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always asking these kinds of questions with my friends ranging from thought provoking to damn right nasty :/ ,,,,,,,,,,,im a male architecture student from Ireland. I collect lots of stuff and memroblia, from records to dvds ect ect.. im a musician and mainly listen to rockabilly but love all sorts.

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I dislike democracy its time for change would you rather a glorious emperor turning your republic into a thriving empire. or no system at all, free reign (anarchy) in other words 4 years ago 160 votes 50 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date (FOR THE BOYS) an amazing looking girl with an ok personality or an ugly girl with an amazing personality 4 years ago 317 votes 30 comments 0 likes
Do you think the world has gone mad and over the top with political correctness no its great, your just all racist bigots. or yes its crazy you cant say anything anymore. 5 years ago 235 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Had germany won ww2 do you think today it would be a leading world power with many of the worlds achievements or fizzled out and collapsed like the soviet union 5 years ago 362 votes 25 comments 0 likes
END of the world, no escape would you panic and try hide/escape in vain or accept the end and pick a nice spot and wait for the end. 5 years ago 276 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Amanda Knox Guilty or Not Guilty 5 years ago 225 votes 26 comments 4 likes
We know they are dumb. But who's dumber Lloyd or Harry 5 years ago 153 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Are you concerned about the possibility of 99942 Apophis striking earth in 2036 its a fair bit off but yes its worrying or it'll be grand 5 years ago 179 votes 19 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 23/23 skyfall Sévérine or moneypenny 5 years ago 171 votes 5 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 22/23 Quantum of Solace Camille Montes or Strawberry Fields 5 years ago 162 votes 4 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 21/23 Casino Royale Vesper Lynd or Solange Dimitrios 5 years ago 150 votes 1 comment 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 20/23 Die Another Day "Jinx" Johnson or Miranda Frost 5 years ago 164 votes 7 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 19/23 The World Is Not Enough Elektra King or Dr christmas jones 5 years ago 148 votes 8 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 18/23 Tomorrow Never Dies Paris Carver or Wai Lin 5 years ago 138 votes 4 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 17/23 Goldeneye Natalya Simonova or Xenia onatopp 5 years ago 237 votes 4 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 16/23 Licence to kill Pam Bouvier or Lupe Lamora 5 years ago 139 votes 0 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 15/23 The Living Daylights Kara Milovy or Rubavitch 5 years ago 130 votes 1 comment 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 14/23 A View to a Kill Stacey Sutton or May Day 5 years ago 228 votes 11 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 13/23 Octopussy Octopussy or Magda 5 years ago 155 votes 2 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 12/23 For Your Eyes Only Melina Havelock or Countess Lisl von Schlaf 5 years ago 151 votes 6 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 11/23 MOONRAKER Holly Goodhead or Corinne Dufour 5 years ago 156 votes 2 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 10/23 The Spy Who Loved Me Anya Amasova or Naomi 5 years ago 164 votes 4 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 9/23 The Man with the Golden Gun Mary Goodnight or Andrea Anders 5 years ago 172 votes 3 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 8/23 LIVE AND LET DIE Solitaire or Rosie 5 years ago 209 votes 12 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 7/23 DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER Tiffany Case or Plenty o'toole 5 years ago 159 votes 5 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 6/23 On Her Majesty's Secret Service Tracy Bond (wife) or Nancy 5 years ago 147 votes 6 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 5/23 YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE Helga Brant or Aki 5 years ago 207 votes 4 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 4/23 THUNDERBALL Domino Derval or Fiona Volpe 5 years ago 171 votes 1 comment 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 3/23 GOLDFINGER Pussy Galore or Jill Masterson 5 years ago 152 votes 6 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 2/23 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE Tatiana Romanova or Sylvia Trench 5 years ago 222 votes 4 comments 0 likes
James bond series (HOTTEST BOND GIRL) 1/23 DR NO Honey Ryder or Miss Taro 5 years ago 186 votes 4 comments 0 likes
The more impressive looking building Chrysler building or Empire state building 5 years ago 178 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to (for home playing) vinyl or cd's 5 years ago 243 votes 8 comments 0 likes
