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    im not gay  
    yall people need to understand that you are disrespecting my country how would you like it if I started dissing your country  
    never said what we got caught doing  
    i would take over the white house  
    do you like the usa  
    this comment goes to men cause im a girl  
    i dont ned glasses anymore  
    YESSSSSSSSS i live super close to one  
    all you can eat baby  
    dont read the books and dont watch the movies  
    ive been miserablt most of my life dont want to be even more miserable  
    pizza was born in italy  
    a person you married  
    dont want the boat to sink  
    my computer is my true love  
    i dont get it  
    i think im nice  
    im american and dont know any german girls so  
    screw money  
    hate football  
    dont know either just picked random  
    fam mean recognized everywhere  
    dont have one sucka  
    there is a downfall and its called SCHOOL +1
    peace and quiet  
    never really wanted a child  
    i dont think my life matters to much  
    how am I suppose to play the Xbox if I don't have an arm  
    F*CK YOU  
    i miss my good teachers  
    dont have to worry about boners plus im already a girl and dont want to know happens to guys  
    they better be greatful after all they made my life miserable  
    thank you  
    already live here  
    no school  
    already do it  
    which ends you life quicker  
    screw love  
    then i would know how to avoid it if its bad  
    im still in middle school what did u expect  
    i hate reading  
    im already weird  
    u dont need love to be happy  
    ill murder the populars  
    its not bad being alone but not having a family thats sad  
    popular kids suck because they act like such D*CKS  
    im not religious  
    cause i would beat them up next time i see them in front of their friends  
    i dress the way i did when i was ten to this day and people still call me emo  
    reading sucks  
    dont know the other guy  
    i trust female more then male plus im female  
    i like being alone  
    i dont believe in him  
    i hate outdoors and camping  
    already happens  
    what if your significant other wants to do something in there  
    phone calls last forever  
    dont use facebook  
    i am the light of their life  
    id be the most epic singer ever. AMERICAS GOT TALENT HERE I COME!!  
    id dump them there  
    somepeople should know they're SH*T  
    his fault for wasting his life  
    im still pretty rich +1
    baby is annoying  
    cash besides i dont use the gifts  
    i get more cash then trash on my birthday  
    i cant use it unless im at my moms house  
    im already short just more thing then its the real deal  
    i could still hangout right?  
    you get food in prison  
    simple run in my house and never go outside again  
    i like singigng  
    i dont sleep very often so doesnt matter  
    my parents are allergic to cats and they are super mean. my grandmas cat died last week. she was sad but i laughed. it was mean anyway i wont miss it  
    the people of the past dont know about the future  
    to those 29 percent of people who disagree. get some help +2
    my love doesnt even exsist he is from a game  
    i cant surviie  
    i had it as a baby  
    i dont look in the mirroe that much  
    more sleep foe me  
    the perfect prank  
    my sisters are important to me if your siblings arent, you got some problems  
    i dont like school anyway  
    couldnt i ride any vehicle i want to my five star restruant with my personal chef  
    im in astronomy for a reason  
    it already happens  
    i hate the truth thats why I lie  
    i like myself the way i am even though my life isnt the greatest  
    i hate bright light and its always hot here so minecraft  
    i dont believe in god  
    I feel like most of the people here are using chrome  
    i dont go to sleep that often so wouldt really matter  
    you could sufficate though  
    I have a fear of elevators so the second I saw it I chose the other option  
    easy A  
    because i do nothing interesting except sing and draw  
    thiefs are cool beggars arent  
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