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hi!im a girl , my favourite animal is a dog my favourite dog breed is a jack russel and a husky ,my favourite colour is blue and my 2nd is pastel purple i have brown hair hazel ayes and im friendly. and still getting used to rrrather.

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    i hate small spaces  
    urmm i wonder...  
    11% are stupid plus im a girl so that what i wouldnt want to happen to me  
    never heard of any so i picked he niced picture  
    im alrady young  
    i kinda like that hair...  
    tetris makes me stress out  
    urmm... never heard of ms.sirois but a  
    dont what tv much anyway  
    its didn take me much to figure this one out  
    i hate cancer  
    enjoy watching me sing and dance epic  
    already own a ig dog and shes heavy i wan to own a small dog fluffy and i can it caan sit on my knee  
    fails can be funny in some ways  
    i just want puppie  
    well at least ill be able to dump the guy  
    dont like twilight its sstupid but being a wizard is great propberly  
    that room looks nicer than mine  
    pink fluffy unicorns are now real this is a song but i changed it up a little  
    pyjamis or suits dont like suits anyway  
    i dont know what the holocaust is im gonna search it now im proberly gonna regret my choice though  
    il not the dress for the prom then :D but i hardy lie anyway  
    in a boring lesson im the only purson listening to music  
    already a kid :D  
    amazon has everything  
    in a test darth vader wouldnt help  
    die or live  
    sorry but ive never had starbucks before but i love music  
    least i know he isnt my love and im not the asshole  
    zombies can hardly walk ill just hide on the highest building  
    i love them both i cant choose  
    well its not my money at least  
    i dont like any but i like harry potter better  
    at leas im loving it and im not sore and i keep my memories that night atleast  
    i can save lives and my famiy and friends at least being a lawer is harder than being a doctor  
    tattoos are art not metal in your body  
    at east i wont be the the fat girl but being smal can be cool  
    i could be iron girl not a model ill be famou if im smart  
    my dream vacation is with my friend or more it doesnt say alone  
    no longer be late for anything  
    if ill rule well you dont need to worry about ploblems anytime  
    fly around or ride on a horse? love horses but flying is better  
    i like being a girl nd be the cue 2 year old back again and do what i want no school for me! +1
    well at least theirs internet on a cell phone  
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