The better band Arctic monkeys or The killers 5 years ago 133 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather fly over a famous city In the distant past or In the distant future 5 years ago 245 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play N E S or Sega megadrive 2 5 years ago 909 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Your glass is it Half full or Half empty 5 years ago 212 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Which is better THE TERMINATOR or TERMINATOR 2 : JUDGEMENT DAY 5 years ago 190 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Vanilla Coke or Cherry Coke 5 years ago 210 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Jim Beam or Jack Daniels 5 years ago 143 votes 16 comments 0 likes
The REAL king of rock 'n' roll Jerry Lee Lewis or Elvis 5 years ago 244 votes 28 comments 141 likes
Would you rather dine with Adolf Hitler or stalin 5 years ago 260 votes 9 comments 0 likes
What Would you rather watch the dollars trilogy or the godfather trilogy 5 years ago 162 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who Would you rather was on your trail michael myers or jason voorhees 5 years ago 159 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Whos rather better oasis or blur 5 years ago 107 votes 7 comments 0 likes
On a one way trip to mars Would you rather have your music collection or movie collection 5 years ago 263 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in a world free of crime (all kinds) or disease (all kinds) 5 years ago 276 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather spend the night with (for the boys) odette annable or gal gadot 5 years ago 359 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Girls who play guitars or drums 5 years ago 952 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which kelly Would you rather minka kelly or kelly brook 5 years ago 150 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who Would you rather join you in a zombie Apocalypse rick o'connell or john rambo 5 years ago 310 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Elvis 1957 or member of the Beatles 1964 5 years ago 165 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather old convertible or new convertible 5 years ago 373 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather first wave at omaha beach or second day at the somme 5 years ago 269 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch the movie JAWS or Jurassic park 5 years ago 380 votes 12 comments 20 likes
You have been offered a free cruise (its too rude to decline) Titanic or Lusitania 5 years ago 285 votes 4 comments 1 like
What Would you rather have waiting for for when you got home Victoria Justice or 10,000 dollars 5 years ago 227 votes 7 comments 0 likes

Crawler20 has posted the following comments:

here sometimes we get abuse for speaking our mind i dont know why that is....everyone is entitled to a opinion....just as they are about what they think is right ...:) 4 years ago  
nothing i can do about happy not to hear about it or see it...given that they can do what they like as long as is it dosnt affect me or mine. 4 years ago  
no thats not rude at all. it just wouldnt be somthing im in favour of. 4 years ago  
well ill just pretend they dont :) 4 years ago  
u and Michael ? 4 years ago  
so iv played video games and had sex and i know what id rather do without 4 years ago  
sadly some do :/ 4 years ago  
the question is more about are u an optimist or a pessimist not actually about liquid in a glass 4 years ago  
EMPEROR 4 years ago  
love the stg44 worlds first proper assult rifle father of the ak47 4 years ago  
i dont know about pirates and bounty hunters but both were in die hard..beretta is john mclanes wepon of choice and the jericho was used by the bad guy in the fourth film . 4 years ago  
long live the empire...down with rebel scum 4 years ago  
Lily is such a babe ., love her 4 years ago  
both 45 cal but there is nothing like the feel and weight in your hand with the M1911 AND OR THE 1911A1 4 years ago +1
i still prefer the first two medal of honor games on the ps1 4 years ago  
mmmmmmm 4 years ago  
only reason i wathced friday night lights 4 years ago  
i was playing a game of football i had a picture of the twin towers in my locker at the time , i was 12 but i did go to the top of the WTC in 1998 i still have the ticket 4 years ago  
marry kate middleton mmmmmmmm 4 years ago  
im straight and i dont wanna see that...but i cant stand two girls kissing 4 years ago  
she looks so good there...the pic that was chosen for this question was pretty poor..they should both have a face close up. 4 years ago +1
i am happy as a man...but great pic of Minka Kelly shes so fine...i named my car Minka 4 years ago  
its minka kelly , one of my favs 4 years ago  
A pic looks epic , now thats an army 4 years ago +2
Use my money to further my aims to become Emperor 4 years ago +1 4 years ago  
shocking results natalie REALLY 4 years ago  
a group beating a zombie percfectly to the beat of queen dont stop me now...EPIC 'you've got red on you' 4 years ago +1
GREATEST FILM EVER of course i would say that 4 years ago  
i was going to send this question to you..but u were way ahead of me :D 4 years ago  
good point ...but where where they build.. 4 years ago  
a much more intresting figure aswel 4 years ago  
misread the the question thought ut was which would i rather 4 years ago +1
everything good is and has come from the north form the renaissance to the moon offence to below the equator but its true.. 4 years ago +3
i have 2 rotary phones in my house 4 years ago  
dont use em 4 years ago +1
would love my son to be out chasing all the girls 4 years ago +1
white irish 4 years ago +1
no blondes :) 4 years ago +1
when shes was a proper lady 4 years ago  
promoting a heathy great..not only do they look great but its better for them ... 4 years ago +2
