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Control my dreams to go into my TV? 1 year ago  
that particular baby monkey looks like a demon 1 year ago  
if everyone is wierd than completely average is wierd! 1 year ago  
change your gentics so you can be invisible 1 year ago  
why is there a box? 1 year ago  
can I control my dreams into the TV and Then watch them the next day? 1 year ago  
what changed? 1 year ago  
one does not simply choose a wizard. 1 year ago  
my family is part of society 1 year ago  
the letter b 1 year ago  
Superpowers! This is my backstory! 1 year ago  
lobsets are real 1 year ago  
...............What? 1 year ago  
same thing? 1 year ago  
dont even know what tinychat is 1 year ago  
I was a cool 10 year old 1 year ago  
I eat elements for breakfast 1 year ago  
Bananas are guns, didn't you know this 1 year ago +2
i don't have "earloafs" 1 year ago  
less disruption of the space time contineum 1 year ago  
i have space phobia 1 year ago +1
both 1 year ago  
I will never fly. 1 year ago  
Iron man 1 year ago +1
None 1 year ago  
a frend 1 year ago  
My nunchucks 1 year ago  
Percy jackson, Wolverine, and Steve 1 year ago  
This is a stupid qeustion 1 year ago  
Already have contacts and really bad eyes, so jokes on you author! 1 year ago  
Only 2% of the world has eyes as bad as mine!!!! 1 year ago  
I already wear contacts, so jokes on you author! 1 year ago  
people are animals... 1 year ago +1
im a guy 1 year ago  
do whatever I wnt 1 year ago  
none 1 year ago  
PARACHUTES 1 year ago +1
PEOPLE ARE ANIMALS! 1 year ago +7
the new one was stupid 1 year ago  
Sheathe 1 year ago  
already am! 1 year ago  
Smarts make you popular. Jokes on you author 1 year ago  
then steal the money from them!!!! 1 year ago  
what if my significant other is my friend? 1 year ago  
how about me!! 1 year ago  
misclick 1 year ago  
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