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    I love Harry Potter and all, but the question doesn't say you'll become some badass powerful wizard. Rather be rich in this world and some Joe Shmoe wizard.  
    I hate chocolate.  
    My point is that there are trillions of other oceans on different planets in the universe. Why would you confine yourself to exploring this one planet's oceans, when you could explore the infinitely expanding universe?  
    You are completely wrong with everything you just said. Space incomprehensibly and exponentially large. We know incredibly more about Earth than we do about space.  
    Discovered and explored are two different words. Less than 0.000000000000000000000000000000000001% of space has even been discovered let alone explored.  
    You guys realize how long it would take to walk through a three thousand mile maze? 3,000 miles. That's like walking from California to Maine. Even if you could use a car, that'd take over 48 hours. +2
    The Islamic Extremists acted in the name if their religion, idiot.  
    Go to college, kids. +3
    Don't let Mike hear you say that.  
    $50,000 a year isn't that much money. And that's also if you spend nothing.  
    You are literally too dumb to argue with. Have fun in the ocean.  
    Do you seriously think that there is more interesting discoveries to be made in the oceans of this small planet than there are in the rest of the infinitely expanding universe?  
    Guys. The earth has already been discovered. +1627
    What does that have to do with anything?  
    That's a hundred million, pal.  
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