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Psh hercules done messed up most of his mythology 2 years ago  
Shrek is love Shrek is life 2 years ago  
you're* 2 years ago  
Till you die of a rusty nail in the foot XD 2 years ago  
more annoying then getting raped? 2 years ago  
Generic oreos aren't oreos but there isn't a generic bacon yet 2 years ago  
respawning > death 2 years ago  
Turn everyone mlg and create world peace 2 years ago  
Corruption > Hot headed, uneducated and overgrown orange 2 years ago  
lol doesn't say that i have to give birth i just have a baby with me 2 years ago  
Gotta go fast 2 years ago  
NO IM DIRTY DAN 3 years ago  
Enjoy your aids 4 years ago +1
So crappy then good? 4 years ago  
Wlep now i want to change answers 4 years ago  
Plus they aren't even sure by the wording if the founding fathers wanted non militia people to own guns 4 years ago  
2spooky4me 4 years ago  
but you could just sword murder them 4 years ago  
I get back everything including the 1 billion 4 years ago  
There for the friendzone 4 years ago +1
Gravity :P. But seriously the earth has to end something so the country's govt could live but not the land itself 4 years ago  
I can't rid myself of the house but i can still rent it out. $$$ 4 years ago  
Justice is unisex-Batman 4 years ago  
If earth only breeds criminals and idiots, who do you plan on seeing in heaven? 4 years ago  
Actually it's because we know who master chief is 4 years ago  
so i can buy love XD 4 years ago  
Even better you need help taking over the world, still have powers 4 years ago  
But the Templars from AC 4 years ago  
so now we live bill free for the rest of our days! loopholes! 4 years ago  
Is there a difference from the American? 4 years ago  
robbery. can't get arrested since you are always alone 4 years ago +1
I define perfect as giving superpowers sooo 4 years ago +4
Actually it's BIWINNING 4 years ago  
Cause they made Merica 4 years ago  
You mean force of darkness right? 4 years ago  
Even batman wouldn't save him 4 years ago  
Which is why you say man created god 4 years ago  
So no music or current? 4 years ago  
Because Meyer wasn't 4 years ago +1
That's why J.K. was able to become the first author billionaire. Cause it sucked, right 4 years ago +2
PTSD? How bout no, i'm fine with being me 4 years ago  
5 for 1? No way that one is just some normal guy. Probably the president or someone else of importance 4 years ago  
Step 1. Sell Step 2. Profit ;3 4 years ago +1
But drink anyway 4 years ago  
Yeah 84% 4 years ago  
Maybe he/she was the source of all your problems 4 years ago  
Your comment is bad and you should feel bad 4 years ago +1
Me: I'mma let you finish but is there room for more ;) 4 years ago  
Who needs to win when you're rich!! 4 years ago +1
My favorite user cause of that comment :D 4 years ago  
You mean gobs? 4 years ago  
No powers because of not killing them. 4 years ago  
Torture than death? 4 years ago +1
They would be weaker because of their lack of skill in powerless combat 4 years ago  
Still a master 4 years ago  
Boar is more likely to murder you 4 years ago  
You speak from experience? 4 years ago  
Fellow Skyrim fan :D but no lollygagging 4 years ago  
Well both got lots of people killed 4 years ago +1
holes are pretty weak from my experience 4 years ago +1
Bill made money though unlike bush 4 years ago  
Never said i still go to hell 4 years ago  
10 percent of the people in my house :3 4 years ago  
I'll taste better 4 years ago  
That could be because it didn't have one to begin with 4 years ago  
It's only breaking the law after it happens 4 years ago  
Which is why we are winning :3 4 years ago  
Allowed to do as I please 4 years ago  
Read more in and you realize the factionless are far superior to the other factions 4 years ago  
It's true *freedoms cry* 4 years ago +1
Money gets both 4 years ago  
Plus how long is the kid safe? 4 years ago  
shhhhhhhhh don't worry dragah 4 years ago  
Or not 4 years ago  
Actual fun FTW 4 years ago +1
Fire is waaaay more common 4 years ago  
Doesn't say anything about them 4 years ago  
Space travels? 4 years ago  
No they are different 4 years ago  
but not right now 4 years ago  
Able to be a ghost 4 years ago  
