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What website does this logo belong to youtube or candystand 7 years ago 369 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Witch one is better??!! wizard101 or world of warcraft 7 years ago 247 votes 5 comments 0 likes

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its youtube look at it next time your on youtube :| 7 years ago  
h1yidf1 7 years ago  
lol icould too 7 years ago  
i dont wanna see my grandma naked but thats just me we do have sick freacks out there who wold get off on that! NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago +1
your mean you dont deserved to be liked 7 years ago +1
the hooker might have adds 7 years ago  
and this right here is why you have no likes 7 years ago +1
some one who gets it 7 years ago  
tron 7 years ago +1
hes an assasin 7 years ago +1
no its not its were you throw up what you just eat 7 years ago  
What the hell kind of question is this dumb asses 7 years ago +3
no sh*t to far up and you die 7 years ago  
netflicks 7 years ago +1
true 7 years ago  
take crack and never sleep 7 years ago +2
no sh*t right 7 years ago  
lol no sh*t 7 years ago  
no he or she doesn't love you any more 7 years ago  
i wander what would happen at church 7 years ago +3
were sexy 7 years ago  
beast pics just so you know ...... like a boss 7 years ago +1
dam hot sruff 7 years ago  
neather 7 years ago  
emma is from harry potter 7 years ago  
there both scarer than aids 7 years ago  
no your wrong dumb ass bulimia is a desies 7 years ago  
so true 7 years ago  
i am not realy for it or agenint i mean its a women's chose and then its another life gone but its still a women's desision 7 years ago  
history gets boring after a while 7 years ago +1
for narnia 7 years ago  
subway is the bomb $5 foot long 7 years ago  
dam strait 7 years ago  
i'm a rebel 7 years ago  
domination is a nother way to get peace 7 years ago +2
no it doesn't under stand 7 years ago  
so true 7 years ago  
it looks nicer an i all ready live here 7 years ago  
i would be happy at least 7 years ago  
2 girls one cup 7 years ago +1
if you pull it out realy quick than nothing will happen 7 years ago +1
ecsactly 7 years ago +2
if my mom was this hot than yes 7 years ago +2
i know right big disapontment 7 years ago  
its to long but soo true 7 years ago +1
is it you step or real if real than she needs to stop 7 years ago  
haha thats not nice though 7 years ago  
this questin is f**ked up 7 years ago +1
you people who make questins like this are f**ked up dam 7 years ago +11
if you eat your parents than you just want more people to die and thats no chill 7 years ago  
best answer ever:) 7 years ago +1
if you wanted you child to be hated by everyone than you a f up parent 7 years ago  
no one likes the broncos 7 years ago +1
its so mutch easer 7 years ago  
you have better protection 7 years ago  
money is not eveything so you greedy people think about that 7 years ago +1
50/50 7 years ago  
just keep dreaming 7 years ago  
im a girl no balls 7 years ago  
if you pick kill a dog than go 2 hell you selfish b*tch!!!!!!!! 7 years ago +3
I WOUNT DIE 7 years ago  
tarantulas scare the sh*t out of me literly:( 7 years ago +2
i need$$$$$$ 7 years ago +4
LIKE A BOSS 7 years ago +1
there grosser than aids 7 years ago  
hang over 7 years ago  
there the boss 7 years ago  
grows you like to sit in your own filth not me 7 years ago  
i already own a wii its sora fun but than u ha ve konecct 7 years ago  
no one likes glee get your fackes right 7 years ago  
its not lindsay b*tch 7 years ago  
idk 7 years ago  
more players more fun:) 7 years ago  
a whore because you dont have to die any time soon by sufication 7 years ago  
idk i just chose 1 7 years ago +2
get your priorites strait people 7 years ago +1
clip the claws 7 years ago  
3 way 4 all the men 7 years ago +1
duck tape and guns thats all you need to live an awesome life 7 years ago  
who would be annorexic you make you self puke a fter you eat and if your obese you have a limite on where you can go just skip it i mean not to be rude but there both gross 7 years ago +1
a tree house pimpen 7 years ago  
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