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Well yeah I hate myself. One of the only users on here who doesn't watch anime

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    well i'm not going to post a comment i'm not proud of so ofc it's like worthy 2 months ago  
    they do in Britain smh damned americans 2 months ago  
    nah midlands 2 months ago  
    what frredom said 2 months ago  
    doesnt mean id look after it 2 months ago  
    Misclick, I have b oops 2 months ago  
    keep posting 2 months ago +1
    sit my exams, wait so mark schemes are released, rewind and resit them 2 months ago  
    i wouldn't mind 2 months ago  
    Get your name changed. Cheaper than surgery. 3 months ago  
    MOBILE DATA 3 months ago  
    I like my outie.  
    Meatballhere. +1
    Red eagle. +1
    You're so right!  
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