they deserve the harshest punishment 4 years ago  
its happend 4 years ago  
i dont think this works , i like what your trying to do but as i would be in this room with a life behind me ill say im my current age 25 ...with all my memoires and experences and family..its not the same as if i was a featus whoes 8 months from beign born 4 years ago +2
yes but was romoved because im not dating victoira justice...printed out a copy tho,,,looks well on paper tho 4 years ago +4
what was it someone once said about the danger where poeple dont think and put our faith in technology ...COME ON PEOPLE...really ud rather be afraid to think....we still have sex books music no iphone app telling u bullsh*t u dont need 4 years ago  
yeah thats true...but id still rather have soup as a side.. 4 years ago  
toy story 3 was awesome if you havent seen it , why not ? watch it. 4 years ago  
i love soup ....i could eat soup all day 4 years ago +1
ok b is a bum with pride haha 4 years ago  
havnt a clue who A is...b is a actress and singer..made popular on the nickelodeon show victorious staring victoria justice my fav girl on the planet...thats the only reason i choose b and so i can use her to get close to victoria :D hehe 4 years ago +1
stable income and B sounds like a bum 4 years ago  
haha thanks i appricate that...of course i use youtube all the time but i buy at least one record a week. only bad thing is at partys people think they are DJ'S and start attempting to the hand on the record dj annoying ..i spent 80 dollars on one record alone they aint toys :/ 4 years ago 4 years ago  
records i have bought over the last few years if u want to see 4 years ago  
couldnt agree more....blondes are not hot 4 years ago +2
the darker the better 4 years ago  
as an imperialist i can say i like order :D 4 years ago  
its the type of thing that would be fun for like a day after that disaster.....every man for himself... 4 years ago  
no question ....easy choice 4 years ago +2
oh yeah 4 years ago  
the FBI and secret service are on the case..censored is the word of the day 4 years ago +1
i checked its him 4 years ago  
scary thinkn of somthing that size in the ocean 4 years ago  
would they be as quick to give the money back to me if i needed it...i think not 4 years ago  
is that lee harvey oswald (on the right ) ? 4 years ago  
i love goin down..i dont care how long she ran for 4 years ago  
but she is not a hot jew....of all the hot jews in the world 4 years ago +3
OF COURSE 4 years ago  
AN EMPEROR 4 years ago  
but the original stars jill not the spandex wearing blonde 4 years ago +1
i only buy my music...and all on vinyl too 4 years ago +2
as long as ellen page isnt in it 4 years ago  
as if this was a tough choice....too bad shes taken 4 years ago +1
i prefer sasuage and bacon.... 4 years ago  
that Messerschmitt 109 is gona destroy that spitfire heap of junk 4 years ago +1
although id really rather neither 4 years ago  
closer to choclolate cake 4 years ago  
loved u asked this question 4 years ago +2
my last words might be ''it was fun'' :) 4 years ago +1
kate middleton maby 4 years ago +1
I HAD ONE ..but he miss thoes home cooked dinners and the house cleaning he did 4 years ago +1
well they couldnt provide any clues to the suffolk stranglers first 2 victims because he dumped them in the river...police said water washed the DNA away ..afther that he left them in the woods..he was caught after no 5....maby it was the river was flowing water. 4 years ago  
that hair is horrible..choir boy miley 4 years ago  
hahhahaha i see what u did there .. 4 years ago  
yeah worser lol 4 years ago  
few beers BBQ and the company of our lovely wife's :) 4 years ago  
katy perry lol 4 years ago  
i am irish so i guess germans 4 years ago  
hell yeah 4 years ago  
i was but i changed it 4 years ago  
there she is...are me and victoria still cool to visit next fall :) 4 years ago  
i respect the same way about victoria justice ....but i do think lily is 1000000 times hotter than perry so well done 4 years ago  
Exactly ...another brunette man i see...wise man 4 years ago  
i cant belive pokemon is still going..fair play to the company i guess 4 years ago +2
Some questions are very thought provoking ....maby not the anime ones :P 4 years ago +3
followed by a hail caesar salute :) HEHE 4 years ago  
id MUCH rather evang lilys perky breasts in ur profile pic... 4 years ago  
we all have diffrent tastes...:D OK you have them 4 years ago  
1 VICTORIA JUSTICE ❤❤ 2 Odette Annable 3 Minka Kelly 4 Clara Alonso 5 Gal Gadot 6 Melanie Iglesias 7 Lily Aldridge 4 years ago  
no brainer 4 years ago +1
Pleasured myself to many over the years...never her .. 4 years ago +3
fake and too big for my liking...i dont know why so many girls think surgery is the way to go....please ladies keep em natural 4 years ago +5
since he first arrived on the scene 4 years ago  
they look nice,,,i dont like watson 4 years ago +1
your country will be in flames with countless corpses on the streets with in a year...imagine all thos rapists and murderers on the streets running wild 4 years ago +1
im 25 , its really not that uncommon 4 years ago +3
iv had both. 40 was the oldest...but younger is better 4 years ago +3
yeah no 2m wide exhuast shaft ..... 4 years ago +1
thoes mistakes will not be repeated :) 4 years ago  
please provide ur current location so the secret police can.... em collect you...:) 4 years ago  
the empire is kinda full there isnt really room for good to see yoda finally came to sense and voted in a system that works :P no more silly republic 4 years ago  
