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Would you rather lose the ability to feel pleasure during sex, or any other form of intimacy with your partner. or the only way for your partner to enjoy having sex with you, is to have you wear a picture of their ex on your face. 4 months ago 108 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather bleed out from even the most minor cut or Have delicate bones that can break from a slight fall or hit 5 months ago 94 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Shout "April Fools" after telling a cancer patient that they have been cured? or Offer monopoly money to a starving family? 5 months ago 119 votes 5 comments 0 likes
If a movie were made about your life, which actor would portray you? Comment or I don't know 5 months ago 93 votes 20 comments 0 likes
If humans could ever be cloned successfully, do you think that they should be entitled human rights? or only exist as property? 6 months ago 120 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Sleep with a haunted doll or Sleep with haunted paintings that surround your bed 8 months ago 72 votes 7 comments 0 likes
What improvements would you rather make for this site. Add a third option. or Have freedom to creatively design your own profile page. 9 months ago 72 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Which type of gamer is worse? The nostalgia blinded gamer or The graphics whore 9 months ago 57 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the ability to breath under water or breathe in space. 9 months ago 81 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be extremely gullible or Have no common sense? 9 months ago 85 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get caught in a flash flood or get caught in a blizzard 10 months ago 96 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live on life support for the rest of your life? or be a caregiver of a family member that is on life support for the rest of their life? 10 months ago 81 votes 6 comments 0 likes
What do you find more admirable in a person? That they always try, even when knowing that they are going to fail. or That they find positivity in the bleakest of times. 10 months ago 76 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have your own personal soundtrack that plays certain songs that reflect your mood. or Connect to the internet with your mind. 10 months ago 74 votes 2 comments 0 likes
If today were your last day on Earth, who would you spend your final moments with? Your mother or Your father 10 months ago 73 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather prevent global warming or global cooling 10 months ago 117 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Never be able to make any decision for yourself or Be responsible for every tough decision 10 months ago 83 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Your are a survivor of a nuclear war. The radiation has subsided, so it is safe to exit your bunker. Only two members of your group remain; a five year old boy, and an expecting mother who is seven months into pregnancy. Food is scarce. Much of the fresh water sources have been contaminated from the blast. Your rations are nearly depleted. All that remains is a bottle of water, and a can of soup. There is roughly a two days distance on foot to the nearest survivors shelter. You, and your party members are exhausted, malnourished, and dehydrated. However, your companions have the worst of it. They barely have any strength to continue, and you are uncertain on how much longer they will last. You must decide on whom to give the remaining food to. Would you Feed the child or feed the pregnant woman 11 months ago 77 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather only be able to communicate by writing in Braille or only be able to communicate by using Morse code. 11 months ago 71 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you be more interested in knowing the daily life of a rrather user? or the daily life of your school bully? (outside of school) 11 months ago 68 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be blind, but have a heightened sense of hearing? or become deaf, but have enhanced eyesight? 11 months ago 61 votes 7 comments 0 likes
What feeling is worse? Having too little sleep? or Having too much sleep? 11 months ago 78 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather sugarcoat the truth? or be brutally honest? 11 months ago 85 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather abandon your goals? or abandon your morals? 11 months ago 72 votes 6 comments 0 likes
"No news is good news" True or False 11 months ago 79 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather study for a final exam with all of your effort, and still fail? or Write a great essay that is 12 pages long, and forget to turn it in? (No late credit) 11 months ago 75 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have no privacy? or always be alone? 11 months ago 76 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather use skunk scented deodorant? or use body wash that smells like raw sewage? 11 months ago 57 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Eat as much as you like without becoming overweight or diabetic? or Drink as much alcohol as you like without getting alcohol poisoning, or mental/physical impairments? 11 months ago 81 votes 29 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in a nice house in a bad neighborhood? or a run-down house in a good neighborhood? 11 months ago 72 votes 4 comments 0 likes