flying you can't breath either so 4 years ago  
The spelling on both is the most shocking 4 years ago +3
Bush? 4 years ago  
When you are bias to one option and it still is the minority XD 4 years ago  
Disappointed till I make it rain 4 years ago  
my love is having money and happiness 4 years ago  
You can if you know what I mean 4 years ago  
Fun fact searching "completely wrong" results in a lot of pictures of Mitt 4 years ago  
The stupidity in that comment is overwhelming 4 years ago  
The krill from Gears of War :3 4 years ago  
"living forever; never dying or decaying." vs nothing? 4 years ago  
how dark? 4 years ago  
When the trolls aren't fed like expected 4 years ago +2
It makes me read super slow 4 years ago  
deth? 4 years ago  
And Teddy was more so (badass) 4 years ago  
That would make me laugh even more 4 years ago  
More govt leaders are men 4 years ago  
It can lead you places where you can make friends. Ex: You go to a concert, struck a conversation and as the wheel rolls you become friends 4 years ago  
Yes :P 4 years ago  
You could steal the air but blood bending is funny 4 years ago  
Unlimited food and drinks is my reasoning 4 years ago +1
lol "like Uk" 4 years ago  
do it rapidly 4 years ago +1
faggot spotted (freedom) 4 years ago  
I prefer not being a pawn 4 years ago  
They would die from having so many of the dirt layers removed XD 4 years ago  
Carry the guy carrying the guy carrying the guy carrying the guy carrying me up the stairs! XD 4 years ago  
like getting himself hung in the middle of town? 4 years ago  
boy you stupid (paul) 4 years ago  
Is mayo an option? 4 years ago  
Batman for the win 4 years ago  
There was story about that 4 years ago  
wow very comment, much like 4 years ago  
Well be a better person and get some gifts 4 years ago  
Like DOTA 2? 4 years ago  
though doing nothing sounds nice 4 years ago  
outside my old house and in a new one 4 years ago  
No fire cop is the best. Leading by example, bravery, and immortality. Whom could lead better? 4 years ago  
New type of game 4 years ago  
America neutral=failed WW1 and WW2 4 years ago  
Lord Lucian 4 years ago  
Video games? 4 years ago  
You can't hold out forever 4 years ago  
I mean Fisk ran a city and no one could even say his name safely 4 years ago +1
"for life" 4 years ago +1
Unhappy for like half a second. All that money would cure me instantly 4 years ago +2
Both would have happened without MERICA F*CK YEAH!! lol 4 years ago  
First order as president is herp da derp 4 years ago +5
pain is more needed that fear though 4 years ago  
They had to stand up to Rome though 4 years ago  
"experienced death" 4 years ago  
Would you rather have peace or be a dick? 4 years ago  
It says specifically you save 3 kill 1 4 years ago  
unless it's the skyrim werewolf 4 years ago  
Lincoln wanted to send them back to Africa. (if these were his intents to his end, i don't know) 4 years ago  
I happen to be jesus 4 years ago  
Tis the will of Sithis 4 years ago  
"A system of government in which power is vested in the people, who rule either directly or through freely elected representatives." we elect reps that are dumb so it might not seem like a democracy 4 years ago  
fus ro dah your piano skills out the window 4 years ago  
Full might cost more 4 years ago  
aid the revolution or blend in 4 years ago  
Merica can get Canadian benefits maybe? 4 years ago  
Prime example of why people suck 4 years ago +1
Comics made first b**** (why so mean i did nothing to you) 4 years ago  
incest is definite 4 years ago  
over population is natural disaster 4 years ago  
divorce and most their stuff ;3 4 years ago +1
"the essence or embodiment of a specified quality" 4 years ago  
lol unless you want it 4 years ago  
It would be disappointing to have someone who can't even follow their own religion as president 4 years ago  
More money in this :3 4 years ago  
I mean what's more useful? 4 years ago  
coin that's the same on both sides :3 4 years ago  
Says the one who nobody knows! Get rekt! 4 years ago  
It's really bad at this 4 years ago  
Victory is not for the weak-willed 4 years ago  
Not flexible enough for A 4 years ago  
Long Live Rome 4 years ago  
