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    I don't like either tough cuz I hate getting presents  
    I like sleep  
    Cuz I would need actual talent to do that  
    F*ck society  
    It's like in todays society marrige is pointless  
    What's wrong with a gay son  
    It's legal everywhere in America now  
    Why not I'm Bi, Deal With It!!!!!!  
    I'm Bi so why the f*ck can't I answer this  
    My girlfriend is my best friend what do I pick  
    I was friends with my crush before we started dating  
    That's what I did with my gf  
    In this case I'd let you live Zach  
    Then it wouldn't bother me as much  
    Sorry Zach  
    Celebraties are usually jerks  
    Why not I'm bi, I just realized ow awkward tat would be to sleep with my straight male best friend +1
    I don't like either of these but why is it girls only  
    Im bi so of course I'm gonna swallow  
    I could cuz she knows I love her  
    I'm dating my crush  
    I already am  
    It would suck but at least, she would still like me  
    You can survive that just it's unlikely, and I'd rather die than have the woman I love date someone else  
    Why does it matter how much money he has  
    Nothing would be worse than losing the one you love  
    I trust her so it wouldn't matter  
    It probably wouldn't happen on purpose, cuz, I don't like the person my BFF likes so It would be an accident  
    Why does nationality matter  
    WTF is Vegie monster doing here  
    It's true about both of us  
    I'm dating my best friend  
    It's fducking Darth  
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