What is the most underappreciated job? School bus driver or School janitor 11 months ago 79 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Lose one month of your lifespan every time someone posts a first comment on YouTube. or Increased susceptibility to disease whenever there is a holiday. 1 year ago 49 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which is the best way to troll a thief who is attempting to steal from a hidden cache of money. A Rubix Cube combination lock or The correct password sends the money to another vault. 1 year ago 65 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Which is the better band? Linkin Park or Three Days Grace 1 year ago 53 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which is more tolerable? Reading one twilight book or Watching all twilight films. 1 year ago 74 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Hit your funny bone? or Stub your small toe? 1 year ago 90 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather rock climb with no harness or skydive with no parachute 2 years ago 126 votes 17 comments 0 likes
What game would you rather play? Sonic 06 or the Philips CDI games 2 years ago 84 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Sing terribly on an American Idol audition or Be the lead cast member in a school play, and forget your lines. 2 years ago 65 votes 9 comments 0 likes
What era of time would you rather live in The medieval era when the Bubonic Plague was at its peak or an apocalyptic future 2 years ago 87 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather be beaten up by? a toddler or the elderly 2 years ago 67 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be color blind (every color) or have no taste buds. 2 years ago 68 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get jump scared whenever you close your eyes. or get mugged every time you leave your house. 2 years ago 64 votes 7 comments 0 likes
What would you rather be caught doing by your parents? Looking at porn or Snorting cocaine 2 years ago 100 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather no one remember your birthday or you forgetting your child's birthday 2 years ago 96 votes 5 comments 0 likes
If your television was programmed to watch only one show, would it be the Teletubbies or Fred 2 years ago 73 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather wake up in An abandoned hospital or A basement in the woods. 2 years ago 74 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Laugh at a funeral or Fart during the moment of silence after the National Anthem. 2 years ago 72 votes 9 comments 0 likes

Conan3 has posted the following comments:

You can't help but root for the guy. Even though you know he's going to fail. 19 hours ago  
I peel them from the center whenever the stem is too stubborn to break. 2 days ago  
C. Invite them for dinner. 2 days ago +1
I'll kill them before I stick my hand in it, 4 days ago  
Only because Steam has good games. 4 days ago +2
People get disowned for being an otaku? 5 days ago  
4. I could just go the gym, or read. 5 days ago  
I don't see why not. 5 days ago +1
It isn't a pleasant experience, but it isn't nearly as bad as exploding head syndrome. Whenever I experienced it, I was too shaken up to go back to sleep. 6 days ago +2
I hAvE gINgiVitis! 6 days ago +2
At least homosexuals are capable of fighting back in most cases. 6 days ago +1
I prefer it because it is a day that is dedicated to me. 6 days ago  
A is half of the site. 6 days ago +1
Hasselhoff's chest hair is a bit of a turn off. 1 week ago  
I had a friend who was into voodoo magic. She was pretty cool. 1 week ago  
There are worse things to be addicted to. B would be more detrimental to my health. 1 week ago  
It's only a waste of time if you had absolutely no interest in the course. 1 week ago +2
Partly the reason why I rarely make questions. 1 week ago +1
Ugh. Physical contact. 1 week ago  
I read enough of Carrie to know how this will end. I don't think anything could convince them to lay off, unless they witnessed the kid's powers, 1 week ago  
The downside of reviving the dead from so many years ago, is that the world wouldn't be able to support 6 million Jews. Another issue is that so much has changed since then. They wouldn't be able to adapt.. 1 week ago  
Musta took the words right out of my keyboard. 1 week ago  
More content to keep me busy. 1 week ago  
I could use it to improve the quality of my art. 1 week ago +1
I'm worried that the cab driver will take advantage of her. 1 week ago  
Milk, tea, water, apple juice, smoothies. 2 weeks ago  
Bordering on asexual. 2 weeks ago +2
It could go either way really. The horns might give the bull the edge. 2 weeks ago +6
So I can get out as soon as possible. 2 weeks ago +2
My cereal bowl. 2 weeks ago +5
This reminds me of a senior prank back in high school, only that it involved toilet paper, glue, and gum. 2 weeks ago  
I'm a good listener. 2 weeks ago +2
No one has to no what color I'm wearing. 2 weeks ago  
I'm not even good enough for an F rank. *Cries in Spanish* 2 weeks ago +2
Agreed. 2 weeks ago  
Friends like that really are one in a million. Are things improving for you though? 3 weeks ago  
Breaks pencil. Kills self 3 weeks ago  
His immaturity is unbecoming of a president. He shows zero tact, and he has committed several impeachable offenses. He never takes responsibility for his actions, and he always shifts the blame on other people. His habit of shooting his mouth with a complete disregard for consequences could turn many of our allies against the U.S. 3 weeks ago +3
Piss poor president. 3 weeks ago +4
Concerningly obsessed otaku. 3 weeks ago +1
Fries are known as chips in the UK 3 weeks ago +1
Socially awkward man-child. 3 weeks ago +1
Somebody on rrrather. 3 weeks ago +1
