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    Well I'm spanish.  
    I watched both of em'  
    That 58% aren't saying the truth  
    With 300,000$ I can get another lungs, or so simply: I smoke, I get the money and I stop smoking  
    If you're out of the college, you just can't get a job.  
    Stupid question ever. I can travel to a house of a place where nobody lives and if somebody quit me the house I go to other and other and other... +1
    A coconut have more hair than me so why do I need an stylist?  
    Me 2 bro.  
    Well.. I used Chrome like 4 years and I honestly hate it, it's so slow, it crashes second by second, and the downloads can't reach 1.0 MB Then I started using Firefox and faster internet, faster downloads and no more crashing, without saying that you can play games there tt in Chrome you can't.  
    In prison you have free food, and you have your own house there, with all those persons who can kick your ass :) (I'm so bored)  
    A ninja pirate.  
    If you have like a dream be an immortal what the hell happens?  
    The fat mens make impossible a stucked elevator because it falls  
    He isn't a queen, and he isn't a king, he's only a stupid kid.  
    Best comment ever  
    Have unlimited wishes and use one of them to let me wish money.  
    Well stpd, if you're a boy┬┐?  
    To be always losing and rage I don't wanna play.  
    I'm a man and I would like to touch my girl parts -lenny-  
    All of you're so stupids really... You can take a billion dollars, give a million to the Africans and keep the other million to you.  
    I'm a nobody in this world, and it isn't perfect, but I prefeer it, because I have other nobody persons who can I be their friends  
    If you're immortal, you can have more money, but I really prefeer be the richest person on the planet, because if you're an immortal.. For example, you will have a girlfriend, she will die after like 20 years, you will have other and she will die too and you'll be alive, always sad knowing than all the people who love will die and you will not.  
    Famous, so I can be the best friend of another famous and we're both of us famous.  
    50-50 If I know the cause of the death I can avoid it.  
    Omg 48%... Where's the social life?  
    Fly... Well. We can all here fly if we drop from an airplane with a parachute.  
    God, think it, if you rule the world you can quit or solve the problems, and you still ruling the world.  
    Well, u can go to the future and there should be another time machine to go in the time to the 1800's and then see your ancestors, so then you go back to the "present" with that time machine that u bought in the future.  
    I always prefeer be alone in moments like that with that person who I love.  
    Well.. Then you're a piece of sh*t. +1
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