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    Telling an athiest hes going to hell is like telling a grown adult that they're not getting presents from santa clause it means nothing.  
    No ones seen god either, are you retarded?  
    how is god a fact all there is to back it up is one book thats it nothing elese  
    Do you even know what the big bang is, after you look it up i think you will change your answer  
    And how does the belief of god make anysence at all. Idiot +2
    What are you talking about there is thousands of hours into proof of the big bang and all you have is a book that anyone could of wrote just to make a few bucks and everyone took it to sereously. +4
    Dude you just went full retarded never go full retarded. +3
    thank you +3
    im 6 feet and im 13 HELL YA  
    i will only listen to you if you learn what the big bang really is and how it started its already proven by scientists idiot.  
    no if it does then enlighten me on your perspective and ill tell your wrong. +1
    well that makes no sense at all  
    ya so then how did he make earth the moon the sun the universes and all its entities?  
    so then how did he create the universe and all of its entities? +1
    well cant you make your own decisions not ones picked for you. +2
    Its funny in the year 2012 there are people that still believe in something that can not be proven nor explained other than, well obviously there is a guy sitting in a cloud that just was bored and thought to make the universe and everything around it like some sort of a game. And the guy that wrote the bible must just be laughing i his grave that people thought that it was real. +2

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