I set my expectations to zero and I am still disappointed. His abysmal track record shows no sign of improving. Sonic needs to be euthanized. As long as he lives, he will continue to suffer. 3 weeks ago +2
I saw a family of aliens once. I think they in immigrated from Mexico. 3 weeks ago +2
Cool. 4 weeks ago  
Talk to a deaf person. 4 weeks ago  
He'll find an excuse to get out of competing. It will be the same reason for how he escaped the draft. He won't participate because of his "bone spurs." 4 weeks ago +3
Hell yeah. Most of them are unfit and past their prime, so It will be a cake walk. 4 weeks ago +3
I assume the effects of getting tasered are short term compared to the pepper spray. 4 weeks ago  
I was actually thinking of doing something like this. It was a joke about how if someone like Trump could get elected, anyone or anything could also become president. I would have pitted unlikely candidates against each other, such as a table or a corpse. 4 weeks ago  
The horse will die eventually. 4 weeks ago +1
Sing the alphabet. It's short and it will spare me from the humiliation. 4 weeks ago +1
I'm screwed either way. 4 weeks ago +1
You should make this a series. 4 weeks ago  
I think I might have a better chance of getting away with it. 4 weeks ago  
Lol. It. 1 month ago  
Not B. Fran Drecher's voice is too obnoxious to listen to. 1 month ago +2
I just shut down on most occasions. 1 month ago +1
The floor is lava. 1 month ago  
What TP said. I need to know what you did to piss him off. 1 month ago +1
They both sound sexy. 1 month ago  
I only go for the Frosty. 1 month ago  
If I can't remove the snorkel from my mouth, then I won't be able to eat. 1 month ago  
I don't have to worry about starving. 1 month ago  
This is a dead trend. Move on. 1 month ago +1
I am trying to make sense out of this. 1 month ago  
More manageable than swimming. 1 month ago  
The child wouldn't have told me that they lost their father if they tried to run away from him. 1 month ago +1
Hey baby. How about we go to the shooting range so we can bang bang. Too much? 1 month ago +2
They only wanted to do something nice for me. I would just put it in the freezer. 1 month ago +2 1 month ago +1
I fell out of a tree that was taller than that roof. 1 month ago +2
No reason to hide it. 1 month ago  
Run 2 1 month ago +2
I remember the show in B. Took me a minute to remember the name. 1 month ago +1
Real meat. 1 month ago  
The answer said everything that needs to be said. 1 month ago +1
I sympathized with Tom. Jerry was the one that started it most of the time. 1 month ago +1
I'm not Canadian enough for zed 1 month ago +2
VCRs and retro video games. 1 month ago +1
Coon Jim Crow 1 month ago  
My true personality only surfaces when I'm alone. 1 month ago  
When you think about it, whites are the minority. 1 month ago +1
People who can say this so easily have probably never known what it's like to sink into such despair. Suicide is sign of mental illness. People with severe depression are often too broken to think of the long term consequences. When you are in their shoes, it is hard to make rational decisions. 1 month ago +4
It definitely wrecked my immune system. 1 month ago  
I'll talk to his parents first. Sometimes a problem can have its roots at home. 1 month ago 1 month ago  
My body odor is toxic. I have to use deodorant for the safety of others. 1 month ago +1
A has no practical use for me. 1 month ago +1
While I encourage the use of advanced vocabulary, this is a little overboard. You need to make your writing more accessible to the reader. Use complex vocabulary sparingly, or else you will alienate the reader. It seems as if you used a book of synonyms to sound more intelligent. The word choice is rather awkward. Try reading it to yourself out loud. It sounds forced and unnatural doesn't it? Professors have a remarkable capacity to read BS. They can tell if you are trying too hard to impress them. Not trying to put you down or anything. 1 month ago +1
Faster 1 month ago  
I'm already broke. 1 month ago  
Its a good thing I've been working on my glutes. No penetration. 1 month ago  
Cure obesity. 2 months ago  
Z? Question sleep 2 months ago  
I like you guys, but we probably wouldn't be able to tolerate each other in real life. 2 months ago +1
Oh no, I'm not that corny. Appearances aren't everything, but I still have standards. I won't date someone who I can't even look in the face. 2 months ago  
Very dynamic pose. 2 months ago +1
Seeing that most people are shallow and only care about superficial qualities. 2 months ago +1
You are thinking of Russian Roulette. This is totally different. 2 months ago  
Nutritious. 2 months ago  
Oh my goodness, oh my dayum. 2 months ago +1
I probably deserved it for forcing them into that situation. 2 months ago  
After receiving my diploma during graduation, I misjudged how many rows I had to walk down before turning down the row where I sat. Like a jackass, I made a wrong turn and I had to walk through the entire row and move through a second row to return to my seat. It took days of watching graduation fails on YouTube to feel better about myself. 2 months ago +2
As long as I get to control the portion size. 2 months ago  
I can make it easy by breaking it up in 50+ pushups an hour. 2 months ago  
I like to take in the surroundings. 2 months ago  
Enhanced eyesight would be nice. 2 months ago  
Hot damn! Look at those chicken legs. 2 months ago  
A would turn into B if it is blinding. 2 months ago +1
If it holds my attention long enough. 2 months ago  
I hope I don't get fat... 2 months ago +1
führer real. 2 months ago  
If a child dies because of this way of thinking, the parents should be charged for criminal negligence. 2 months ago +4
In my opinion, winning tug of war doesn't bring he same feeling of accomplishment as winning a race. 2 months ago +1
