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Moral values are the key to true happiness and stability. I make orchestral/epic music if you're interested : https://soundcloud.com/danchmusic/tracks

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    You gotta acknowledge that some people would rather have a partner with the same religious views because different views/religion often mean different values and principles. Although I still voted A because if my partner have the same political views as me, we probably would have the same values and principles  
    As long as I'm not  
    Thank you for these words, it's good (and rare lol) to see a little bit of common sense on the internet  
    Did enough B  
    And then give to the beggars!  
    It's the same thing so at least eat McDonalds  
    No point in living 140 years  
    Something new  
    A is more fun and B is more useful  
    I'd rather have a private marriage than nobody showing up at my funeral  
    I love knowledge too much that's why I need a relaxing Caribbean vacation  
    Computer is the new TV  
    I see no downside  
    Help them and teach them things  
    At least she CAN do something  
    At least my crush doesn't ask  
    Well, if she's the person of my dreams, i'll just choose B, now all my dreams can be accomplished. Plus I don't understand how there are 43% people who chose A with that logic  
    Rather be hurt than hurt others  
    What's wrong with this  
    Already have a dumb name  
    Have the brain of a 20 years old person at the age of 70 I say f*** yeah +1
    You can't simulate a K.O in World War I +1
    A week isn't that much  
    Being without my family and friends does not guarantee me money and Îd rather be with me family anyway  
    E.U is drowning  
    Awesome question, I smiled while hesitating :D  
    There's no way out so at least eat mcdonalds  
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