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    This would not effect the rotation of the earth, so there would be no effect on the length of individual days. 5 years ago +6
    seriously who the f cukwould pick free music. Same things as getting exited over free air. It's already free. 5 years ago  
    how bout the poisonous fumes that lava emits? wouldn't it burn your clothes 6 years ago  
    I like how both sides say the other side is stupid. Remind you of any other debates on rrrather? 6 years ago +1
    Hating people really isn't my style 6 years ago +2
    Being gut-shot is a terrible way to die 6 years ago  
    Tha'ts what you say now... 6 years ago  
    freedom of speech much? 6 years ago +3
    brazillian wandering spiders are not usually fatal, they are just very large and aggressive. A person with a high bio-mass will have no problem withstanding their venom. They can cause very painful permanent muscle damage though. 6 years ago  
    implying that chemotherapy doesn't* 6 years ago  
    nope 6 years ago  
    pfffftttt six months 6 years ago  
    ughh.. yet more of these questions 6 years ago  
    uhh, it's either literally kill yourself or cheat. How about neither? 6 years ago  
    yes 6 years ago  
    uggh... more of these questions 6 years ago  
    Sounds like a perfect dystopian story to me. What do you mean "screen out," that sounds pretty scary. Wouldn't that be discrimination against a segment of the populace? That would in itself be pretty stupid I imagine... Also I REALLY don't like the way you worded the no, implying that individuals who select no still agree with you on some level and want to make it clear that my answer is just "No" with none of that other stuff added. 6 years ago  
    nicotine causes premature heart failure, even in gum form 6 years ago  
    still technically computers :P 6 years ago +1
    is clear a color? 6 years ago +3
    Actually it only happens once, and the selected males torsos explode instantly killing them. The other males are kicked out of the colony to die out in the cold. 6 years ago  
    Plasmids, not even once 6 years ago  
    i'm not doing anything! 6 years ago  
    I don't have an ipod >:D 6 years ago  
    Over time, if one eye is obstructed, the eyes stop moving in alignment creating huge problems down the road. It can make it impossible to focus your eyes. 6 years ago  
    I know what anarchy is, and I still chose it. 6 years ago  
    #10000 I misvoted 6 years ago  
    LIGHT SUCKS!!!! HE IS AN EVIL SELF RIGHTEOUS CHILD!!! I apologize for the caps. L any day. 6 years ago +1
    NO. 6 years ago +2
    Freedom of speech much? 6 years ago +8
    BOTH. 6 years ago  
    52 hours straight 6 years ago +1
    CRUNCH 6 years ago  
    so..die or... die 6 years ago +3
    rock 6 years ago +1
    immortality. 6 years ago +1
    NO. 6 years ago  
    These are both totally inane quotes 6 years ago  
    doesn't really matter to me 6 years ago  
    I'M BATMAN 6 years ago  
    YES. 6 years ago  
    You could just say no... 6 years ago  
    NO. 6 years ago +1
    There's nothing wrong with being shy... 6 years ago  
    you guys seem to think it would be worse for one gender to die than another. I think there is honestly no difference. Anyone who fights in a war is a soldier. And they understand that death can come at any moment. 6 years ago +2
    You can't die from choking yourself because you'll eventually pass out and let go. 6 years ago +5
    He will have a nosegasm... 6 years ago +1
    If teachers like you, it's easier to apply for college. Highschool popularity doesn't really do anything for you. 6 years ago +1
    lolwut? 6 years ago  
    That's what hats are for 6 years ago +1
    both 6 years ago  
    I had crooked teeth, then I got braces, now I have crooked,chipped, and painfully constricted teeth. :D 6 years ago +6
    anything that's not made by apple... 6 years ago +2
    You can legally change your name...-_- 6 years ago +7
    both can sound good... 6 years ago +1
    if you had unlimited books, you could used them to fuel a fire, and you wouldn't ever need firewood. 6 years ago +1
    how about... NO MEAT 6 years ago +5
    i'm xy... 6 years ago +1
    Actually atheism is a religion... It is making an assumption about the way things are. Agnosticism is true refusal of religon... 6 years ago  
    i learned it in sixth grade 6 years ago  
    would you still care about the x-ray glasses when you were sixty? I think not 6 years ago  
    BOTH!!! 6 years ago +8
    BOTH!!! 6 years ago +1
    Something McDonald's employees have got! 6 years ago  
    neither! 6 years ago  
    as long as they don't bother anyone else, i'm fine with either 6 years ago +3
    you can't carry a mini-gun so... it would be totally worthless. Also ammo would be totally impossible to find. 6 years ago  
    You could be lying...You know, I'm gonna decide not to like you for using first person narrative in a rrrather question. 6 years ago  
    nope... 6 years ago  
    the sauna would probably overload your heart and kill you so... 6 years ago  
    If I were born in '65 i still wouldn't have been able to go to woodstock. I would have been like 4. so im going with 2030 6 years ago +2
    neither... 6 years ago +1
    I think you forgot how much a tank weighs and how much brute force it would take to even scratch one 6 years ago  
    but it can go to 11... 6 years ago  
    probably a good mix of both... 6 years ago +2
    why not zoidberg 6 years ago +1
    Cant tell, lens filters suck too much 6 years ago  
    finally someone on the interwebs has figured out that god and the big bang aren't opposites. you, my good sir, have class. 6 years ago +2
    the reward is not dying of cancer 6 years ago +4
    in the case of bp, its not a mistake, they couldn't care less... 6 years ago +1
    no==yes yes==no 6 years ago  
    the peak of spelling... 6 years ago  
    not a hard choice 6 years ago  
    neither, I would keep calm and carry on 6 years ago +1
    depends of your definition... 6 years ago +1
    second-hour 1:3600 so one year in dimension one would be 3600 years here... time travel anyone? 6 years ago  
    consuming large amounts of hair can lead to the formation of bezoars, which if not surgically removed, can be fatal... 6 years ago  
    in my opinion screamo has really good sounding guitar. You just can't hear it because of all the yelling. kinda ruins it for me 6 years ago  
    uhh, think about how much force the gastrocnemius has to apply to allow 300+pound people to stand on their toes... 6 years ago  
    java is for lazy people... 6 years ago  
    What kind of question is that? 6 years ago +6
    neither 6 years ago +2
    ummm dubsteppy is made with a synth keyboard... thats a bit modern. I personally love both instruments 6 years ago  
    providing the power was controllable, definitely dust, I mean you could just blow your garbage out the window. 6 years ago +30
    normally my hair looks black, but in the sun its a warm reddish brown. double win... 6 years ago  
    uhhh, I wouldn't call the people who predicted that it would end scientists 6 years ago +7
    mah spoon is too big! 6 years ago +7
    raw poultry is safer than raw pork 6 years ago  
    yeah, i think you're right... I was right about sashimi though 6 years ago  
    It is an incorrect sentence, because the shes and hes are undefined... 6 years ago +1
    an actor famously accidentally killed himself with a blank 6 years ago  
    sushi is rice with vinegar, sashimi is the raw fish the often accompanies it 6 years ago  
    atheism is actually a religion, true refusal of religion is agnosticism 6 years ago +2
    bunnies are overrated rats... 6 years ago  
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