One of the sexiest instruments out there 2 months ago  
What asthomasa said. 2 months ago  
I will gladly say the n word in front of the picture of these people. 2 months ago +2
I hate both, but Ice Age is miles better. 2 months ago  
I don't care if she's my grandma. I'll record her in the act, confront her, then inform the manager. 2 months ago  
I love taking walks in a light drizzle. 2 months ago +1
That elephant is making sure that car isn't going anywhere. 2 months ago +1
Punching myself in the face. 2 months ago +1
I know the feeling. The whole game I was getting frustrated with Ethan. He should have shown the evidence to the police, but by trying to take everything into his own hands, he just kept digging himself into a deeper hole. 2 months ago  
B must only bother those with OCD. 2 months ago  
Heavy Rain, Splinter Cell Chaos theory, and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker 2 months ago  
Edward Scissorhands, Mary and Max, and Seven Pounds. 2 months ago  
The Outsiders, Oliver Twist, and Of Mice and Men. 2 months ago  
Boomer! 2 months ago  
Happy birthday my young senior. 2 months ago  
Less fattening. 2 months ago  
I have 5 pairs of them. 2 months ago +1
I'm more of a Nu Metal guy. 2 months ago +2
Appreciate it. 2 months ago +2
I was anorexic during my junior year. I wouldn't want anyone to experience that kind of hell. It's like watching your body wither away until you're a living corpse. And WTF, A is a thing? 2 months ago +2
Do us a favor, and go to the bathroom. Get in a tub. Full of water. With a toaster. Make sure its plugged in. 2 months ago +5
I really hate them both. 2 months ago +1
6/11. 2 months ago  
Not even a challenge. 2 months ago +1
Grades are meaningless if it costs my well-being. 2 months ago +2
Any day I go to school. 2 months ago +2
Commenting encourages it just as much as voting. 2 months ago +1
Waiting for the Genwunners. 2 months ago  
NO! BAD! 2 months ago  
I'll name it little Bibby Joe. 2 months ago  
That isn't enough 2 months ago +1
Ideally, it should. Sadly, there are a lot of children who are forced to mature at an early age. 2 months ago  
Why were you born? 2 months ago +2
4. I like to think I'm a good judge of character. I Know how to read BS. 2 months ago +1
He needs to get banned from life. 2 months ago +4
I have a secret too. I think I might be homophobic. I have this irrational fear of houses, and it's taking control of my life. 3 months ago  
Idea. Every user should post a roast me picture. 3 months ago  
Looks like someone was lost in TV Tropes. 3 months ago  
Don't you even. What else, you're not black. 3 months ago  
Took the words out of my keyboard. 3 months ago +1
Internally, it's a 6. Outside of my own personal demons, it would be a 4. 3 months ago +1
No money, or low money. Don't make me choose! 3 months ago  
Only if they are a d*ck about it. 3 months ago +1
Never thought I would hear that. I think their edge is contagious. 3 months ago  
Ah middle school. Those were the days when I listened to Evanescence, watching videos of horrific car accidents, and having a strange fascination with death. Good times. 3 months ago +3
I'd give myself a 3 3 months ago  
GTA IV and Vice City are my favorites to this day. 3 months ago +2
I needs people that I can laugh with. 3 months ago +1
Death note 3 months ago  
Being honest is for their own good. 3 months ago  
A would be useless for me, since I rarely eat or drink either of those things. I guess it could be profitable if I sold them. 3 months ago +1
Nobody needs the approval of one person to feel validated. 3 months ago  
I dunno. You said you lied multiple times about your age, and you can't be trusted, so I think You're still cool though. 3 months ago +1
Yeah... A is still trying to find himself. 3 months ago +3
Fair enough. 3 months ago  
The difference between autism and obesity is that obesity can be cured, while autism never fades over time. It's something we HAVE to live with.. It's as fixed as sexuality, and it's as connected to a person as fingers are connected to a hand. Not saying that I disagree with you. Of course it doesn't define who we are, but it gives a person certain attributes that set them apart from others, and not always in a negative way. You say that autism shouldn't be glorified or be seen as a positive thing. This is true, but autism doesn't have be something to shame people for either. It isn't something that I would EVER wish on someone, but as long as they have the willpower to overcome these adversities, then it shouldn't matter what they are. 3 months ago  
25. Kudos to anyone who gets the reference. 3 months ago +2
Respect. 3 months ago +1
I wouldn't be me anymore if I took the pill. 3 months ago  
I just heard about it this morning. 3 months ago +1
Safety comes first. 3 months ago  
They will only lose my respect if they are ignorant by choice. 3 months ago +1
Invader Zim. 3 months ago +1
if you continue to correct my atrocious, abysmal spelling in such a way you will find that my vocabulary will become a powerful onslaught that not even you could hope to harbor yourselves against. Have a nice day. 3 months ago  
Both of you are lummoxes 3 months ago  
Anywhere from 3:00 to 5:30 am. My body refuses to sleep any later. 3 months ago  
Better than most shooters. 3 months ago  
It's not like I'm getting cheated on. 3 months ago +1
It's just a preference. It really isn't much different from preferring red heads over brunettes, and vice versa. 3 months ago  
"Oh no, I can't experience the wonder of these two masterpieces" Said no one. 3 months ago +2
Libra. 3 months ago  
Summon an army of horses. 3 months ago +2
