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I have been on this site for bout 2 years but recently just made a account I use my phone to go on rrrather and always forget to log in so that's why sometimes I don't get messages im a 13 year old guy do very well in school live in a small city in florida I love all sports and music feel free to message

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Would you rather jump off your roof into a pool with no pads on or don't because its too dangerous 6 years ago 172 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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Kate upton 5 years ago  
Copy and paste 426 lol 5 years ago +1
Do more of these 5 years ago +4
So hard 5 years ago  
Eye of the tiger reference? 6 years ago +4
I agree with ya sach 6 years ago +3
According to Siri 42 cords 6 years ago +2
Funner lol I know it's not a word 6 years ago  
120 jobs as a waiter at restaurants 6 years ago +1
Do more of these 6 years ago +1
The same 6 years ago +1
You shall not hatttttt!!!!!!!! 6 years ago +3
Lebron james on nba 2k fine with 19 mil a year 6 years ago  
Stuck in a landslide 6 years ago +1
True u got me I picked the wrong one 6 years ago  
Make a rollercoster called your worst nightmares 6 years ago  
Madame in background of 2 6 years ago  
Auction it of for a mill for college 6 years ago +7
Kobe has a a better skill set but is older so doesn't show it 6 years ago +1
Omg no I'm gonna rape peritwinkle *zip* 6 years ago +2
Le wild 100 8 0 6 years ago  
A month in nc but most in fl 6 years ago  
...oh! though you would always be mine 6 years ago +1
A one year old baby doesn't want the new designer dress 6 years ago +5
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