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    rainbow's flavour is spicy 6 years ago  
    ._. and by that it seems it's not a girls name xD 6 years ago +1
    NONE 6 years ago +2
    one does not simply chose one or another 6 years ago  
    who is she/he? (i dont even know if that's a male or female's name) 6 years ago  
    i hate skittles 6 years ago +4
    don't forget the guy who respawned 6 years ago +3
    how many kilometres is a mile? 6 years ago +1
    they don't have the same sh*t! just pretty sh*t alike... you know... you have a ball... goalkeepers... Messi... um... Footballers... yeah it's the same sh*t... 6 years ago  
    I don't know, another thing? like, I don't know, disabled, people with down syndrome? y'know, the REAL name 6 years ago  
    i don't like how you say "retarded" and "normal" it's really offensive... y'know? 6 years ago +4
    Jill Valentine 6 years ago +1
    really? both are dangerous, IF consumed in big quantities, also, you shouldn't smoke anything... 6 years ago +6
    Metallica 6 years ago  
    tara strong, here i come! 6 years ago +2
    i see you didn't get my comment... 6 years ago  
    should i answer this question? YES like NO reply 6 years ago +2
    it's not soccer. it's football. you use your FOOT to kick a BALL. like other comment here said. also, "american football" is played with HANDS (don't always use feet) and with some kind of egg called "ball" 6 years ago  
    pff i don't like mlp! (sarcasm lvl on) 6 years ago  
    that's right, i'm from argentina, as you can clearly read there. if you don't know where it is, it's south america. and acne is also a Spanish word, but it's written like this: Acné. 6 years ago  
    ohh so that's zit 6 years ago  
    why? it's true, they suck, the games are better. even the books 6 years ago  
    what does "bullion" mean? 6 years ago +3
    girl's legs are my weakness 6 years ago +1
    pepsi... f*ck me right? 6 years ago +2
    resident evil movies sucks... 6 years ago +2
    i know that feel bro 6 years ago  
    ranch? 6 years ago  
    uh? 6 years ago  
    what's a PP? 6 years ago +2
    every religion is almost the same... just different people and different food... 6 years ago  
    i don't know who are they... 6 years ago  
    what's zit? 6 years ago  
    i think it was al made up... 6 years ago +2
    i don't feel like it was yesterday... but i respect how american people got affected by that... 6 years ago  
    what's four square? 6 years ago +2
    then the paradox would implode your world 6 years ago +6
    either you're a psychologist or just someone who is obsessed with slavery... your 2 comments were about slavery xD (also i'm with you in that election) 6 years ago +1
    uh? ._. in argentina we have football (what you call soccer) and we call american football to your football... but you barely use your foot... or a ball... it's not a "ball" it's egg shaped and you use your hand, that's why i call it hand-egg 6 years ago  
    ok... i heard a lot of Doctor Who... i think i'll watch it just to know what's about 6 years ago  
    :okay: 6 years ago +1
    yes hand-egg, that's how i call to american football :P 6 years ago  
    Metallica 6 years ago  
    so...? 6 years ago  
    who's chrism? 6 years ago  
    who's alex? 6 years ago +3
    *insert hate spam comment here* 6 years ago +5
    cigarettes are bad, and you should feel bad! 6 years ago +9
    smash 6 years ago  
    zacora! 6 years ago +1
    what's a dalek? 6 years ago +2
    i hate football and hand-egg 6 years ago +1
    it the person is suffering, yes 6 years ago +4
    take out the mayo, ketchup and BBQ sauce and i'll eat it 6 years ago +2
    what's that? 6 years ago  
    cool story sis 6 years ago +4
    air and compressed gas 6 years ago  
    a pirate's life for me ♪ 6 years ago  
    beach please, have you heard about assassin's creed? 6 years ago  
    when i read filthy rich i thought in diamond tiara's father 6 years ago  
    i see what jew did there 6 years ago  
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