Both wouldn't be very desirable though. A year of winter means a year of low crop yield. If the seasons change too suddenly, season specific crops will not be given enough time to grow. 3 months ago  
To answer your question, I guess you could be frustrated if you met your expectation to fail. Sure, you may have prepared yourself to face failure, but it would still hurt knowing that you should have achieved something greater. 3 months ago +1
Wonder what I'm even doing there. 3 months ago  
Not sure what there is to regret if I lived a good life. 3 months ago +1
You will just come back anyway. 3 months ago +1
Even though I may feel guilty afterwards. 3 months ago  
I could win a war with this power. 3 months ago  
Better range. It wouldn't be wise to fight at close quarters with a bear. 3 months ago +3
Furries can actually be pretty cool people. Most of them are possibly the nicest people I know. They can also be very supportive of the community, even going so far as hosting fundraising events to donate for a good cause. 3 months ago +2
The difference between me and the killer, is that I'm killing out of self defense, not bloodlust. 3 months ago  
Maybe a group of black clowns 3 months ago +1
I need to keep myself busy. I wouldn't mind working at a bookstore. 3 months ago  
Now we have to produce our own goods. Because everything is made in China. 3 months ago +4
Shank them. 3 months ago +2
Two days. 3 months ago  
I brought snacks, and erotic manga. Is that enough to join? 3 months ago  
Raw strength alone will only get you so far. Offense will fail if you can't take a hit. 3 months ago  
Ruba dub 3 months ago  
Please bring Left 4 Dead back. 3 months ago  
Choco latte 3 months ago +1
Infinity is infinity 3 months ago  
Flex. 3 months ago  
Sure. 3 months ago  
That moment when you become woke. 3 months ago +2
In this case, being articulate is the ability to convey a message in a clear, easy to understand way. 3 months ago  
I got you. I could see why it would offend some people. 3 months ago  
That's fair I guess. 3 months ago  
Is there a problem? 3 months ago  
Rrrather is overflowing with tournaments. They make up most of the questions. I'd much prefer answering fun and original questions. 3 months ago +1
Important for getting the point across. Of course, poor grammar can make an essay hard to read, so you need to be skilled with both. 3 months ago  
I don't expect a high rating anyway. I have the personality of paper 3 months ago +1
Cure that man's obesity 3 months ago  
Survey says. 3 months ago +1
Mockingbird. 3 months ago  
Murica. 3 months ago  
Plaid. 3 months ago +2
You're a sack bro. 3 months ago +1
my comment will be the second closest to the bottom. 3 months ago  
Stop sign. 3 months ago  
He just broke his no killing rules. He must have fallen on hard times. 3 months ago +1
It was the butler. 3 months ago +1
Easier for me to talk to. 3 months ago  
Let's go. 3 months ago  
My temptation usually trumps my willpower. 3 months ago  
How are things? 3 months ago +1
Whoever does B is the scum of the earth. 3 months ago  
Personally I lie strawberry ice cream more when its by itself, but vanilla goes well with many toppings. 3 months ago  
If the accusation of murder led to a death penalty. It would be a tad extreme to sentence the accuser to the same fate. It's not like they were the murderer. They could definitely do time though. 3 months ago  
I talked to her on chat once. She's ok to me. Plus we like the same book series. 3 months ago  
Only in movies and comics. 3 months ago +1
If that person complained a lot themselves, then sure. 3 months ago +2
Not in public though 3 months ago  
Profound. 3 months ago  
A little angsty, but who isn't? 3 months ago +1
Quick question. In one of your comments, you claimed that both of you went to preschool together. How come your profile shows that you are three years older than her? 3 months ago +1
I don't hate her personally, but she needs to get over herself. 3 months ago +1
Are we supposed to be impressed with her vocabulary. I could understand it, but other people shouldn't have to grab a dictionary for every line in this essay. It makes her come off as condescending. Who even talks like this in real life? Friggin Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness. 3 months ago +4
Over protective parents who monitor everything that you do. 3 months ago  
21 3 months ago  
I love my feet too much. 3 months ago  
Maybe not. 3 months ago +2
Temmie and I can rant about college. 3 months ago +1
At least A are driven by their passion. 3 months ago  
It's a balance of the two. 3 months ago +1
Since I'm still young, I most likely would take it. There's still so many things to see and do. Now if I was in my 70s or 80s, and have lived a contented life, I would embrace death. 3 months ago  
Down to earth guy. 3 months ago +1
Why so serious? 3 months ago +1
I doubt I would need any more happiness if I were already liberated. 10% would just be a negligible amount. 3 months ago  
Working on my dietetics degree. 3 months ago  
Pokémon, Persona, and Shining Force. 3 months ago +1
You got me there. 3 months ago +2
Who watches a movie for its sound effects? 3 months ago +1
Characters breathe life into the story 3 months ago +1
If it's my time to die, then I'll just have to accept it. That's life. 3 months ago +1 3 months ago +1
Make them squat with a textbook in both hands. 3 months ago  
I picked B for the snow. 4 months ago  
Looks like someone slapped a face on a marshmallow. 4 months ago +2
I find a job to be more tolerable if I have a circle of friends to complain with. 4 months ago  
If they shunned me, I wouldn't want to live near them. 4 months ago  
My mouse cursor glitched out and it selected B on its own. I can't say it was wrong. 4 months ago +1
