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    Apple sucks, just give me my damn android  
    I always find something when I stop thinking about it  
    New computer or just reset it  
    If I had equiment at home  
    Zero suit samus  
    1 night or enough for mabye till next christmas.  
    Nethier, no wifi  
    All of our childhoods...  
    Maybe half, I need some  
    Minecraft ftw  
    Best 40 years of life  
    Charlie sheen wasn't acting, he lived the role...  
    At least I can feel  
    You woudlnt be exactly ugly if everyone loves you  
    MARIO can get money from punching bricks, who needs an atm. Also mario is better in smash  
    1 word: wifi  
    Cats have the best life, they do nothing- literally, but get food and water, definitely cat  
    Idiots, we've been over this, it true... +1
    I would do death stunts to prove this sh*t wrong  
    Solution;: go to the store  
    They could change looks when they get older  
    Wait for the parking lot seen everyone  
    1 word: wifi  
    Like a boss  
    It said bacon  
    If I can live of f of drinks, hell yeah  
    Microsoft for life  
    Cut the hair, duh  
    Get a new car  
    Apple sucks get rid of it  
    Get new friends  
    1 word : wifi  
    Doesn't mean I cant travel  
    I picked wrong, who doesn't want a zoom  
    2 words: emma watson  
    Get another set of keys, I'm not retyping my information  
    I wouldn't seek and live my life, if they came out they lose, if they stay hidden well...  
    65% of you are retarded, hockey takes lots of skill  
    Good ol' pc  
    Damn I keep answer the girl questions  
    Emma watson forced my mouse to click it  
    SYnthetic arm nerds  
    One word: wifi  
    Depends on what sickness , I could have a cold  
    Hardest choice so far  
    How mariokart is winning I will never know....  
    Can always make new ones  
    Depends on how stupid  
    Wait this is for a girl....  
    It says be able to, retards  
    I'm mostly outside in minecraft so I win  
    Never said I would die...  
    Ever heard of jumping?  
    I would make a law abolishing laws I can't stand  
    Um its so much better to make up your own script  
    Question: lord of the rings or harry potter, there the same guy  
    You could wish that you didn't have to wish no money  
    Go big or go home. Anyway you could dream to abol  
    Who watches win compilation? Its all about the fails  
    Music is a language, so really stupid questio n  
    Again 2 words: hate twilight  
    2 words: hate twilight  
    Surprised on the votes here, must be all little girls answering...  
    +1 on the suit  
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