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    BEST QUESTION EVER 4 years ago  
    not in the UK at least its not enforced 4 years ago  
    as someone above the drinking age this wouldn't be a problem 4 years ago  
    USA is more powerful than Russia but Obama has to do most things through the senate and congress whereas Putin does whatever he wants 4 years ago +5
    but not with Megan Fox 4 years ago +4
    locally brewed beer 4 years ago  
    only has 30% accuracy so would probably miss 4 years ago  
    links pls 4 years ago +7
    although dating methods are probably inaccurate and the earth may not be 4.5 billion years old but its definately a lot closer to that than 25,000 yrs 4 years ago +2
    it might not be natural for me but its completely natural for them 4 years ago  
    nightvision would be super useful 4 years ago +1
    who can't read a compass and map? 4 years ago +2
    most people would say they would help but when it comes down to it they'd probably just watch or ignore it 4 years ago +2
    dat youtube monay 4 years ago +2
    both apply to me 4 years ago  
    both very average movies 4 years ago  
    4- pokemon yellow 4 years ago  
    Arctic Monkeys 4 years ago  
    although cars are cooler the value deteriorates vary fast 5 years ago +1
    my one room university accommodation would be perfect 5 years ago  
    his legs are ribbed for your pleasure 5 years ago  
    the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust 5 years ago  
    why would you need super strength and telekinesis? 5 years ago +2
    I hate both these teams but i would prefer Man U to lose 5 years ago  
    china on its own would win 5 years ago  
    i love noel fielding 5 years ago +3
    pineapple express 5 years ago  
    who is this Professor Oak? 5 years ago +8
    tag involves running 5 years ago +1
    satan is a conservative. Makes sense 5 years ago  
    as an actor you would be expected to do it without extra payment 5 years ago +1
    just one test? 5 years ago  
    real women would turn me on 5 years ago +7
    don't see the point 5 years ago  
    not heaps of it but a little bit usually helps 5 years ago +3
    sex is good but its not the greatest thing in the world, i could live without it 5 years ago +1
    so is deadpool 5 years ago  
    community is amazing so... 5 years ago  
    Attack the Block was a great movie 5 years ago +1
    yes you can, you can be whatever you want its your decision what religion you choose, your sexual preferences don't matter 5 years ago +3
    if they are geniuses then they won't need to take the test to prove themselves 5 years ago +2
    I'd throw my sister off 5 years ago +6
    people like grapes 5 years ago +2
    sounds like heaven 5 years ago +1
    wooo Celtic 5 years ago +1
    unless they have AIDS 5 years ago  
    i'm surprised power saving ones suck balls 6 years ago  
    i love lamp 6 years ago  
    same 6 years ago  
    same 6 years ago  
    same 6 years ago  
    same 6 years ago  
    same 6 years ago  
    same 6 years ago  
    same 6 years ago  
    anyone who picked option b is a retard 6 years ago  
    same 6 years ago +1
    same 6 years ago  
    same 6 years ago  
    same 6 years ago  
    thats like saying basketball, oh, you mean netball 6 years ago +1
    dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die 6 years ago +3
    it depends on the sentance 6 years ago  
    had to study it at school. It was really good. 6 years ago  
    gameboy 6 years ago  
    it always snows at some point 6 years ago  
    catdog 6 years ago +2
    paaaarty 6 years ago  
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