I've disappointed them more than I've given them something to be proud of. My past feats don't matter to me, since they won't help me in the future. 4 months ago +1
I'm not going to be someone's fall guy. They got their self into this mess. 4 months ago +3
Then it can be a photo of a celebrity, or family member that they find attractive. 4 months ago +1
hehe. 4 months ago +1
My opinion still stands. He's cool. 4 months ago +1
He was the first user to greet me since I joined. 4 months ago  
My childhood role model. He was always the most human superhero to me. 4 months ago  
Ditto. 4 months ago +1
I don't want to go. 4 months ago  
Unpopular opinion, but at least they can't sabotage my grade without bringing their self down. 4 months ago  
Qtaro. I just don't like his guts. 4 months ago +2
In real life, I'm more likely to encounter B. On the internet however... 4 months ago +3
I never heard of this, but somehow I knew what it meant. Does this mean I can become a real nyuga now? 4 months ago  
I watch my entertainment on the internet anyway. 4 months ago +1
A full school day. 4 months ago  
No need to explain why. 4 months ago  
I would have a b*tch of a time trying to wear shoes with that many toes. 4 months ago +3
I think it can be played well. Tambourines play an important role in giving a song its rhythm. 4 months ago +1
Huzzah.The site is back to "normal". 4 months ago  
Time travel to the future is totally possible. You just have to wait seven days to see what happens in a week from now. 4 months ago +2
I don't perform well under pressure. 4 months ago +3
They should include asexuals as well. 4 months ago  
You were adopted. Your parents dropped you off in a dumpster. You're fat. You will never amount to anything. You have a terminal illness. You only have one month to live. Your girl is with me now. 4 months ago +6
Deforestation, overgrazing, the burning of fossil fuels, and water pollution. 4 months ago +1
Give me four days. 4 months ago  
If my family hated me, I would have no one to turn to when I need help. 4 months ago  
CHIIIILLL. 4 months ago  
The godfather of shade. 4 months ago  
This site is a good way to pass time and all, but no one is touching my food. 4 months ago  
Could you believe this was their original design? 4 months ago +2
Welp. I think I've seen enough. I'm just going to go home and drink bleach. 4 months ago +1
What Usmanc said. I think it's only for attention if you constantly put yourself down in front of others. 4 months ago +1
B is annoying, but I would trust an arrogant doctor with my life over someone who learned medical facts from Greys Anatomy. 4 months ago  
Not at all. It is a racist term no matter how you use. It doesn't ALWAYS mean that the people who use it are racist themselves. I don't speak for everyone though, so can't tell you if they intended it to be hurtful. 4 months ago  
No. 4 months ago  
If there is any contempt in the tone of their voice, then it may be seen as a racist remark. 4 months ago +1
Don't know much about him, but from what I've seen, he's all right. 4 months ago +1
All about context. 4 months ago +1
Very true. 4 months ago  
I like him. Still, he could tone down the Fairy tail questions. 4 months ago +1
The fit fatty. 4 months ago  
Hospitals have too many corridors with little room to maneuver in the case of my shelter getting breached. 4 months ago +1
The 1987 turtles to be specific. 4 months ago  
B sounds like an option for anyone who refuses to accept the world for what it is. No use in running away from your troubles, and hiding in some false reality. I can't live in a world full of restrictions. If we lived in a perfect world, what's the point of thinking if there is no progress to be made. 4 months ago +4
I never liked being the center of attention. Either way, I don't think I will care too much after I'm gone. 4 months ago  
She deserves it. Super chill. 4 months ago +3
It's hell. 4 months ago  
Straight, and Bisexual women perhaps. 4 months ago +1
Question is posted a few minutes ago, and there are comments that are a week old. Da faq. 4 months ago  
I'm staying away from that cursed game. 4 months ago +1
My two German Shepherds would always jump in my bed whenever fireworks went off. 4 months ago  
I just appreciate that they thought about me. 4 months ago  
The image in B is what you call mild? 4 months ago +1
Are there any sports that you've felt you had a natural gift for? 4 months ago  
Sooo, I'll have -100 sanity. 4 months ago  
I felt like this after high school. I could have improved so much more in Cross country if I had the confidence to push myself harder. 4 months ago +1
You deserve a sarcastic clap. You won't get one anyway. 5 months ago  
Why would anyone want to make a good Trump cake? 5 months ago +1
GTFO. Splooges in your shoes after the urination/defecation combo. 5 months ago +2
Never said I HAD to send nudes pics of myself. 5 months ago +1
While B sounds cool on paper, I probably wouldn't be able to survive in a world of overpowered characters. 5 months ago +1
If no one had fears, people would become a danger to themselves. Fearlessness can result in an invincibility mentality, which could lead to reckless decision-making. 5 months ago +1
The news in a nutshell. Trump, Trump, Trump, wall, political scandals, Trump, School shooting, a person dies, and other negative stuff. The end. 5 months ago +6
What are your hobbies? 5 months ago  
Anyone who asks the question in B needs a good smack in the chops. 5 months ago  
They both look amazing though. I just have a craving for sweets at the moment. 5 months ago  
Oh yeah! Popcorn chicken 5 months ago  
Thanksgiving is too close to Christmas. Having back to back holidays is a d*ck move. 5 months ago  
Never heard of B. Elisae puts time, and effort in her questions. 5 months ago +1