"it kind of felt like I'd actually become a grapefruit." lol wat? 4 years ago  
What about heteros? 4 years ago  
live in my car or 2 years. 2 years of what? 4 years ago  
Video gaming enlightenment is the only enlightenment 4 years ago +2
I AIN'T A PART OF YOUR SYSTEM! 4 years ago  
ADVENTURE TIME! 4 years ago  
"Am I the world's hero?": Me. Conch:"Yes" THE SHELL HAS SPOKEN! 4 years ago  
The only thing that makes you you 4 years ago  
For the MERICA :D 4 years ago  
We know 4 years ago  
Well how do you know? 4 years ago  
go big or go home 4 years ago  
So badass the bullet doesn't want to miss XD 4 years ago  
What if the power was sh*tty or useless? Like the ability to create hear people pooing? 4 years ago +2
So let the space aliens do their own thing 4 years ago  
I thought you loved freedom :( 4 years ago  
And this is what happens without books :P 4 years ago  
B gives you the ability for A but with more work and weight gain 4 years ago  
Aliens don't live by our rules. 4 years ago  
Sorry Sheogorath 4 years ago  
True but you have to go along with it 4 years ago  
What ever you perceive it as. We have no sight to the people 4 years ago  
"Covent Garden. a large square in London, so called because originally it was the garden of a monastery." 13% want to be a garden? XD 4 years ago  
Most fabulous guy there XD 4 years ago  
You wouldn't know of their existance 4 years ago  
What if it is a crime but it was for the good? Do you still get the age? 4 years ago  
lol wat? Ethnically or religiously? 4 years ago  
I mean I must have been pretty good to get on the team 4 years ago +1
"no hope of seeing land again" 4 years ago  
Aliens? 4 years ago  
Good garbage I mean have you seen some of the stuff thrown away? 4 years ago  
Control humans to help heal the earth :3 and a more useful power 4 years ago  
Warning you not to cross the thin line between the 2 4 years ago  
Think of the people that would have been saved if Joker was dead 4 years ago  
I mean this option is definite war stopper. What if Japan won on land? 4 years ago  
Comparing to North Korea, but truly free? No there always has to be a limit to freedoms 4 years ago  
Not sure if atheist troll attempt or actually that dumb 4 years ago  
Shit 4 years ago  
Me occasionally 4 years ago  
I would change my answer to science if it was meant as in discovering something new 4 years ago  
Cookies?! :D 4 years ago  
I'm from america and a confirm this message :P 4 years ago +1
Weell not safe per say but yes dragonless 4 years ago  
Here's Doom 3 OF DOOM 4 years ago  
Does sarcasm count? 4 years ago  
I mean the lengths science would have gone... 4 years ago  
Greek Gods? 4 years ago  
Welp im homeless, burned down the house 4 years ago  
Pride is a sin :P 4 years ago  
Buildings would have been made root beer proof 4 years ago  
Well the zombies in Shawn of the Dead can be friendly 4 years ago  
Dead eye 4 years ago  
Franklin was a pimp yes but Paul was braver. Ps Frenchies hate the Brits probably would have helped anyway 4 years ago  
*Gets aids* well it won't kill you but.. 4 years ago  
This isn't saying it's the best but where does the Constitution say "Oh and no govt health care"? 4 years ago  
I mean if im lazy it's equal to beating some one up? Really? 4 years ago  
But for how long is the child safe? could be 2 more minutes 4 years ago  
Lol never was christian nation founding fathers made sure of it 4 years ago  
I need my hands 4 years ago  
Oh the irony (guest) 4 years ago  
I don't tell you how to live your life 4 years ago  
Does it count if i did that already? 4 years ago +2
No one said the demon was mean so possible life over stated death 4 years ago +2
Depends 4 years ago  
Original was better, sequels ruined it :P 4 years ago +1
Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked 4 years ago  
Thumb counts as finger so no change 4 years ago +2
Lol some of the commentators didn't read the explaination 4 years ago  
Oh the irony 4 years ago  
A guy died from a kick to the nethers so... 4 years ago  
Don't own a gender so 4 years ago  
It definitely worked if they said 2013 4 years ago +1
Upset by the 43% Bethesda 4 years ago +1
Shoots fired 4 years ago  
There can be only 2 4 years ago  
guessed 4 years ago  
