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    A smart person that isn't disabled  
    If I ruled there would be no problems  
    I don't want kids anyway too much to handle  
    Don't know don't care  
    It's not to late.  
    Because they already did  
    I am???  
    Yall some idiots  
    Kill who ever pisses me off simple  
    I could find out what they want and do it right??  
    You''ve seen holes?? Ya me too lol builds character  
    I don't go to school  
    FUK my dad  
    It would be a 2 foot drop  
    Just trow her to the wall  
    I don't have a dog anyways  
    Burger King 4 life ... or until I get out  
    My mama dead  
    Do you guys know about the giant as bags and shiet there?? In Australia  
    My computer broken sooo... jokes on them  
    At least I can still run  
    Well... I'm alone anyways ... also it never said you HAVE to  
    I get a small loan of a million dollars  
    Jump out oh wait ...  
    I'm a guy  
    Just die by some ramdom thing  
    I don't have a dam cellphone  
    Both my grandmas are Dead :/  
    I don't watch tv anyways  
    FUK popular kids man I need a life when I grown up  
    Wait there's earthquakes thereO.0  
    Dis is hard  
    I don't have a significant other :(  
    You won't be interrupted by nearby people  
    Your can buy your gifts BOOOM IMA FUKNNN GENIUS  
    Cats down pee and sh*t where ever they want  
    Will they try to kill you ?  
    Nope scerw her byeeeee  
    Well you could go anywhere without permission from your wife  
    AHAHAHAHAHA I'm going to the beach  
    At least there's wifi and fame  
    I wouldn't care since I'm already dead  
    Ima die today if this was true  
    Well I'm a boy and I could be a girl for a day... I would ... You don't wanna know  
    I'll get a wish and wish for more wishes simple  
    The holocaust was a far  
    Monkeys r bit stupid so penguin  
    You can dream up to 7 times but you only remember 20-40% of it  
    Either de nuked or be taken over by alien forms  
    I would take 1 bolting dollars and start a charity  
    I hate both so I'm going for my friend harry  
    I could go back in time and stop myself from dropping my dads phone in the toilet last year  
    There both terrible  
    I get 10,000,000 and that's it? I can still find true love who agrees  
    Ummm . . . : /  
    I would take 1 billion and start a charity  
    Lawyer cuz u won't have to worry about catching your patients flu  
    Ok I'm done bye  
    And a world where you have no worries adout anything Jehovah will soon rule these are the last days  
    Nope I'm done  
    Being rich doesn't that make you popular as well  
    Just wish for more wishes  
    Zombies ar duuuuummmm  
    Well there gonna die anyway  
    We'll of u mess up u could go back and fix it  
    Don't wanna be a fat CHIB  
    Hate Nickelodeon but their movies are ok  
    Lil 5 year olds liking cartoons  
    Hentai is my answer  
    I have an iPad soooo either works  
    Glee is gay as f*ck  
    There's one better now it's called the PS4  
    Blockbuster is old now  
    this is Hard  
    So u force sex  
    ???? I'm only 16 and I prefer either one I don't care  
    I don't like reading cuz it takes to long and movies just explain it out for u  
    Don't know don't care  
    Universal studios  
    Sky dive cuz I would pass out before I hit the ground  
    I mean when u need to say something just write it down  
    I really don't care cuz I hate both  
    I wanna be rich  
    Dead pool  
    Can't u just make ur own personal hot spor?  
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