Both of them amuse me. 5 months ago  
The white noise helps me sleep. 5 months ago +1
Double thumbs up. 5 months ago  
I hate Georgia's bipolar weather. It can be 32 degrees on one day, and 65 on the following day. When it does snow, it'll melt within a few hours. 5 months ago  
I haven't been here long enough to be well known, so I'll nominate myself, and Goldenmoon. 5 months ago  
LOL. Good mindset, but you better hope it isn't an open fracture. 5 months ago +1
I'd rather excel in one subject that actually benefits others, over knowledge that I can't apply to the real world. 5 months ago  
Running is my passion. Mind reading can help me detect signs depression, or other mental illnesses that my family/friends could be hiding. I would try to intervene before they harm themselves. 5 months ago +1
I was the type who only spoke when spoken to. 5 months ago  
Just the worst side of humanity. 5 months ago +2
Less mangy. 5 months ago  
You're going to give people ideas. 5 months ago +2
Sounds good. 5 months ago  
CRAWLING IN MY SKIN!! 5 months ago  
Already am, except I'm one inch taller. 5 months ago  
I just need a job that pays well enough to support myself. 5 months ago  
That guy looks like he might eat my hand. B is more sanitary. 5 months ago  
Pingu! Anyway, I'm not sure what games you own. You should play the true crime series if you have it. 5 months ago  
The top gives you a distinct look. I'd say keep it. 5 months ago +1
I always hit the lock button on my car keys three times. Better safe than sorry. 5 months ago  
I was foiled yet again by a wet dream. 5 months ago  
I want to say two. The question never stated if their kids tagged along. 5 months ago  
Only if its a religion that I made. 5 months ago  
After starting college, it is at its peak. 6 months ago  
Jersey Mikes is far better. 6 months ago  
It can be impossible to live a normal life, depending on where you are on the spectrum. 6 months ago  
I am a little more reserved than I used to be, but I am still set off by minor things that wouldn't even bother most people. 6 months ago  
I'll eat both. 6 months ago  
Decisions, decisions... 6 months ago  
Motorboat. 6 months ago  
Nikopower. 6 months ago  
I used to like tails until he was reduced to a whiny damsel in distress. 6 months ago  
More relevant, and has consistently good games. 6 months ago  
This would be great for waste reduction. 6 months ago  
Marvel needs to take a break. Too many movies in one year. 6 months ago  
Since when has this ever been established? 0_0 6 months ago  
My first Disney movie. 6 months ago  
My bad. I figured that it would be perfect for you. You've been here for four years, yet you still make guest quality comments. 6 months ago  
As devastating as tornadoes are, earthquakes can take much longer to recover from. They can trigger tsunamis, potentially wiping cities off the map. At extreme magnitudes, they can cause fissures to open up. 6 months ago  
Sorry, I couldn't understand you. Please allow me to connect you with someone that can communicate with you better. 6 months ago  
True. I tend not to answer a question if it hits a sore point with me. Don't know why, but that's just how it is. Every user does that at least one time or another. 6 months ago +1
I am not sacrificing my life just for someone to get on a website, nor do I want to kill anyone. 6 months ago +2
More determination, to reset, and be reincarnated as a female. 6 months ago +1
You will wish for anime to become a reality. You will adored by everyone, and you will get laid by your favorite waifu. 6 months ago +1
An ice age. 6 months ago +1
I never had a birthday party, but I was the only kid to show up at someone else's. We became best friends after that. 6 months ago +1
More cathartic. I try to forgive them, but the anger never goes away. I would never feel any peace unless they faced the consequences of their actions. 6 months ago +2
You have to know your enemy. 6 months ago  
Classy. 6 months ago +2
Try not to burn your house down in a fit of rage if you get this one. 6 months ago +1
I hate both. But if I have to choose. 6 months ago  
Does this last only for the month of November, or will it continue for the rest of my life? 6 months ago  
I could never really get into magical girl anime. 6 months ago +1
Ugh. Just like real life. 6 months ago +1
If I feel either of these coming on, I'll just have to muffle my voice with my shirt or anything that's near. 6 months ago  
That just means you're a lady killer who knows how to make love. Lucky bastard. 6 months ago +1
*Sigh* 6 months ago  
He will try to kill me either way, so I may as well go down with a fight. 6 months ago  
They let a friggin piranha plant on the roster. I wouldn't be surprised if A made it in. Magikarp is next. 6 months ago  
God of light. 6 months ago  
I'm not advocating it, but I guess soldiers could be mass-produced so the military could have an inexhaustible supply of reinforcements. 6 months ago  
I am waiting for the full game before I play it. 6 months ago  
Ok. 6 months ago  
Reese's sticks 6 months ago +1
Mint and chocolate was never a good mix for me 6 months ago +1
Green Apple was my favorite flavor. 6 months ago +1
I didn't think this would be so one sided. 6 months ago +1
The king of chocolate candy. 6 months ago +1
The irony of my best subject being one of my least favorites. 6 months ago +1
Amputate his hand. 6 months ago +1
Occasionally ask questions, but mostly make comments. 6 months ago  
B wouldn't benefit me in any way. I could make a nice profit by selling the candy in school. 6 months ago  
As long as their memories and personality are intact. 6 months ago +1
Already lost A. Losing B would be like losing everything that makes me who I am. 6 months ago 6 months ago  