Ruler of the known universe ring any bells? Comes back to life in the comics and finds the secret to exist indefinitely. Is able to hide his force abilities from the jedi and 1v4 some of the best jedi and kills them all 4 years ago  
"an extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority, formerly especially an emperor or empress." There are 3 branches of govt so no it doesn't 4 years ago  
Be as racist as an egg, so not at all 4 years ago +1
I'm Satan! 4 years ago +1
Ants will be dominate someday and will remember my deeds :P 4 years ago +2
Sorry Corvo's powers are out of this world, literally 4 years ago  
now reward? what is it? 4 years ago  
depends 4 years ago +1
Dye hair white and get both 4 years ago +1
Always helped the lords 4 years ago  
But why Australia? 4 years ago  
One sucked other is likely to suck, so better odds? 4 years ago  
I do that already 4 years ago  
oh well 9/11, the crusades, etc 4 years ago  
barely any neighbors to start with 4 years ago  
Friendly ants? 4 years ago  
I see what you did there "butt" 4 years ago +6
Trick question both suck 4 years ago  
Less rules can ask for more genies 4 years ago  
Human 4 years ago +1
actually opened up so 4 years ago  
No one shows at wedding, including your almost spouse. 4 years ago  
All the Orange juice 4 years ago  
Cutting down the down in style 4 years ago  
Feisty question 4 years ago  
Never gave you the ability or knowledge to use it :3 4 years ago  
Grab back immediately 4 years ago +1
Wings baby 4 years ago  
my perception of "good chance" is none :3 4 years ago  
predictable and slow 4 years ago +1
But were you loving it? Also im not sore 4 years ago  
isn't really obesity is though 4 years ago  
that is the point. i am fed and protected. you are poisoned :3 4 years ago  
this option is better looking :3 4 years ago +3
kill him after i sing his screams count as music right? 4 years ago +1
never said it was bad 4 years ago  
not when invading 4 years ago  
soccer don't hate 4 years ago +12
but are you loving it? :P 4 years ago  
there isn't one? 4 years ago  
living taser sounds much cooler 4 years ago  
2 gods/ demons or multiple gods and demons hmm such hard 4 years ago  
Well we aren't a christian nation and never were meant to be... 4 years ago +8
looks like the thieves guild's symbol. 4 years ago  
i heal someone loved by the universe. i am now loved :3 4 years ago +3
i will defend humanity even if they are horrible people. even when on the losing side 4 years ago  
listen to Justin's girly screams as he is ripped apart by bumblebears 4 years ago  
Shoprape 4 years ago +1
Send me to an all you can eat place like golden corral 4 years ago  
i Sense the bias 4 years ago +1
actually it is a right. specifically stated many a time 4 years ago  
never said anything for jellyfish 4 years ago  
jezzillia1 says the teacher in the picture. not your teacher 4 years ago  
still costs money 4 years ago  
I would be scared if they weren't seeing people. blind joke. 4 years ago +4
Why don't they just say partner or lover? so more people answer? 4 years ago  
you aren't living this if you chose the other option. Everything including organs 4 years ago  
best question yet 4 years ago  
it's an exhaust port it has to be open but you could do something about it 4 years ago  
Isn't there a rule for being kind to everyone? 4 years ago  
Why is chicken person bleeding? 4 years ago  
so no organs? your love isn't saving you 4 years ago  
Money or disappointment at death? 4 years ago +1
are you retarded? they are both fast food both get you fat 4 years ago  
lol 4% for miserable? Trolls? 4 years ago  
lol wait what? 4 years ago  
Pieces of his face and phone 4 years ago  
Never said how hard. Train taps you 4 years ago  
But are you loving it? 4 years ago +17
don't worry water. you aren't a slave take your time :P 4 years ago  
the picture is very small in comments so 4 years ago  
you die DIE FOOL!!! (sorry for the violence :p) 4 years ago  
for people saying "Well the rest of my life means i live hur dur" The rest of you life could be the second you finish reading this. Or before 4 years ago  
25% are assholes 4 years ago  
most ninjas were just farmers 4 years ago  
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