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    Obama's a idiot 2 years ago  
    IDK what the Mirror of Erised or what the potion of Polyjuice are sooo... 2 years ago  
    35 is good for me :) 2 years ago  
    This is really mean and selfish, but I will ALWAYS HATE Germany. :( 2 years ago  
    If you don't have to pay, plus it looks good... 2 years ago  
    What do the pics have to do with the answers?!? 2 years ago  
    Aren't they the same thing...? 2 years ago  
    Definitely not the lyrics because they're usually stupid 2 years ago  
    I would have personal security and it would be more secure than Fort Knox soo... 2 years ago  
    I HATE BOTH!! (Especially M&M) 2 years ago  
    God does exist, IDIOT!!! 2 years ago +1
    I'm very sorry to hear that. 2 years ago  
    You can have jets, limos, sports cars, RVs, the possibilitys are endless!! 2 years ago  
    Can you hear me now? HOW ABOUT NOW?!?!?!?! 2 years ago  
    I like Ford, Lincoln, and Royls Rolls Royce 2 years ago  
    Wow! 73% For B just wow 2 years ago  
    Dumb question 2 years ago  
    The iPad 2 looks horrible and also I'd rather not share sooo... 2 years ago  
    I HATE JUSTIN BEVER...PERIOD!!!! 2 years ago  
    What in the world is a rubber?!? 2 years ago  
    I'm a guy sooo...Also this shows almost everyone on this site are girls, unless guys wear makeup... 2 years ago  
    Who are these people... 2 years ago  
    IDK what either is sooo... 2 years ago  
    That's mean to me too BTW 2 years ago  
    I use a iPhone, but there are more free apps on Google Play soo...ANDROID!!! 2 years ago  
    God created the World PERIOD. So stop criticizing us!! 2 years ago  
    If you live in the haunted house, you would probably see the ghost anyway, and possibly go crazy too soo... 2 years ago  
    Wow, people are so selfish, your spouse lived longer, but the other is JUST A CHILD! But I'm only 11 what do I know... 2 years ago  
    Ugh, I HATE McDonalds, do they have 10 chicken nuggets for $1.49?!? NO THEY DONT!!! 2 years ago  
    Why would you want to stop loving anyone if you LOVE them it doesn't make sense 2 years ago  
    I like being more formal, fancy, and rich LOL 2 years ago  
    Universal does movies not music LOL 2 years ago  
    I didn't see the question I hate myself (crys)... 2 years ago  
    I don't cheat, plus I'm 11 sooo... 2 years ago  
    What is this 'Hotmail' you speak of? 2 years ago  
    I chose B, although I HATE Adam Sandler he's soo ignorant!! 2 years ago  
    Who in the world is Ms. Sirius?!? 2 years ago  
    You would cover your body with clothes, unless you don't wear clothes... 2 years ago  
    You can't live on drinks you would die LOL Like if you chose B 2 years ago  
    I love the big citys wish I lived there(in Ney York City)... 2 years ago  
    The bad news, so later you can be cheered up by the good news!! 2 years ago  
    I'm a guy... 2 years ago  
    Chips Ahoy are the best especially the soft, chewy ones...mmm... 2 years ago  
    The night one looks cooler 2 years ago  
    I would sell the all and get a Land Rover 2 years ago  
    Why do people ALWAYS curse in the comments geez... 2 years ago  
    Xbox is 100% better get it right people!! (Plus, it's cheaper) 2 years ago  
    I LOVE THE DARK SIDE, HATE THE LIGHT!!! 2 years ago  
    I don't drink I'm 11 LOL 2 years ago  
    Anarchy means like, the country fell into madness and chaos 2 years ago  
    I'm not gay sooo... 2 years ago  
    I don't like gays PERIOD 2 years ago  
    It's the thought that counts 2 years ago  
    In your dreams you would have a true love, unless you want to stay single 2 years ago  
    If you chose A you wouldn't learn anything, unless you are really good at learning... 2 years ago  
    Children teach you life lessons plus they keep u busy 2 years ago  
    I LOVE COOKIE DOUGH!! 2 years ago  
    I don't want to be Hillary Clinton.(Even though she lost election LOL) 2 years ago  
    Sharks don't actually attack people THAT often, but lions on the other hand... 2 years ago  
    Book smarts get you a job, street smarts dont 2 years ago  
    Well, if you JUST START ONE it's obviously not real. GOD IS THOUGH!! 2 years ago  
    Darn!! Chose the wrong one!! You can do whatever and watch in peace 2 years ago  
    Google is awesome!! Facebook is just some stupid social media site. Also, most people use Gmail as their Email soo... 2 years ago  
    Calls are awkward, bit texting is easy-going 2 years ago  
    I HATE JUSTIN BEVER!!! 2 years ago  
    new is better 2 years ago  
    I only have one friend soo.. 2 years ago  
    People fall all the time 2 years ago  
    I'm a ginger and I'm already short sooo... 2 years ago +1
    What's super smash bros 2 years ago  
    God prohibits marrying another man 2 years ago  
    If you voted B you are a criminal. LOL 2 years ago  
    Me too 2 years ago  
    What if your home is an extraordinary place... 2 years ago  
    The Earth is already discovered but who knows what's in space... 2 years ago  
    What does 'outside' mean? 2 years ago  
    I'm using Google so Chrome 2 years ago  
    Why would you not want to go to Heaven? God IS real!! 2 years ago +1
    You can easily learn to understand it, if you say it so it's a silly question 2 years ago  
    I LOVE Mountain Dew 2 years ago  
    Lawyer are not theifs they just do their part 2 years ago  
    The second one is just creepy...hide your family... 2 years ago  
    You could take over their career, and make millions and be famous!! What's not to love? 2 years ago  
    They look EXACTLY THE SAME!!! 2 years ago  
    Yeah!! I finally get to go inside Dunkin Donuts!! 2 years ago  
    The fail ones are more funny 2 years ago  
    You get the Mac, because it's sooo expensive, and sell it and get PC. Problem solved. 2 years ago  
    Hi 2 years ago  

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