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    NOT FAIR 6 years ago  
    after 2200, u wont be there, besides if she normally would have been alive after i was dead, dont really think its incest 6 years ago  
    doesnt matter had sex 6 years ago +2
    i dont want to live on this planet anymore, under 18 should just not be on the internet 6 years ago  
    why is a 14 year old on the internet 6 years ago +34
    stil porn 6 years ago +227
    80 times, thats horribel? 6 years ago  
    what is a firie ant 6 years ago  
    i ment saw fail, 6 years ago  
    fail, do some research 6 years ago +10
    come on look at that sister 6 years ago  
    doesnt matter had sex 6 years ago  
    who PICKED WALRUS 6 years ago +411
    would you rather eat, was the question 6 years ago  
    or just have the bugatti 6 years ago  
    come on brony is da sh*t look them up military bronies 6 years ago  
    come on bear grylls is so healthy 6 years ago  
    hoe 6 years ago  
    skip not getting into it again 6 years ago  
    omg i threw up in my mouth 6 years ago +2
    but me like da slut 6 years ago  
    i dont look at the kyboard 6 years ago +1
    u can kill a giant with tooth picks if you have enough time and never die, 6 years ago  
    who is beter what? actor? or fighter? jackie is more fun to watch but jet li would win in a fight jackie is getting old, oh and bruce li would kill both 6 years ago  
    michael jackson, imn not gay and dont kiss guys 6 years ago  
    deffinently kill, masturbation is the perfect warm up 6 years ago +5
    come on even in a movie with the most bad ass of the most bad ass the hulk was still the most bad ass 6 years ago  
    nothing wrong with naked 6 years ago  
    haha 6 years ago +3
    thats not the question 6 years ago  
    if it was already real why did you waste your pick on that instead of picking pokemon and having them both be real, stupid christians 6 years ago  
    POKEMON!!!!! 6 years ago  
    why is luna better than ginny? oh p.s. ginny, redhead 6 years ago  
    friend: dibs on hot girl, next day me: i might have aids. friend:haha i dont understand what looks have to do with it 6 years ago +7
    why is a 12 year old on the internet 6 years ago  
    actually manuals are cheaper than automatics form most common cars 6 years ago  
    never forget to change gears my friend wanted to learn how to drive stick tried to teach him, horrible just horrible asked him why after, he said to look like the fast and the furious, i dont want to live on this planet anymore 6 years ago  
    just because he said pee pee i refuse to answer 6 years ago  
    DAT ASS 6 years ago  
    50 50% 6 years ago  
    you do know he never actually said that line right? look it up closest he got was one time he said , "scotty beam me up" 6 years ago  
    im a guy and i dont have a cucumber, im at work cant have food at the desk, 6 years ago  
    already got choice 2 6 years ago  
    OMG puked in my mouth a little 6 years ago  
    sorry military, world peace i lose my job 6 years ago  
    DOES SHE ALSO HAVE A VAGINA 6 years ago  
    vegie monster they got rid of cookie monster 6 years ago  
    cookie? 6 years ago  
    total mind fuc 6 years ago  
    WHICH CELEBRITY WHAT 6 years ago  
    I LOVE THE PUPPIES 6 years ago  
    370z 6 years ago  
    hell yea riley 6 years ago  
    i dont mind gays but i love pussy 6 years ago  
    die? die? what die? who would die because people would be doing the exact thing they are doing now but would not have to go to shome shady dealer carring a weapon in the alley to get it 6 years ago  
    marijuana yessssssssssssssss 6 years ago  
    yes portable bugatti, but also portable minivan for when your runnin from the cops 6 years ago  
    LOVE BIG WOMEN 6 years ago  
    dont give a sh*t 6 years ago  
    pokemon but Gen 1 6 years ago  
    come on gaga would show u sh*t youve never even read about 6 years ago  
    if you have 2 moms and you were adopted could you have a legal 3 way? 6 years ago +286
    MY MONEY 6 years ago  
    55% OF YOU WILL DIE OF BRAIN FREEZE 6 years ago  
    SEX SLAVE HELL YEA 6 years ago  
    LOOK AD DIS DICK, no shame no shame 6 years ago  
    too much sodium in gatorade 6 years ago  
    love older women 6 years ago  
    must not know how bad allergic reactions can get 6 years ago  
    do i wanna die or die? 6 years ago  
    skip 6 years ago  
    i own both ps3 is a better console but i enjoy playing xbox more 6 years ago  
    easy job as a historian 6 years ago  
    money money money money 6 years ago  
    see people try and twist it the question is would you rather have your finger bernt off by a liquid or have a toe eaten off, duh toe 6 years ago  
    did not skip!!! 6 years ago  
    CAR CAR CAR CAR CAR and if u thought lambos were ugly then you would hate having one you people try and twist the questions 6 years ago  
    I JUST HAD SEEEEEeeeeeX 6 years ago  
    MEAAAAAAAAAAT 6 years ago  
    old mario kart new ssb? 6 years ago  
    ganhdi was famous not rich 6 years ago  
    was fine before touchscreen im fine without it now 6 years ago +1
    but they are angry fans, i can take the bieber fans, gaga fans fuc crazy 6 years ago  
    puppies 6 years ago  
    MINE 6 years ago  
    can always rape the women 6 years ago  
    so tired of religious comments on completely unrelated questions 6 years ago  
    skip 6 years ago  
    omg family guy is so over, its just not funny anymore 6 years ago  
    15% really mankind? how can you give Bieber that much credit 6 years ago  
    pirate=sexy 6 years ago  
    never implants but b's and c's perfect 6 years ago  
    no way cause, like u said car wreck, you would be nervous in a car, around a car, hearing a car, dreaming of cars, watching a video about a car, least the date u can come to terms with your mortality before 6 years ago  
    i refuse to answer 6 years ago  
    legs 6 years ago +1
    liars 6 years ago  
    steve is dead 6 years ago  
    read the sutra fixing sex is easy, oh wait i picked incredible sex oh well yay sex 6 years ago  
    why is movies so high 6 years ago +1
    50-50 very nice 6 years ago  
    least i had it my way 6 years ago  
    whatatttttttt no virgin is winning!? 6 years ago  
    OMG YESSSSSS I DO 6 years ago  
    lottery i already told your "god" im giving him my 10 year notice at 70 6 years ago  
    didnt choose anarchy 6 years ago  
    whatttt preppy is winning? 6 years ago +3
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