TWD is my fav show...daryl is cool but honestly i dont understand the obsession with him. 4 years ago  
i imagine ill be out drinking in the sunshine with the girls in there little shorts :P 4 years ago  
25,900 i got.. but i dont read books 4 years ago  
yeah kinda got that feeling. haha 4 years ago +1
you love saying that really dont like thoes muslims do you 4 years ago +1
i know i love it..and thats my favourite version 4 years ago +1
viva il duce .....DUCE DUCE DUCE :D 4 years ago  
Napoleon had the right idea...where is the next emperor to lead the example 4 years ago  
water washes away DNA . 4 years ago  
i think with out a leader there is no order like kids in a house with no parents as a simple example 4 years ago  
OH i havnt seen that movie 4 years ago  
no brainer 4 years ago  
hahah well said 4 years ago  
thats what im saying...i hate anarchy ....i like order and harsh punishment on criminals 4 years ago  
but by definition of the word its chaos ...empire is stable there is order , national unity clean streets and all thoes lovley speeches , parades and marches 4 years ago  
phhhffff republic what a joke. president for what 7 years then ur out of power 4 years ago  
i have no designs on world domination....just Europe so i guess ur safe . 4 years ago +1
exile for thee 4 years ago +3
as long as im emperor :D 4 years ago  
LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE 4 years ago  
only brunettes 4 years ago +1
what do you mean ? 4 years ago  
yeah i tend not too look at ugly people on the street..we have hot girls here in dublin...but ur right ...and about the personality 4 years ago  
ooohh NICE... but both are nice..cheers dude...bit of a legend :) daragh .. 4 years ago  
iv never seen one and iv seen alot 4 years ago  
no not at all..these are my faourite questions...i dont have sex with blondes tho :/ so i cant really pic one lol 4 years ago  
god i do love these questions ..more comming ? 4 years ago  
but u went for the looks :D i agree 4 years ago +1
im guessing ur and your GF broke up :/ 4 years ago  
yeah i know what ur saying. ha 4 years ago  
hahaha try go easy on her if ya can :P 4 years ago  
haha fair play...i couldnt do that a face man. it kinda putts the paper bag idea on the scrap heap for me. :/ 4 years ago +1
yeah true ..but the thing is would you date her if shes hot as hell ? 4 years ago  
i thought of putting her in but shes not as high up as shiloh ..makes no diff ALL the girls i like look the same ha 4 years ago  
yeah perfect face amazing hair...10/10 4 years ago  
Yeah thats why i uploaded her...big fan.. :) i know people can vote id just like to keep it straight boys as much as poss 4 years ago  
i hear ya , but i cant stop gays or straight girls from voting lol.. 4 years ago  
hope it helped :D 4 years ago  
but the question is for straight males. 4 years ago  
you might be overthinking things...ok personality meaning ...not much in common in intrests .she might be abit greedy snappy boring whatever traits you think you wouldnt want to date 4 years ago +1
do u fancy halle ? .. 4 years ago  
thats a good point man. im sure people will get the idea tho.. 4 years ago  
done both always enjoy music more tho 4 years ago  
i wanted to swim in that water so bad...maby not with everyone trying to kill me tho :/ 4 years ago  
cant wait for the next installment 4 years ago  
i loved the setting in catching fire...tropical lagoon type...rather than just woodland everywhere 4 years ago 4 years ago  
the original if anyone wants 4 years ago  
i hate the world cup..but my countrys glory is more important 4 years ago +1
but i prefer the original recording of barbara ann by 'the regents' 4 years ago  
philip seymour was a true talent so sad i wont get to see more of his work 5 years ago +1
wooooooooo 5 years ago  
didnt even need to think about that one. 5 years ago +1
cocky/vain but not offensive...she was a teenage girl ..alive now she prob would like him 5 years ago  
i dont think giving them money is really the answer...they should have more oppertunity to get educated and a job i.e a help in motavation and a government funded education scheme ...what money i give will most likely be spent on drugs/booze 5 years ago +3
my avatar sais it all :) jaws baby 5 years ago +1
pulp fiction / return of the jedi 5 years ago  
aliens / pulp fiction 5 years ago  
Terminator 2 : judgement day. 5 years ago  
Heydrich looks so smart in his SS uniform....the nazis commited many crimes was NOT one of them 5 years ago +2 5 years ago  
yeah but world at was is the only one i like :) 5 years ago  
world at war yussssssss 5 years ago  
i dont think it would suit...theres only one iwasaki yataro ha 5 years ago +1
long live the emperor 5 years ago  
i wouldnt sell it to be honest ...its pride of place along with my JERRY LEE LEWIS is my world...worth more than afew thousand bucks 5 years ago  
yeah he played it in concert to ..i play blues harmonica but i only played that one twice maby its to good to ruin 5 years ago  
i cant view my own profile 5 years ago  
i have bob dylans harmonica but not 20 bucks :/ 5 years ago  
every day ...tangled earphones, guitar leads , shoe laces , speaker wires....story of my life 5 years ago +1
batman 1989 ..with the proper joker (jack nicholson) 5 years ago  
handsome like plastic :) 5 years ago  
i see these not as a sequel but a direct continuation like one long movie them both tho..i picked 2 because i know no one else would :P 5 years ago  
