industrialized, so it's no contest. 8 months ago  
    This is an absolutely breathtaking landscape! 8 months ago  
    I've never watched either, but I like period pieces. 8 months ago  
    The average person will probably change vehicles every five to seven years. Thirst is a basic human need and if you can sip on something you enjoy every once in a while too that's not such a bad deal. 8 months ago  
    Skills help you develop and nurture talent. 8 months ago  
    You learn something, gain knowledge, develop positive habits, plus get a reward... This is a no-brainer. 8 months ago  
    I can't go without bathing. That's just gross. 8 months ago  
    I meant to choose rock/metal but my hand slipped. 8 months ago  
    That would have been amazing to work with a genius like Walt! 8 months ago  
    Not for me to say. 8 months ago  
    I'm no beauty, but it is pointless to deny there has to be a spark to create the intention of a relationship. Could a relationship occur without this? Of course, but I have to be honest... must feel an attraction. Though, I do ascribe to the belief that beauty is in the eye of a beholder. What I may find attractive, may not be someone else's cup of tea. Ultimately, I would like to get to know someone on a deeper level and past the surface which is in actuality what will probably transpire. When love happens it just happens... who really knows... 8 months ago  
    Who wants to be alone without a support system. Money can't buy true happiness. 8 months ago  
    Sometimes I have no choice, but believe me when I do... I'll hold it. 8 months ago +1
    This talent and skill would increase my earning potential, and I would possess a skill set. No contest for me. 8 months ago  
    The architecture, art, food, literature, and culture are so fascinating to me. 8 months ago  
    Let's all be honest on that one. 8 months ago  
    While I'm not really a cold weather person... don't absolutely hate it exactly... it seems more cozy to be in more homey surroundings. Hotels are so impersonal. 8 months ago  
    Not a huge fan of beef... 8 months ago  
    I'm a cinema lover especially classic film and romantic comedies... no contest for me. 8 months ago  
    Our furry paw pals... don't hate hamsters... still, they belong to the rodent family... so no... 8 months ago  
    Croatia is gorgeous! I'd love to visit someday... 8 months ago  
    I'll second: God is not fake! 8 months ago  
    I love both and my sister works for Wal- Mart; alas, however, I have to choose target. Their quality is just a cut above. 8 months ago  
    I'm not a sports aficionado. 8 months ago  
    You should never settle. Life is too short. 8 months ago  
    While extreme heat often makes me feel irritable, I could always try to locate a breeze, find ac, get a cool drink. The cold causes my joints to be stiff and shivering is exhausting. 8 months ago  
    Both are pretty, but you don't have to clean up needles with fake ones. 8 months ago  
    Some of these don't possess a desirable choice so I'm simply choosing one for completion. I don't agree with either. Just playing this for fun... 8 months ago  
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