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    If I liked a girl who only liked men then there you go!  
    You need intelligence to at least have knowledge you can't have knowlege without intelligence it just doest work!  
    if you double your intelligence you can quadruple your knowledge! intelligence is the key to knowledge duh!  
    Knowing you save tons of life will be a experience too remember throughout your entire life and will send a good example onto your family, but if you buy a light saber it eventually will stop working and what will you get off of a light saber? regret.  
    a private wedding is more romantic  
    My computer is sucks for them.  
    For your information Micheal Jackson didn't 'molest' boys! He was involved in the Illuminati and because he wanted out they made him look bad on the media by doing this sh*t! Look it up!  
    Marijuana is not a drug. Its a plant. There's nothing wrong with doing it. People are threatened by it but it cures cancer. Do people not know this sh*t!!!  
    Where's Brad Pitt????! Interview with the vampire is better than these vampires now a days!!!!  
    I would be provoking them to beat the sh*t outta him.  
    I'm in a loving relationship so money would be good!!  
    I am the young sibling it's better to be young so you are able to look up to someone!  
    Get a wig  
    My family is never satisfied with anything. And besides I care less if satisfying people!! I wish there was a neither button. +1
    I'm 17. So he'll be at a good age!! (:  
    Las Vegas is too expensive  
    I'm German so if option A happened i would be fine. +1
    So I couldn't see this crappy world.  
    Personality over looks. They won't have the same looks forever.  
    If I had a kid who was Anorexic or Suicidal I would take care of her no matter what!! And show her she'll get through it! When people do that they only self harm or starve themselves because they feel alone or not good enough and you show those people that theyre more than what they think they are Now if I had a kid that did drugs I wouldn't be able to help them! Because you live by the gun you die by the gun Is what I always say. +1
    People wouldn't get abortions if they allowed you to get your tubes tightened without having a kid!! Fix the law dumbasses.  
    They're people who don't steal!!! Better not to steal because there is such thing as karma.  
    She might be annoying but at least she gives me food.  
    Can hear those b*tches talk sh*t!  
    Subway isn't trying to kill you. Just saying (:  
    Who gives a sh*t about fame when you have money!!  
    Having a gay child nowadays is better then back then because it's more accepting now. Which is amazing!!  
    I honestly do not give a sh*t what they have.  
    I honestly don't care  
    Money doesn't buy happiness!  
    Picture's don't matter when you have memories  
    I'm German...sooo gotta stick with my type. Besides Germans know how to handle there liquor without getting obnoxiously crazy.  
    The Australian men though!!!!  
    Greed over respect! There's a difference there.  
    Popularity is for stupid people  
    Never said DO you pee in the shower!!  
    It would be extremely awkward if there was no short clip.  
    Avoid the awkwardness!!!  
    Nothing wrong with being weird.  
    You don't get older on christmas! Besides that's the day unknown people give you gifts! Christmas is only about family AKA. Parents,Siblings, Grandparents. Thats about all who buy you Christmas gifts.  
    I don't have a religion and never will! Im a person that needs proof before I start believing.  
    Facebook is going downhill soon it'll be like MySpace once newer and popular websites come out.  
    Gay marriage is right!!! It says in the Bible two men can't have sex but doesn't say anything about two women??! GOD LOVES EVERYONE okay so stop believing he will hate those for going against his rights. The Bible was written by kings and has Ben constantly changed!!!! The Bible is a fraud. People have the right to make there own decisions and God won't hate you for it. God isn't evil he accepts of everything. Stop being ignorant and open your eyes. +1
    You can control your dreams.  
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