i prefer johns voice too...but paul sings cant buy me love and i saw her standing there brilliantly 2 favs 5 years ago  
iv been playing for many years and while im not a fan of either bar afew songs between them is a real master of blues guitar i find hendrix sloppy but it worked for his sound 5 years ago  
get it over with b would be to painful for everyone involved 5 years ago +1
3 years guarented true love with the best chick ever...DEFO...till then keep workn and partying with friends ... 5 years ago +1
and i shave it off as soon as possible 5 years ago  
BRING IT BACK 5 years ago  
selenas face is too round for my taste ...i prefer the slimmer face look... 5 years ago  
well i do the same guys only questions get the most accruate survey it makes sence ...its directed to hetro guys and what they prefer . 5 years ago  
hell yeah brunettes all they sexy 5 years ago +1
any day of the week 5 years ago  
yeah they are BIG ...but look at that fluffy collie :D 5 years ago  
the gods smite thy code failures 5 years ago  
me too.. just tried it 5 years ago  
:) 5 years ago +1
karl pilkintons 70quid trainers were wrecked in holi day ...i dont want that to happen to me :p 5 years ago  
they only type i date. :D 5 years ago  
cant wait to get a border collie . the only breed for me 5 years ago  
michael collins 5 years ago  
there was room but it wasnt boyent to float with both people 5 years ago +2
see ww1 party tru the 20s see hitler and the boys causing mischef in europe ....ah sure 5 years ago  
gotta love titanic 5 years ago  
god these are the 2 guitars i hate most...overated and everywhere...i have a rickenbacker 325 i pick that :) 5 years ago  
but it would REALLY be 1950s america 5 years ago +1
indiana jones has taught us well 5 years ago  
melanie such a babe 5 years ago  
snazzy SS uniforms and vera farmiga im happy 5 years ago  
id rather a then to see that ugly face of hers in a pic 5 years ago  
i like how that sounds 5 years ago  
haha yeah..dont nobody wanna see that sh*t 5 years ago  
hawaii would be missed 5 years ago  
another question i cant answer :/ 5 years ago  
of course there is no b option lol 5 years ago +1
// 5 years ago  
the same pics as my question lol 5 years ago  
of course 5 years ago  
mmmmmm any day 5 years ago  
id just move quickly and far away... 5 years ago  
a is hot , b is not 5 years ago +1
i only like white girls....i dont find any other race attractive . 5 years ago  
i love electro swing..parov glad u posted catgroove as a link... 5 years ago  
i have a k98 :D :D 5 years ago +2
gays dont sit well with our political belifes do they ;) 5 years ago  
please no tho 5 years ago  
love how the question is who would u kill 'FIRST' 5 years ago +2
i went for a 5 hr walk the other day alone....we dont have stars in the city night sky :/ 5 years ago  
ohhhh yeah 5 years ago  
shes so cute mmmmm 5 years ago  
turn offs...blondes , fake boobs and girl on girl stuff. 5 years ago  
no brainer 5 years ago +1
tomb raider yay 5 years ago  
a red ...we are natural enemys...but im sure ur a nice person :) 5 years ago  
yes but id be a red man surrounded by blue men ;/ damn left wing scum grrrr 5 years ago  
emperor of the world .....YES 5 years ago  
joss stone is really fit...i couldnt accept the whole anne of cleves being ugly with joss playing her....her accent too when she sais ur majesty ...mmmm sexy ;) 5 years ago  
a wasnt an easy choice...but id hate being cheated natalie dormer was so fine as anne boleyn 5 years ago  
i hate weed...but if legal and taxed....drives crime and dealers out...and government makes money 5 years ago +1
shovel can be used to conceal you....dig ditch traps..and its easyer to kill somone with a shovel than an axe (thats how we spell it here) easyr as less horrific for you to do . 5 years ago +1
any day.....whats wrong with my daughter getting some dick....besides shes grow out of it.... 5 years ago  
any zombie game esp res evil 2 5 years ago  
someone will prob be offended by us saying that 5 years ago  
for my style of music, this is a simple choice 5 years ago  
in this pathetic PC world B all day long 5 years ago +1
there is some truth in both these..altho i dont think they are on conspiracy level. 5 years ago +2
yeah aload of t-rex's knockn about that sounds safe HA 5 years ago  
i know neither of them..but just going by the pics 5 years ago  
no i hate trolling , just an opinion 5 years ago  
i have 4 ww2 stahlmelms and one ww1 stahlhelm love them 5 years ago  
just so i can get close to victoria justice , im sure she has her number in her phone :p 5 years ago  
imperial fascism ....napoleons rule with hitlers uniforms and parades. 5 years ago  
both amount to the same really 5 years ago  
guitar , piano , bass , drums , harmonica and anything i can get my hands on :) 5 years ago  
it wasnt just charlie leaving...the whole quality declined and the jokes...and i hate that gay girl charachter....grrrrrr 5 years ago  
bed is for me and my wife ..thats it. 5 years ago +1
footballs boring 5 years ago  
transfer all bank funds to an untracable account which i can access after the month :D 5 years ago +2
why would i kiss the same sex....ewww 5 years ago +1
phone is stupid..imagine how easy it would be to loose once you put it down... 5 years ago  
american grafitti , indiana wars..guys a hero. 5 years ago  
up to the last episode with charlie sheen...iv never seen a show go down hill so fast 5 years ago +2
hate tacos 5 years ago  
ah didnt even notice that.....god i hate them grrrrrr 5 years ago  