Everyone will be white. 6 months ago +1
That quote right there is the story of my life. -_- 6 months ago +1
Modern day. 6 months ago  
A boat. 6 months ago  
I agree with asthomasa. A is too cliché. 6 months ago +1
Usmanc 6 months ago  
Really tough choice. 7 months ago +1
Getting bullied in the 6th grade for having a high pitch voice. The sole reason why I barely speak to anyone in school anymore. 7 months ago  
TalcumPowder, or Nintara. 7 months ago  
I wouldn't even trust a saint. 7 months ago  
B would be more disorderly, and more people could die. 7 months ago +1
A sweet, but unnecessary gesture. I'm sure her friend would have been happy to just have someone who supports them through hard times. 7 months ago  
Yeah, go for it. 7 months ago  
I am all for more active users, but this is getting out of hand. 7 months ago +3
Typing would you rather questions in the google search bar. 7 months ago +1
Why hello there. 7 months ago  
Myself. 7 months ago  
Depends on the reason for divorce. If she is prone to violent outbursts, and threaten our safety, then I'm cutting off contact with her. 7 months ago +3
FBI OPEN UP! 7 months ago +5
The most loneliest tiiime of the yeeear. :'( 7 months ago  
A isn't too bad actually. 7 months ago  
I'll always leave a tip as long as good customer service is provided. 7 months ago  
Even though Toy Story 3 would have been a satisfying conclusion. I wouldn't mind a Ratatouille, or Wall-E sequel. 7 months ago +2
Alien Force. 7 months ago  
Scorpion. 7 months ago  
You don't have to run 100 mph. Even if you just had the ability to run at a high velocity, you could probably adjust your speed like other any car, and run half that pace. 7 months ago  
Wouldn't want to ruin its natural appearance. Beside the concern for cruelty, floppy ears are more adorable. 7 months ago  
After flying 128 miles up in a space shuttle. 8 months ago +3
A sounds eerily similar to a kid I knew in middle school. 8 months ago  
Just let him cool down. Not trying to double team you, but what you said was out of line. I'm sure that your comment wasn't meant to offend anyone, but just refrain from making a comment like that again. Many of us users have our own demons that we have to keep under wraps. Acting as if you understand what goes through anyone's head can be taken very personally, because you are not in the right place to say what we are. P.S. Don't confuse drunkenness with being passionate. 8 months ago +1
Its all fun and games until I get decapitated on a rollercoaster. 8 months ago +1
Even so, I don't have the willpower. I am highly active so I have to eat an abnormal amount of food just to maintain my weight. 8 months ago  
It isn't Linkin Park without him. His voice gave the band its identity. 8 months ago  
Agreed, aside from eating only 800 calories. I would feel faint if I ate less than 2000. 8 months ago  
Reading helps me retain more. 8 months ago +1
3 years old. 8 months ago  
Only once. He was completely sh*tfaced. I can't believe we weren't pulled over. 8 months ago +2
saxophone and flute. 8 months ago  
I'm not comfortable being the center of attention. 8 months ago  
This is inhuman, and inhumane. 8 months ago +1
Just reset. It will be as if nothing ever happened. 8 months ago  
Dying instantly is the merciful option. Living through A is just prolonged agony. You will just eventually succumb to the radiation, which I can imagine to be a VERY SLOW process. If you seen the movie When the Wind Blows, that is a good example. 8 months ago +4
Free lottery tickets. 8 months ago +1
I think A is more life threatening, because my reaction time would be delayed. 8 months ago +2
The Woman in Black, Peter Jackson's King Kong, True Grit, and the Karate Kid. 8 months ago  
Terrible AI. Poor lighting. Enemies take three shots to the head before they are dropped. Once you are spotted, the enemies will always find you, no matter how well hidden you are. 8 months ago +1
I enjoyed it up to Alien Force. It lost its appeal after that. 9 months ago +1 9 months ago +2
A bit of a stretch if you ask me. It isn't that inappropriate, given that the earliest primates likely originated in Africa. 9 months ago +2
Well dang... Blood has been spilled 9 months ago +4
I will only use it to help those who are struggling financially. 9 months ago  
I can already manage my anger. 9 months ago  
Not everyone has to share the same taste. If you like something only because everyone else does, then you are just a sheep. There are shows that I enjoy that many others hate, and vice versa. 9 months ago +1
Necromancy. Communication with the dead. 9 months ago  
The longest movie ever. 9 months ago  
Who let the toddler on the internet? 9 months ago +6
I like the first and last idea, but couldn't you ask yes or no questions already? All you have to do is replace would you rather with yes or no. 9 months ago  
New Balance and Saucony. 9 months ago  
I run 10 miles a day. 9 months ago  
The most pointless insect next to mosquitos. 9 months ago +1
I am not feeding their habit. 9 months ago  
Pretentious zealot. 9 months ago +1
B already happened and that can't be undone, but I still have the future to look forward to. 9 months ago  
City Escape Sonic Adventure 2 9 months ago  
We already know Elder Scrolls VI is in production, so I can wait. Half Life 3 is long overdue, and my hope for the series is dead at this point. 9 months ago +1
It could be a fursuit tail if he has one. 9 months ago  
I wouldn't want to be disrespectful. 9 months ago  
Thanks. 9 months ago  
I was robbed. :( 9 months ago  
Lol. To answer your description. Yes, yes I did. 9 months ago  
I'm not sure what use A would be for me. 9 months ago  
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