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Would you rather live with your friend or barely see your friend 7 years ago 3,373 votes 16 comments 0 likes

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plastic surgery 7 years ago  
you could always fill the pool with hot water 7 years ago +4
i am on the committee team for relay for life, its my job to raise money for a cure for cancer 7 years ago +1
whats oovoo 7 years ago +2
that was hard 7 years ago +1
no i saw it to 7 years ago  
1 i dont even know but hes better than jb anytime 7 years ago +3
there are way more details in the book 7 years ago +2
whos deadpool 7 years ago +8
justin sucks 7 years ago +3
you would be able to hide in the snow or recycling bin 7 years ago +1
that ice cream looks good 7 years ago  
pretty purple 7 years ago  
2 looks moldy! 7 years ago  
50-50 :) 7 years ago  
the next person i saw was my younger bro, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 7 years ago +2
no sarah 7 years ago  
go bicicles 7 years ago  
aliens could be nice 7 years ago +3
walmart sucks 7 years ago +10
netflix is on our wii 7 years ago +2
walgreens is right around my block 7 years ago  
twilight is nothing next to hp 7 years ago +3
OMG! RAW COOKIE DOUGH! 7 years ago +4
burger king sucks 7 years ago +2
im russian 7 years ago  
voldemorts long gone. but still not voldemort 7 years ago  
detroit tigers rock 7 years ago +1
a tiny house 7 years ago +1
id rather play something 7 years ago  
i can hula hoop 7 years ago  
friends are awesome 7 years ago  

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