i did go to the same school that de valera .but im a collins man 5 years ago  
michael collins greatest hero....i have that portrait in my living room :) 5 years ago  
dont forget rapists in general ....cants stand them 5 years ago +2
dye my hair right away 5 years ago +2
couldnt u have picked a 2 dollar bill for the a pic... 5 years ago  
clints a legend and icon...but putin has power and a vision ...and if he creates the next russian empire im next in line to the throne... 5 years ago  
damn that girl in A is cute as hell ... 5 years ago  
a library 5 years ago +2
still rather be poor than gay 5 years ago  
course i have but i dont know what a pokeball is 5 years ago  
so cute :) 5 years ago  
but honestly im not here to troll , its clear we have diffrent views and never the two shall meet . :) 5 years ago +1
no more work no more taxes no restrictions never have to worry about money live where u want....handy 5 years ago  
i want to pick kendall 5 years ago +1
id settle for emperor of europe 5 years ago  
ALL NIGHT LONG..esp when its gal gadot 5 years ago  
altho fashion police would prob dress like fascists . cuz they always dressed well :D 5 years ago +1
either option didnt work out well in the blair witch project 5 years ago +2
and i really dont like it being taught to small children in school ...i think people are in such a rush to be seen as equal and everything pc they dont give a damn about the effects 5 years ago  
i dont agree with gay marriage....there are 2 options ...i made a choice whats the problem.... 5 years ago +1
i agree....everyone reacs different ,,,some people cry....some people try take there mind off it...i mean u see people joking and getting drunk at a funeral you dont call them hartless or odd behaiviour 5 years ago +1
not really i pretty sure there blue. :D 5 years ago  
i dont care because i never look at my eyes..i dont even know what colour they are...but id rather date a girl with brown eyes. 5 years ago  
when she was with carol and said 'YOUR MAD AT ME' i nearly got a tear on.....and that was before i realised what was gona happen next...look at the flowers lizzie 5 years ago  
girl is hawt 5 years ago  
home of rockabilly , sun records is reason enough 5 years ago +1
b is hot 5 years ago +1
i really liked lizzie. after she shot that dyke i thought she was gona become a badass charachter 5 years ago  
resident evil 2 terrified me when it came out. the music and errie quitness and sound effects in that police station....truly a classic 5 years ago +1
gay wife i couldnt think of anything WORSE except 2 in a row... 5 years ago +1
theres no chance in hell id want anyone else sleeping with my wife esp another woman . 5 years ago  
is modern family the one with the gays ? 5 years ago  
never seen a girl with short hair that i fancied 5 years ago +1
things were better in the 50s the world has gone mad these days . chicks with dicks for example none of that sh*t in the 50s 5 years ago +2
famously before his beheading charles the first asked for a second shirt so he wouldnt tremble from the cold in which people might think he was shaking with fear...thats pretty badass. 5 years ago  
the anger towards cats always causes typos 5 years ago  
well said...every one has to tip toe around this PC world...what the hell is wrong with being a straight guy who dosnt like seeing gays make out...ffs what are we supposed to love it...why would we. 5 years ago  
REALLY not a fan 5 years ago  
i loath cats 5 years ago +3
iv had a and would not like to have a repeat 5 years ago  
''i got a pittbull now'' 5 years ago +1
forget the car 5 years ago +1
i have juuuuust the person in mind muhah 5 years ago  
oh yeah 5 years ago  
fav movie is jaws ....lake placid got nothing on that 5 years ago  
can the girlfriend be victoria justice. 5 years ago  
had one today yummie 5 years ago  
i knew someone who died in a plane crash and hate flying ...i love the ocean and boats so yeah 5 years ago  
hate is a extreme im chosing option b as i do not approve 5 years ago +1
confusing kids with thoes msgs is so beyond wrong little girls need there princes as far a kids storys go it shouldnt be any other way. 5 years ago +1
whats wrong with being poor 5 years ago +6
whats wrong with being straight :) 5 years ago  
intresting u still voted straight instead of skiping...proving you do favour straight kids if u had the choice...dont be so pc its ok to speak ur mind. 5 years ago +1
im opposite 5 years ago  
come on seriously if YOU had the choice to have straight kids or gay kids...if god said i can make it any way are u seriously saying ud pick gay..u say u dont care on the orientation but im pretty sure if u had the definte choice ud pick straight. 5 years ago  
if my son was gay id be pretty heartbroken...but if it was my daughter i honestly dont know what id do...i pray this wont be the case.. 5 years ago +1
depends how large the county is and standing army is.......if its china no need...if its luxemburg they may need the numbers... 5 years ago  
and im straight..still the lesser of two evils 5 years ago  
yeah but i wouldnt dress like that....state of them. 5 years ago +1
a gay wife my worst nightmare . 5 years ago  
pretty much as it is now im happy with that. 5 years ago  
have a second son so to be sure...would be a shame for your blood line and family seed to die out after all the thousands of years. 5 years ago  
really didnt care for him in it. i grew up with batman 89 i just think he was more of a villian 5 years ago  
