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Which of Queen's sports songs do you like more? We Will Rock You or We Are The Champions 1 year ago 23 votes 5 comments 0 likes
What would you rather listen to? Hard Rock or Heavy Metal 1 year ago 25 votes 13 comments 0 likes

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PEPE 1 year ago  
KAPPA 1 year ago  
It was blue now it's red 1 year ago  
I will not live in a world without honey 1 year ago  
Lower goddamn it 1 year ago +1
Already do >:D 1 year ago  
My home country was communist for a long time so communist 1 year ago  
Fockin jojo in all the damn queen video comments I hate it 1 year ago  
Dude what 1 year ago  
Bye bye bad fanbase 1 year ago  
More 'attracted to real life women and not cartoons' than 'virgin' 1 year ago  
Well being the only one who smells rotten eggs when I burp would be better than everyone seeing my farts 1 year ago +1
What IS the logic even? 1 year ago  
:0 1 year ago  
What do you say to someone who picked A and is trying to eat? Another one bites the dust! And another gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust! Hey! He's gonna get you too! Another one bites the dust! 1 year ago +1
CHANGE THE NAME 1 year ago  
How about no 1 year ago  
Show me the money 1 year ago  
21 for everything 1 year ago  
Pink floyd! 1 year ago  
Money money money 1 year ago  
I wanna see the chaos break out 1 year ago +2
I'm a guy so 1 year ago  
Easy peasy choice 1 year ago  
Wrong 1 year ago +1
My alarm clock plays hard rock radio so I would just liten to the good musics and maybe go back to sleep. 1 year ago  
Can I say something too? Stop thinking cartoon characters are attractive, go get an actual lover 1 year ago +1
Chuck norris 1 year ago  
It is gross though, their dicks get dirty with crap 1 year ago  
Why 1 year ago  
None you weeb 1 year ago  
Some japanese cartoons are pretty good, but the multicolored horse show is always for 8 year old girls 1 year ago  
Mama, just killed a man 1 year ago  
I will be the noah 1 year ago  
What if god created the big bang 1 year ago +3
I'm a guy so 1 year ago  
The guy who made this is friggin Boo Radley though what 1 year ago  
Everything was perfect years ago 1 year ago  
The father is a pervert, the mother not so much 1 year ago  
Teach me about the nazis mr Klauss 1 year ago  
One man band 1 year ago  
I want to change my vote 1 year ago  
But why though 1 year ago  
He gets pleasure from other people's pain 1 year ago  
God 1 year ago  
All I can say is "Ayy lmao" 1 year ago  
I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where I like 1 year ago  
Drugs all the wayyyyy 1 year ago +1
Wig 1 year ago  
Kick the baby and shoot it in mid air 1 year ago +1
Glee is pee 1 year ago  
Spoooky 1 year ago  
I fockin hate him 1 year ago  
No. Just no. 1 year ago  
Goku when he was a kid 1 year ago  
Boo Radley? 1 year ago  
God ain't fake so I'll pick the fictional one 1 year ago  
Safety first 1 year ago  
Pregnancy can be solved with abortion, son loving other men never goes away 1 year ago  
I never say thank you or please anyways 1 year ago  
Tranqilizers 1 year ago  
Rockstar hair 1 year ago  
Walk on the crocodiles! 1 year ago  
1984 all the way 1 year ago  
Perfect for testimony in court 1 year ago  
Cane sugar in ALL the cokes! 1 year ago  
I don't need no car, I can walk 1 year ago  
Glorious PC master race 3 years ago  
France like bart simpson did once 3 years ago  
A religion with no school and computers everywhere. Aka the PC master race religion 3 years ago  
At least there's popcorn 3 years ago  
5 hours of sleep = more computer time 3 years ago  
Kill them! Eat them! 3 years ago +1
Moonwalk 3 years ago  
Snowmen and no school. Case closed 3 years ago  
No school will be the new law 3 years ago  
I already completed outside, and outside II 3 years ago  
At least you can escape from the ski lift 3 years ago  
5 star prison 3 years ago  
OPPA GANGNAM STYLE 3 years ago  
Me 3 years ago  
Pointing a gun to your face and seeing if the bullet will come out or not 3 years ago  
For the puppies 3 years ago +1
Me 3 years ago  
Money is always the answer 3 years ago  
Who needs surfing 3 years ago  
MONEY 3 years ago  
FOR THE CHOCOLATE 3 years ago +1
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