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    would you rather what a dead jellyfish 4 years ago  
    then you want a sex change 4 years ago  
    so you want a sex change 4 years ago +2
    well we know what you like 4 years ago  
    all you nightmares will be reality 4 years ago +1
    i dont care what my house looks like 4 years ago  
    have no shame 4 years ago  
    take ya down with me 4 years ago  
    sharks don’t naturally go after humans on purpose 4 years ago  
    who said i wouldent be a vampire 4 years ago  
    you want a slow death 4 years ago  
    i-i-i-i-im delerious out of my mind 4 years ago +14
    already experience emotional pain and depression everyday 4 years ago  
    not a social person 4 years ago  
    doing what 4 years ago  
    i have no shame 4 years ago  
    shoes 4 years ago  
    plastic b*tches 4 years ago  
    didnt say you did any thing other than sleep 4 years ago  
    when i die i want to be with my kind 4 years ago  
    i know how to survive 4 years ago  
    SPOILED 4 years ago  
    ill make them pay intrest 4 years ago  
    some things are better left unknown 4 years ago  
    i dont plan to drive 4 years ago  
    murder is an option for 1 4 years ago  
    i dont watch tv anyway 4 years ago  
    stop using that stupid exuse 4 years ago  
    i didnt think this through 4 years ago +1
    heck yeah ill take his battlefield 4 years ago +1
    are you ucking kidding me gow for the win!! 4 years ago +1
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