the joker but the jack nicholson joker. 5 years ago +1
same same :D 5 years ago  
fascism isnt that bad. 5 years ago +1
sun records :D 5 years ago +1
TWILIGHT ZONE RULES. 5 years ago  
well thanks...haha..but u can see what i mean i think its a stupid generic throw away comback , to dislike /disagree dosnt mean you secretly agree. just annoyes me is all. 5 years ago  
yes but allowing a marrage outside of a man and woman leaves the door open for any one to declare the right to marry who they want. and just because 2 cousins or brother and sister get married dosnt mean they will have children. 5 years ago +1
no i didnt think u were saying that...ur point just reminded me of that argument where im accused of closet simply because i disagree. 5 years ago  
yeah, oh just saying that the pics are very biast painting anyone who disagrees as a westbrough baptist church style freak. 5 years ago +1
loved the last xmen 5 years ago +1
id love to meet 'wheels' 5 years ago  
that clears it up. 5 years ago  
yeah and where does that it will be 2 cousins and relations demanding equal mean whats the big deal they love each other right. 5 years ago +1
i love when im asked this question and the next question is am i very religious...theres more to it than god says no. 5 years ago +1
i agree. 5 years ago +3
yes but i still thing using that comparison is stupid..animals showing homosexual activity...animals lack our emotions and reasoning power...i saw pig get shot and its piglet beside the parent stood beside for 10 secs then walked away and started to just because animals do it dosnt make it more ok. if u get imnot trolling being genuine. 5 years ago  
i didnt really know what to pick....i dont support gays.....but phobic implies a fear..not afraid just dont agree. 5 years ago +4
because there is a no option so anyone who disagrees can click it :D 5 years ago +1
i dont think disagreeing is hatefull...even the pics are biast...the no option for not into the bible and all that. 5 years ago +1
love how ur comparing gays to the animal kingdom....i mean monkeys throw there own sh* if u want to take ur lead form them go ahead...humans i feel are a little more intelligent. 5 years ago  
i really hate the oh ur against gay marrage ur in the closet argument...i REALLY dislike salad and spicy does that mean i secretly love them. 5 years ago +2
''all day'' is just abit too creepy. 5 years ago  
he loves to talk about art and in the napoleonic era in can he discuss 5 years ago  
TIGER TANK please philip, cheers mate. 5 years ago  
just gimme the happy 5 years ago  
old guns but not that ww2 era old enough 5 years ago  
change it up....NEW party 5 years ago +1
SHES SMILING....its like seeing a ufo....u know ur seeing it but you still cant belive it 5 years ago  
haha :D 5 years ago +1
since it wasnt stated the surgeon is operating on just have him 5 years ago +1
commercials or ad's as we call them really arnt bad here.....its like 4 mins every 20 mins 5 years ago  
i could use one now 5 years ago +1
apperently hitler had some massive parties where hundreds of thousands of people would turn up...much better than anything bieber could come up with 5 years ago +1
i dont agree at all but if they have to cant they have brand new system..with there own traditions no rings no church and not use the words husband/wife or marrage. 5 years ago +2
well said. when a kid asks where babies come form no problem , when a 4 year old girl sees too girls makn out and asks if she can marry a girl in her class. WTF. kids are so impressionable i dont think it should be promoted. 5 years ago +1
nearly fell off the couch reading that...coudlnt be phrased better 5 years ago +1
FANTASTIC...either answer is correct. 5 years ago +1
twilight zone is a fantastic show..watched since i was a kid. just bought all the box sets so no need to wait till new years. 5 years ago  
its the dream (literally), cant wait for sleepy time tonight. 5 years ago  
its the most annoying thing ever. hate when girls do this ESP straight girls 5 years ago  
anything lori gives me is good 5 years ago  
your welcome ? :D 5 years ago  
NO contest 5 years ago  
anything with karl is epic 5 years ago  
walther p38 x2 5 years ago  
brittany check this out think ull like it..brilliant clip. dont forget to full screen it 5 years ago  
100% correct....big is a turn off and implants are the ultamate turn off....small perky is hot 5 years ago  
bring it back 5 years ago  
i dont like the look of mixing in general 5 years ago  
theres no contest. caucasians have more attractive features and much more facial types. but black people are lovley to talk to , just dont find them attractive. 5 years ago +2
depends on the misfortune .....they fall on there ass... YES. there entire family is butchered NOT SO MUCH lolling 5 years ago +5
The First Irish Empire. 5 years ago  
my enemy's who all work for the same organisation muhahaha 5 years ago  
maggie is class. i dont see whats so good about michonne anyway..mags is fit. you cant kill off the good looking girl. 5 years ago  
ellen page is a dyke , deffo dont want to date her. 5 years ago  
Emma would kill that dyke easily 5 years ago  
i did not enjoy that film. 5 years ago  
tiger was a beautiful machine 5 years ago  
i grew up with carrey so that would be fun 5 years ago +1
gay guys maby , but not gay girls . 5 years ago  
Van Braun was a bright wonder the Fuhrer hired him to build toes v1 / v2 rockets. 5 years ago +1
while we eat Hershel could tell us some of his wisdom and whimsical stories of the days of old. then id sneak off upstairs with Maggie :D 5 years ago  
anything but communist ideals 5 years ago +3
falling off the guard tower when the allies arrive. 5 years ago  
ultimate man cave. 5 years ago  
it is great. the look on some peoples faces. iv seen calmer faces on people getting mugged. 5 years ago +1
that reminds me TIME TO FAP 5 years ago  
we wore uniforms until the final year then you can dress smart casual. shirt , tie , chinos ect. 5 years ago  
looks like that shot gun is a mossberg 500...good choice 5 years ago  
i love that word 5 years ago +2
lost is still epic and one of my fav shows. 5 years ago  
when you hear emergency broadcast u know zombies are coming 5 years ago  
haha very good 5 years ago  
whatever its intention was has changed to what we all know it as now. polite is opening doors to someone and saying please and thank you...not me being given out to because i cant use the term ''mental'' hospital....ect 5 years ago +3
you should say there race its absolutly relevent, dont feel discriminatory GOD I HATE PC 5 years ago +1
that's just crazy. 5 years ago  
i know some people who would get upset by thoes questions. :/ 5 years ago  
usually sex will come with love, win win 5 years ago  
haha imagine opening your window and shouting out on the street ''KEEP IT DOWN, your all annoying me cant we all enjoy the last 5 mins in peace jeez '' ha 5 years ago +1
i mean changing the nursery rhyme “Baa Baa Black Sheep” to read “Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep” is one small example. WTF. 5 years ago +2
but it would be nice to go out in a dramatic way with style right ;) 5 years ago +3
yeah i agree. And i honestly think 80 or more precent of the time they are offended because they think if they arnt they will be seen as a bad person....i think people are too afraid to say what they want. 5 years ago +2
karl pilkington know's where its at 5 years ago  
tall girls are awesome , thoes long legs. 5 years ago +1
could sware that girl on the left was sat across me on the train to day. i would have started talkn to her if the old biddy beside me didnt start talking about the weather......grrrrr 5 years ago  
the BNP just dont have the look or appeal as the BUF, they'd sort out islam4uk 5 years ago +1
she was even on the cover of my school daily planner. got abit annoying everyone creepn on her the whole time tho. 5 years ago  
whoops i thought u were a girl. soz dude. :/ i didnt sopt the male symbol. 5 years ago  
NAH..i dont really do that. im good ur good, just our difference in votes separates us :( haha jk 5 years ago  
i know thats why i mentioned the word confusing and went into so much detail :D 5 years ago  
its just a phrase ''no and no'' , like done and done, dosnt mean im saying no to both options if you havnt heard it before i can see why it would be confusing :D 5 years ago +1
no and no 5 years ago +1 5 years ago +1
EMPEROR 5 years ago  
thought it said katy perry 5 years ago +4
on a canvas yes on a building or public space no...makes place look like a ghetto 5 years ago +4
your being excuted in the morning...have a feckn chicken ffs 5 years ago +2
the last meal is really more a psychological torture to the inmate rather than anything have ur fav food cuz you wont be having it again .......losers. 5 years ago +1
my fav beatles period the hamburg days 1960/62 5 years ago  
i am :D 5 years ago  
blackadder goes forth all day long 5 years ago  
really are so impressional, everyones in such a hurry to be pc there not thinking of the effects that behaviour being encouraged can have. 5 years ago  
i didnt know faye reagan smoked. 5 years ago  
im not black enough for b 5 years ago +4
rach deffo 5 years ago  
Shes pretty swaeet ..ready for that zombie invasion :D 5 years ago +1
with out the bass music on the opening of seinfeld is reason enough to vote for germany :D 5 years ago  
perfect face, amazing hair, killer long legs sexy accent. 5 years ago  
friday series over all (altho format is the same). but halloween 1978 is my fav horror film and charachter its flawless. the other halloween films the budgets got lower and the masks got worse. 5 years ago  
have ya ever , ever felt like this..:D 5 years ago  
well membership in the SS is quite out of the question with justins profile pic..kidding justin :D 5 years ago  
A reminds me too much of the suffolk strangler house... CREEEPY 5 years ago  
stayed up all night to watch it didnt want to miss it. 1 its was somthing positive not more on the war on terror blah blah...2 revivng intrest in monarchy (no more presidents) and kate middleton is so FIT. 5 years ago  
well from europe anyway. which prob by this timeline would have been finished in the 50's 5 years ago  
ace ventura challenge. 5 years ago  
lily aldridge 5 years ago  
not being biast with the irish harp...simpley ross geller bagpipes (celebrate good times song) need i say more 5 years ago  
rach early seasons. mon later seasons 5 years ago  
me too but im picking what i would rrrather see comming down the aisle 5 years ago +1
kate middleton :D 5 years ago  
i used to watch it..i miss barry, untill he appeared on Extras and life too short and thus life is complete...well nearly ha. 5 years ago +1
small ones tho..not 2 hindenbergs like that pic. 5 years ago  
minka kelly on the tv...YUSS 5 years ago  
good idea. dont think it'll be heavy enough. 5 years ago  
since i pretty much live in there....and the grapes across the street. 5 years ago  
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